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One Manhattan Office

The One Manhattan: Office of Campus Health and Safety was established to ensure a safe return to campus, oversee logistics, and coordinate the implementation of policies, procedures, health and safety guidelines, and the Campus Ambassador program.

If you have questions about the return to campus, email

Reporting health & safety non-compliance

Members of the College community can report any student non-compliance with the One Manhattan Health and Safety Guidance using this form.

The guidance is available here. These student reports will be received by the Dean of Students Office and assigned to a hearing officer for review and action.             

One Manhattan - Office of Campus Health & Safety 

The One Manhattan – Office of Campus Health and Safety, serves as a central point of contact for the various College offices, departments and constituencies to address safety concerns, facilitate scheduling and accommodations, coordinate screening, contact tracing and testing protocols, ensure compliance with regulatory and other mandates, recommend additional guidelines and protocols, assist with communications, gather and maintain relevant health data, and perform any additional duties as needed.