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Return to Campus Plans for Fall 2021

Dear Manhattan College community: 

As we mark the anniversary of our abrupt departure from campus, we also look forward with undeniable cause for hope. 

Sincere thanks are due to everyone in our community for a year of tremendous work in the midst of difficult and often painful circumstances. Thanks to your flexibility and creativity, we were able to make continuous adjustments in our operations, responding day-by-day to conditions on the ground and keeping our campus safe, in accordance with New York State and New York City guidelines. Our faculty, staff, and administrators have worked tirelessly to provide every student the opportunity to continue progress toward their degree goals. The faculty continues to develop innovative teaching methods to best serve our students. And those students, with their families, have demonstrated incredible courage and resilience as they faced many, many challenges. Through it all, our hope has never wavered. 

Encouraged by our success thus far and buoyed by the good news that every day millions of people in the US are receiving a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, we write to confirm that Manhattan College is planning to fully return safely to in-person teaching and learning on campus next fall. Medical experts are increasingly confident that the vaccine will be available to everyone who desires to receive it this summer. We also note that the CDC has recently started to adjust its guidance for fully vaccinated people, another good sign of the improving situation. 

As the semester begins on Monday, August 30, 2021, courses will return to their regular mode of operation, and we aim to offer the full complement of campus activities that are so important to our Lasallian Catholic mission and our beloved traditions. For example, undergraduate laboratory and lecture courses will be held in-person and on campus. Graduate courses will also return to their regular mode of operation, although many graduate courses are already designed to be offered in an online or hybrid format. We expect all students, faculty, and staff to be on campus, in-person. It is vital that we return to campus to provide students with the robust living and learning experiences that are a hallmark of the Manhattan College experience. 

The safety of our community members continues to be our top priority. Many in our community have already received the vaccine, and we strongly encourage all faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. Currently, Manhattan College is not requiring the vaccine prior to returning, but this is subject to change based on city, state, or federal regulations or recommendations. 

Of course, among the most important of the lessons learned this year is the continuing importance of vigilance and flexibility in all of our planning. We understand that plans may need to be adjusted along the way in response to conditions on the ground, and we will be continuing to communicate with the community on regular intervals. 

With admiration for the continuing work of our community— 


Brennan O’Donnell