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Cafeterias and food courts are hubs of campus life for the entire College community —  students, faculty, staff and visitors. New policies and protocols will maintain the continuing high level of food service in these shared spaces while protecting patrons against COVID-19.

  • On-campus food service providers have developed a “We Care” campaign via Jasper Connect to promote safe, respectful codes of conduct in all on-campus dining facilities and at partnering, off-campus “Jasper Dollar” vendor
  • Prominent signage, one-way directional mapping and clear pick-up options via well-placed monitors will help to ensure safe, effective social distancing and foot traffic in all food-service venues at Thomas Hall, Kelly Commons and a possible temporary South campus option
  • Easy-to-follow visual arrangements in all dining facilities will provide clearly labeled “safe places” for seating, which will help to ensure respect and equal access for all patrons
  • The College will institute protocols for food services deliveries to students who may be asked to self-isolate in designated areas of the residence halls; this will include the safe, timely removal of used plates, cutlery and other waste
  • To further enhance safety — especially for early-arriving groups including international students and student-athletes — staggered meal-time scheduling will reduce lines and queuing back-ups