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Summer Literacy Institute brings Bronx high school students to campus for a weeklong college immersion program.
Katie Kerbstat ’11 pursued her passion for media as a writer for The Quadrangle, and now works for one of television's most successful broadcasts.
This summer, three interns are expanding the rooftop garden to grow organic produce in an effort to keep local food costs low.
From its early history on 131st Street and Broadway in Manhattan in the mid-1800s to its move to Riverdale in the 1920s, Manhattan College’s landscape has been one of change and growth.
More than 100 students and educators from regional Lasallian high schools participated in a weeklong enrichment program.
In hopes of becoming an ophthalmologist like his father, Jerry D'Aversa ’14 traveled to Grenada to assist with sight-restoring surgeries.
Valerie Martin ’06 is a board member and fundraiser for the Uplifting Project, a nonprofit that provides educational resources to African villages.
Engineering alumna-turned-lawyer Noreen Krall ’87 oversees Apple's intellectual property around the globe.
AffordableCollegesOnline.org cites Manhattan College as No. 20 in its Million Dollar ROI rankings.

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