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Below are some reminders and a checklist that you can use to help in your preparations for the spring semester. And don't forget to check the top things every student should know.

Spring 2021

There will be no spring break in the spring 2021 semester. This was not an easy decision, but is a necessary one for the continued health and safety of our community. The spring semester will begin one week later on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, and the end of the term will remain unchanged. Here is the complete 2020-21 academic calendar. 

We will have on-campus testing starting on Tuesday, Jan. 19 every day until Friday, Jan. 29. More details will follow on the testing protocols and schedule.

For spring 2021, there will be no need to for students to declare themselves as a remote or in-person learner.

Students will simply register for their classes based on their preference and class availability. This is a different situation than the fall 2020 term when we were dealing with class schedules that were already set, but no knowledge of which courses would be offered exclusively remotely. 

Students now have the opportunity to select in-person, on-campus course sections knowing that their choices will be more predictable and stable. We already know the vast majority of courses that must be remote-only.

Any changes in course status either from in-person to remote-only or remote-only to in-person will be communicated as soon as we know of a change.

Apply for Spring 2021 Housing

We are encouraging off-campus remote students, who are able and willing, to return to campus for in-person learning, including both commuters and resident students.

Resident students can click here to apply for housing for the Spring 2021 semester. Fall residents do not have to re-apply for spring housing

Post-Thanksgiving Remote Operations Guidance

The vast majority of campus operations will be remote from Thursday, November 26 through Monday, January 18. During this time, please be advised: 

  • All student support services will continue remotely.
  • On-campus spaces will be available throughout the end of the semester for students who need access to WiFi and other equipment to take classes and prepare for finals.
  • O'Malley Library will remain open 24 hours on weekdays through final exams, with slightly reduced weekend hours beginning Sunday, November 29 through Saturday, December 19.
  • All campus residence halls will be closed, except Horan Hall.

On Tuesday, January 19, operations will restart on campus to allow for faculty and staff to prepare for the start of classes on Wednesday, January 27.

Accessing Campus November 26, 2020 - January 19, 2021

For those students and employees who will be accessing campus or living on campus during this period, you must be officially authorized to do so, by a Vice President, the Office of the Dean of Students, or the One Manhattan Office. You will be required to complete the COVID Daily Symptom Tracker before accessing campus. You may also be required to participate in COVID testing on campus, depending on the frequency of access.

Campus Mail Services

The campus Mail Center will be operating a Monday to Thursday schedule starting Monday, November 30 through January 15 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Unless special arrangements have been requested and confirmed, the Mail Center will be closed starting on Wednesday, December 23 through, Friday January 1 and every Friday during this period.

Resident students must retrieve all mail and packages from the Mail Center from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Should you have special needs or scheduling accommodations, please contact the Mail Center at (718) 862-7298 or via email to Don Durney at


  • Students must complete the daily symptom tracker via the MC Glance app each day they will be on campus.  There will be individuals stationed at various campus locations checking your symptom tracker before you can enter certain campus spaces.
  • A face mask/face covering is required on campus for everyone, except while eating or alone in a private office or dorm room, with the door closed. Approved face coverings include, but are not limited to, cloth masks (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and N-95 respirators. Face shields (without a mask) are not an acceptable face covering. Also, consistent with CDC recommendations, masks with one-way valves or vents are not permitted on campus. 
  • All class sessions after the Thanksgiving Break will be fully remote through the fall term with no in-person meetings.  
  • Students who need to become a remote learner for a short period of time due to health or other reasons during the term do NOT need to declare a remote learner status through Self-Service but must keep their professor informed of when they intend to return to in-person participation. 

  • Due to logistical and space issues, any student who begins the term or switches for the remainder of the term to remote learner status and wishes to change their status to in-person learner will need to obtain permission through Jasper Connect.

  • Students are expected to attend class at the scheduled times and as instructed by their professor, regardless of their remote or in-person status. As during normal times, students must communicate with their professor if they will not be attending class prior to the class meeting time. If they cannot communicate their absence prior to class time, they should notify their professor as soon they are able.

  • Study Spaces: For all students, especially commuter students, who need a place to study or participate in a remote class on-campus, there will be designated study spaces. Additionally, ITS has released recommendations regarding technology and headsets, so that students may be able to take remote courses with as few distractions as possible. These spaces will be in addition to locations already available to all students, including the library, which has some quiet study spaces, as well as reservable group study rooms.

Additional Details on COVID-19 Testing

Any student that already has had COVID-19 and received a test to confirm, may submit a copy of the positive viral test or positive antibody test to the COVID-19 test portal to satisfy the Manhattan College testing requirements. Please check with your insurance carrier for coverage before having a test. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you may access no-cost testing at several of these locations. 

 Resources/Testing Locations: