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COVID-19 Vaccination

Manhattan College requires all new and returning students, faculty, administrators and staff (including employees of vendors) to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of immunization. New students and employees must become compliant with the vaccine requirement prior to their first day on campus or before the start of employment.

Returning students and employees with medical exemptions must reapply and renew their exemption before the start of each academic semester. Returning students and employees with religious exemptions must reapply and renew their exemption before the start of each academic year.

Booster Vaccine Recommendation

The College strongly recommends that every eligible student, faculty, administrator and staff member get a booster vaccine as soon as possible and upload it to the portal below. If you have not yet been vaccinated or have not completed a two-dose series, please also do that as soon as possible.

Everyone who already has received an additional vaccine dose should submit proof here in order to update your MyCovidStatus page.

Submit proof of your vaccination here: 

Upload proof of vaccination

Manhattan College is subject to COVID-19 vaccination requirements mandated by the City of New York. As such, a vaccination for COVID-19 is required on campus for indoor entertainment, recreation, dining and fitness settings. Please visit this page for everything visitors to campus need to know:

Visiting Campus

Students and employees can find additional details provided in the links below.  

Student Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Student FAQs

Employee Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Employee FAQs