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Return to Campus

COVID-19/Return to Campus Office

A new COVID-19/Return to Campus Office (One Manhattan: Campus Health and Safety) will be established to ensure a safe return to campus, oversee logistics, and coordinate the implementation of policies, procedures, health and safety guidelines, and programs, including the new Campus Ambassador Program.

If you have questions about return to campus, email

Policies and Procedures  

New and/or updated temporary employee policies regarding remote work, leave, and training, as well as additional community policies will be put in place by Human Resources.                  

One Manhattan: Campus Ambassador Program

The One Manhattan Campus Ambassador program consists of volunteers (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) who will educate and encourage the campus community to practice safe and healthy measures for our return to campus. 
The College is seeking One Manhattan Campus Ambassadors to help ease the transition back to campus and keep everyone socially distanced across campus. Volunteers (students, faculty, staff and administrators) are needed to help educate and encourage safe practices for returning to campus. To sign up to be part of the One Manhattan Campus Ambassador program, please click here and complete the form. If you have any questions, please contact Thelma Collado at

The One Manhattan Pledge

Jaspers care about each other — that is what makes Manhattan College such a special place to live and learn. Protecting ourselves and one another is more important now than ever before. The One Manhattan Pledge is our way of taking responsibility for the health and safety of our community and taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are encouraging every member of our campus community to review the pledge; if possible, read it out loud; remember why it is important; and sign it. Together we are One Manhattan. Please take the pledge, which you can find here.

One Manhattan - Office of Campus Health & Safety 

The One Manhattan – Office of Campus Health and Safety, which evolved from the Task Force discussions, will serve as a centralized point of contact to work with the various College offices, departments and constituencies to address safety concerns, facilitate scheduling and accommodations, coordinate screening, contact tracing and testing protocols, ensure compliance with regulatory and other mandates, recommend additional guidelines and protocols, assist with communications, gather and maintain relevant health data, and perform any additional duties as needed. 

Allison Antwi will lead this office as managing director. The following members of the Manhattan community will join Antwi in serving the College in this important office.

  • Gail Conklin, Assistant Director

  • Sharon Ortega, Program Manager

  • Melissa Cerezo, Administrative Assistant

  • Sandra Cordero, Administrative Assistant

The Campus Health and Safety office will be coordinating with the Task Force co-chairs, campus departments, and students and employees of the College to maintain compliance with the guidelines and policies proposed by the Return to Campus Task Force and subsequent operational committees, as well as evolving governmental mandates, to ensure a safe and smooth return to campus.