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Cafeterias and food courts are hubs of campus life for the entire College community —  students, faculty, staff and visitors. New policies and protocols will maintain the continuing high level of food service in these shared spaces while protecting patrons against COVID-19.

  • Outdoor dining tents will remain on campus until we break for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 25.

  • On Tuesday, October 20, Locke’s Loft will begin serving dinner indoors at a 25% seating capacity. Operating hours will be 4-8 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 3-7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 

  • Manhattan College Dining Services will clean the facility throughout dinner service. As the semester continues, we will monitor the on-campus case rate and indoor dining demand to determine whether to add additional indoor dining hours.

  • Locke’s Loft will have one designated entrance and one designated exit, to allow for one-way flow.
  • Decals and arrows will mark the floors in all dining location to create social distancing at each station and as people walk throughout the dining room.
  • All stations in Locke’s Loft are planned to be open; however, self-serve stations will now be served.
  • Coffee and beverage stations will be open and cleaned every 20 minutes.
  • All stations will be open in Kelly Commons except for the pizza station.

Visit our CampusDish website for more information on dining hours and locations, daily menus and meal plan information.