Manhattan College Appoints Bridget Chalk, Ph.D., as Associate Dean of the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences

Chalk will play an important role in supporting key academic initiatives at the College.

Manhattan College appointed Bridget Chalk, Ph.D., as associate dean of the newly established Kakos School of Arts and Sciences. Chalk brings a wealth of expertise and leadership experience to this new role. bridget-chalk.jpg

A respected scholar in the field of 20th- and 21st-century British and Anglophone literature,  Chalk has been a cornerstone of Manhattan College's English department since 2009. Her contributions extend far beyond the classroom, with a proven track record of driving impactful initiatives across the College.

"Dr. Chalk's passion for academic excellence, her commitment to interdisciplinary learning, and her proven leadership skills make her the ideal candidate to guide the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences in its formative stages," said Marcy Kelly, Ph.D., dean of the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences. "We are confident that under her leadership, the school will thrive as a vibrant hub for intellectual exploration and student success."

Chalk's leadership was critical in her role as director of the Advanced Placement Summer Institute (2015-2021), a program that brings hundreds of high school teachers to campus for intensive workshops. Her dedication to educational excellence included the development of a specialized English minor for O’Malley School of Business students. 

Chalk is the author of Modernism and Mobility: The Passport and Cosmopolitan Experience (Palgrave, 2014), and the forthcoming book Novel Schooling: Education, Formation, and Reading in Fiction (Palgrave, 2024), both of which center on theories of narrative and reading, as well as numerous articles and reviews in peer-reviewed publications. Her work has earned her recognition within prestigious academic societies such as the D.H. Lawrence Society of North America and the Modernist Studies Association.

As associate dean, Chalk will play a pivotal role in shaping the academic identity of the Kakos School. Her responsibilities will include spearheading curricular development and program revisions and ensuring academic rigor and relevance.

"I am honored to join the Kakos School of Arts and Sciences and contribute to its growth as a dynamic center for learning and discovery,” said Chalk. “I look forward to collaborating with faculty, staff and students to create an innovative academic environment that fosters critical thinking, interdisciplinary dialogue and a lifelong love of learning.”