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Academic Tips While in Quarantine/Isolation

Our faculty and staff at the College are here to help you succeed academically during these challenging times. See below for tips that can help students keep up in the classroom when in temporary quarantine or isolation (TQoI). 

I have just entered temporary quarantine/isolation. What should I do first? 

1. Reach out to each of your instructors to let them know that you are in TQoI and let them know when you expect to be out. 

2. Ask for specific help (see below) to assist in your keeping up with the class. 

3. Keep your instructor informed of any changes to the length of your TQoI. 

What help can I seek? 

  • Ask the instructor to consider making an audio recording or simulcast of their lecture OR ask the instructor to allow a friend in the class to do so.*
  • Our classrooms are not equipped with extensive video capabilities that would allow all types of  courses or lectures to be effectively captured or simulcasted without disruption of the class. However, you can ask the instructor to consider offering a video recording or simulcast of their lecture OR ask the instructor to allow a friend in the class to do so.*
  • Ask the instructor to share lecture outlines, including PowerPoint presentations as appropriate.
  • Ask a friend in class to take notes for you and share OR f you do not have a close acquaintance in the class, ask the instructor to help facilitate this process. 
  • For labs, ask the instructor if you can make up the lab after you return, or if an alternative assignment is possible. 

Help outside of the classroom 

  • Virtual tutors are available to all students. Students can make appointments through Jasper  Connect just as they would if not in TQoI. Virtual tutoring is available during regular hours of operation 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. on Friday. 
  • Instructors are encouraged to allow makeup or alternative laboratory (or other required in person work) sessions for students who are in TQoI. 

Other things to know 

  • Students should not be penalized for their inability to attend class during the official TQoI  period. Students must keep their instructors informed of their initial TQoI period and any changes that may occur. 
  • Instructors must offer virtual office hours to students in TQoI. 
  • Instructors are encouraged to reach out to and meet with students outside of class meeting times to ensure the quality distribution of course content, and provide additional assistance as appropriate. 

*Instructors are not required to share such recordings or simulcasts beyond students who are in TQoI.  Students who receive recordings are not allowed to share these recordings, and violators are subject  to sanctions according to the Student Code of Conduct.