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Global Engagement

The College values global engagement and its stakeholders as essential to our Lasallian Catholic mission. To that end, the Study Abroad office is in close communication with institutional partners and students to maintain the high quality of these programs while adhering to new health and safety protocols, and expediting incoming/outgoing student visa approvals and related concerns.

International & Exchange Students

The Study Abroad office is monitoring travel restrictions on a case-by-case basis regarding passports and/or J-1/F-1 visa applications and approvals. The office is in frequent contact with international students to share updates on visa processing issues.

Study Abroad, International Admissions and International Student and Scholar staff continue to track each student’s progress throughout the visa application process. Those who have not received a visa by the decision date specified will need to move to an online format, defer to a future term or withdraw from the program. In such cases, Residence Life will be informed of changes in housing needs. If students are unable to travel to the College due to COVID-related issues, Student Accounts will be notified.

Study Abroad Programs (Short-term/Long-term)

Decisions regarding proposed winter intersession and spring 2021 programs will be announced by the end of September 2020.

The Study Abroad office is reviewing all short- and long-term study abroad designations in light of prevailing health issues in destination countries, including but not limited to: self-quarantine requirements for travelers; social distancing and face covering requirements; and local and national travel restrictions. We also are monitoring current health data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Department of State.

Information about passport applications/renewals, issues and timelines will be provided to students who express interest in studying abroad at information sessions and through one-on-one advising. Outgoing students who have not received a passport and/or a visa by Study Abroad’s specified date will defer to a future term or withdraw from the program.

Alternative Modalities

The Study Abroad office is pursuing alternative formats for global engagement, including virtual course collaborations with international partners and small, faculty-led research abroad options. There may also be opportunities to participate in Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), which offers increased faculty and student exchange across national borders via virtual platforms, sometimes with short international visits.


The office of Study Abroad will monitor the status of travel between each incoming international student’s home country and the U.S.

  • Students whose travel plans are delayed and must arrive early or late to campus still will be able to move into their residence hall and be oriented to life at Manhattan.
  • The College will provide support services to students who may be unable to return to their home countries due to the unavailability of flights and/or general instability of air travel.


Decisions regarding proposed outgoing winter intersession and spring 2020 programs will be announced no later than the end of September 2020.

Health Issues

Health Insurance Coverage for COVID

The College currently is reviewing all existing international health insurance plans. Information on alternative plans and/or supplemental policies will be released on or after July 2020.


  • Space has been reserved in the residence halls for international students in order to accommodate their prior international travel.
  • International students are encouraged to arrive on their designated move-in day. They may contact Residence Life to make alternative arrangements due to limited flight availability, flight cancelations or other unanticipated travel delays.


The office of Study Abroad is liaising with all exchange partner institutions and third-party program providers to create contingency plans for Manhattan’s outgoing study abroad students.

All international and exchange students are encouraged to bring their own laptop to Manhattan. In instances where students are unable to bring a laptop, lose or damage their laptop in transit, or experience equipment breakage, a loaner will be provided by the College.

Travel Interruptions

  • In the event that evacuation is necessary, Residence Life will work to accommodate international students who are unable to depart on time.
  • Study Abroad will ensure that comprehensive evacuation coverage is part of every traveler’s international insurance coverage and may adapt new policies or add supplemental coverage to an existing policy.
  • Study Abroad is working with our partners abroad (both our exchange partners and those institutions/organizations we partner with for short-term programs) to ensure contingency plans are in place and that Manhattan’s groups will be supported in the event of a flight cancelation or another obstacle to traveling as planned.