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Residence Life

For resident students, the Riverdale campus literally is home — a place to relax, eat and sleep after a day of hard work in our classrooms, labs and athletic facilities. The College has taken a wide range of steps to continue providing a high quality of residence life while ensuring health and safety at this difficult time.

Moving In

  • New York State determines the first day for students to begin moving into residence halls
  • Students can begin moving into residence halls on August 17, but move-ins are by appointment only. Our Residence Life staff will be coordinating this process to phase in resident students in the coming weeks.

  • In-season, fall student-athletes also will start returning to campus on August 19.

  • Students will have two hours to move into their assigned rooms, with one friend or relative to assist
  • All move-in day participants must wear PPE to enter buildings and are expected to follow New York State and New York City guidelines
  • Specially trained Residence Life staff will direct traffic flow through elevators, corridors and rooms
  • Students will learn about new visitation, bathroom and common-area protocols during initial floor meetings
  • The office of Health Services will coordinate COVID-19 testing if required by New York State

Residence Assistants

  • In partnership with the office of Student Health Services, summer training sessions will provide residence assistants (RAs) with an extensive knowledge of medical treatment protocols and best practices to protect residents from the spread of COVID-19
  • RAs will regularly share this information with all resident students
  • RA training will be conducted virtually prior to the first day of move-in
  • Training will be completed before August 31

Our RAs play an important role in fostering the supportive, close-knit environment that distinguishes life at Manhattan College. This is especially significant as Residence Life continues to ensure our students’ health and safety especially in relation to COVID-19.

Accordingly, RAs will use hosting mediums such as Google Meet to build community through virtual programs and activities that supplant the need to gather in large groups. Support also will be provided for anxiety, depression, substance abuse and grief.

Day-to-Day Operations

Maintaining a safe, healthy environment throughout our residence halls is always a priority at Manhattan College. The office of Residence Life has strengthened and enhanced protocols that are especially well-suited for combating COVID-19.

  • Staff will prominently display and post educational materials regarding the virus throughout the residence halls, including common areas and students’ rooms
  • The routine and effective cleaning of all facilities and spaces will be even more frequent and rigorous, especially in regard to frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, walls, handrails, telephones) and non-porous surfaces in restrooms and sleeping areas
  • The availability of all hand-washing supplies will be extensively monitored and maintained (e.g., soap, paper towels and hand sanitizers), as will all cleaning supplies and disinfectants
  • Waste baskets will be visible and frequently emptied throughout the day

As a precautionary measure, Residence Life will hold an appropriate percentage of beds “offline” as self-quarantine spaces for students who may inadvertently have been exposed to COVID-19.