Common Interest Communities

Common Interest Communities (CIC) are themed residences for students who share similar interests and lifestyles, regardless of what their major might be. CICs are housed within the residence halls on campus, and advised by a professor who helps facilitate programming. to enhance your education through activities on and off campus.

  • Entrepreneurship Common Interest Community

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    A residential community for students interested in exploring their business and philanthropic interests in residence together. Students partner together across academic majors to move from idea to product over the course of the year.

  • Health and Wellness Common Interest Community

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    A residential community for students dedicated to their holistic wellness. Residents explore all areas of the wellness wheel to attain a balance of mind, body, and spiritual wellness, in their social, academic, and professional roles on campus and beyond.

  • Indivisa Manent Common Interest Community

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    A Lasallian service community dedicated to the College’s founding principles, particularly an emphasis on ethical conduct and a commitment to social justice. Residents discuss contemporary social issues, participate in service activities, and are encouraged to engage with campus-wide programs like L.O.Co., JustPeace, Catholic Relief Services and Green Club.

  • Jasper Arts Common Interest Community

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    A residential community for students with interest in arts and culture, including those participating student groups such as Players, Film Society, Sanctus Artem and Scatterbomb. Residents gather to explore their interest through film viewing, open mic nights, and a whisper room for practicing music and singing.

  • Jasper Green Common Interest Community


    An environmental and sustainability focused residential community for students who want to further their understanding of the Earth and how we can live better. Residents learn and teach others about recycling, living better, and reducing your impact on the Earth.

  • Nuestra Casa Common Interest Community

    Multicultural mural
    A residential community for students with an interest in Hispanic and Latino culture in the world and in New York City.  Residents visit local cultural sites like Museo del Barrio, and explore culture through food, arts, and language.

More Information

Visit the Inside Manhattan website for more information about how current resident students can sign up for a Common Interest Community.

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