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Return to Campus

The 11 Things Every Employee Should Know

1) Thanksgiving Break

We are strongly encouraging everyone to be tested before returning home prior to Thanksgiving break. See the testing schedule on the Health & Safety page.

The vast majority of campus operations will be remote from Thursday, November 26 through Monday, January 18.

While the physical campus will remain available to a limited number of essential employees and vendors, employees should work remotely whenever possible for this period.

2) PPE Supplies - The College has set up a campus-wide procedure for ordering and receiving PPE supplies, including masks for the department and visitors, gloves, and face shields. The department head must make the PPE requests. All requests will be evaluated based on campus-wide need before PPE is distributed. When your PPE order is ready, you will be asked to pick up the supplies at the Business Services office in De La Salle 105. If you are a supervisor or manager, to request PPE supplies for your area, please fill out this form.

3) Employees must be tested in the two-week time period prior to their return to campus and do not have to use the on-campus test site. Other recommended healthcare providers for testing include the New York City Department of Health sites, CityMD or your personal physician. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you may access no-cost testing at several of these NYS/NYC locations. If you live out of state, please check with your local Department of Health.

4) Daily Symptom Tracker - You must complete the daily symptom tracker via the MC Glance app each day you will be on campus. You can also access the daily symptom tracker on Inside Manhattan in the Quick Links section. There will be individuals stationed at various campus locations checking your symptom tracker before you can enter certain campus spaces.

5) Daily On-Campus Pass - After completing the daily symptom tracker, employees will receive a green pass to be on campus for the day. Employees that have a red pass should not be on campus that day and should return to their residence. Red passes may be generated from a variety of circumstances, including specific answers to the symptom tracker, close contact with a positive individual as determined by the contact tracing team, or an evaluation by Health Services. Faculty will additionally receive notifications from Jasper Connect as students require accommodations; these accommodations include remote learning for a short period of time due to health or other COVID-19 related reasons. An orange pass indicates that an individual is not in compliance with the College's testing policies for campus access. Orange passes will be assigned to anyone who has not submitted a COVID-19 test, including employees with remote accommodations. For more details on the daily on-campus pass, visit the Health & Safety page.

6) A face mask must be worn on campus at all times. Employees are required to wear a face covering from the time they enter the campus, when they arrive at their office space, and whenever leaving their workspace to move around common areas (e.g., hallways, stairwells, restrooms).

7) Social Compact/EverFi Training

a) Social Compact - Jaspers care about each other - as evidenced by this public service announcement. Protecting ourselves and one another is more important now than ever before. The One Manhattan Pledge is our way of taking responsibility for the health and safety of our community and taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are encouraging every member of our campus community to review the pledge; if possible, read it out loud; remember why it is important; and sign it. Together we are One Manhattan. Please take the pledge, which you can find here.

b) EverFi Training - All members of the Manhattan College Community are required to complete mandatory training in preparation for a safe return to campus. This training must be completed by Monday, August 31. Our online training vendor, EverFi, has provided us with the content for this training entitled “Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment.” You should have received the email from EverFi with a link to this training. If you have any questions, or have not received this training, please contact Vicki Cowan, assistant vice president of Human Resources at or Sheetal Kale, director of diversity and equity at

8) Members of the College community should report those who are not following protocols, including those not wearing masks, following social distancing protocols, or hosting gatherings which do not meet social distancing protocols. The Dean of Students office will receive and act upon firsthand reports from College employees via the One Manhattan Health and Safety Guidance Violation Form. College employees in this case will include graduate assistants, resident assistants, and One Manhattan Campus Ambassadors, as well as faculty, staff and administrators. College employees will not include student workers, who should work with their supervisors to ensure reports are filed in a timely fashion. Report Incident 

9) Dining - Employees are encouraged to bring their lunch to work to ensure decreased density in on-campus dining locations. All dining options will be grab and go because of New York City protocols. The faculty/staff dining room will not reopen at this time. Currently, Walsh Plaza and the parking lot of Kelly Commons have been designated outdoor dining areas. There will also be outdoor seating at other designated locations on campus that will be announced as soon as possible.

10) Visitor Policy - Authorized visitors, vendors and contractors will be strictly limited and must follow the mandatory guidelines which include:

  • Appointment Only: visitors must be scheduled in advance with the appropriate department.  
  • Check-In: visitors will be required to check-in daily at designated locations on campus upon initial arrival. A wellness screening via the web-based Daily Symptom Tracker for Visitors will need to be completed with a green approval screen prior to arriving on campus. A valid photo identification is required at the time of check-in.
  • Masks: in accordance with CDC and New York State guidelines, all members of the College community including visitors, vendors and contractors must wear face coverings/masks while on campus and when unable to properly social distance by six feet or more.
  • Social Distancing: all visitors must abide by Manhattan College’s Reopen Guidelines including but not limited to maintaining a distance of six (6) feet in the presence of other persons and following the wayfinding signage located throughout campus.

Please review the complete visitor policy.

11) Air Quality - The College has addressed air quality concerns by following CDC guidelines. The College also has evaluated the buildings and their mechanical and life safety systems to determine if each building is ready for occupancy. This includes checking for hazards associated with prolonged facility shutdown, such as mold growth, rodents or pests, and/or issues with stagnant water systems, and taking appropriate remedial actions. To minimize the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases associated with water, the College has taken steps to ensure that all water systems and features (e.g., sink faucets, decorative fountains) and water-using devices (e.g., ice machines, cooling towers) are safe to use after a prolonged facility shutdown. The College has worked to ensure that ventilation systems in your facility operate properly. Occupants should create an increase in circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors when possible and using fans. Do not open windows and doors if doing so poses a safety or health risk for occupants, including children (e.g., a risk of falling or of breathing outdoor environmental contaminants such as carbon monoxide, molds, or pollens). If members of your department are having issues related to their air quality, they should submit a work order.

12) Employee Office Cleaning - Cleaning has resumed in all office spaces on campus. If any employee is having issues with their office being cleaned, please call the below numbers. If you are working in a newly designated office area, please alert Manhattan College Facilities and Housekeeping Services so that your office is placed on the schedule for standard cleaning (emptying of trash, etc.). Cleaning supplies are available from the Business Services office for departments to self-clean on a daily basis.

Ray Martinez
Director of Housekeeping Services

Ernesto Eversley
Overlook Supervisor
office: 718-862-7107
cell: 718-669-2396

Jose Garcia
Horan/Lee Supervisor
office: 718-862-7108
cell: 201-401-3537