Health Services

The Health Services office is available to all students and provides urgent care for common minor illnesses and injuries.

How We Can Help

Available assistance includes:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor or acute illnesses
  • First aid for minor injuries
  • A rest area for students who become ill and need a place to rest
  • Physical examinations
  • Blood pressure checkup
  • Vision screening (for driver’s license renewal)
  • Flu vaccine (nominal fee)
  • Allergy injections (registration required)
  • Diagnostic testing: lab screenings, cultures and blood work (nominal fee to a laboratory)

For serious or prolonged illnesses or injuries, students are referred to a local hospital or private physician.


Health Insurance

Health Services does not charge you any fees or bill insurance to see our nurses or doctor. However, to avoid potentially expensive health care bills for off-campus medical care, all students should maintain health insurance coverage while attending Manhattan College.

We do not offer a group health insurance plan for students but we can refer to you our health insurance broker, Marshall & Sterling. They can provide detailed information about health insurance plans you can purchase, including options though the New York State Health Exchange which offers financial assistance for qualified individuals. Marshall & Sterling can also provide information about off-exchange health insurance plans purchased directly with the carrier.

Accident Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in a mandatory basic accident plan. There is no additional fee for this plan. This coverage is secondary to your primary health insurance and it only covers accidental injuries.

Required Records

Per New York State laws, all incoming students must provide:

  • Record of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)
  • Meningococcal meningitis response form

Additionally, you must provide a physical exam record in order to see a physician or nurse practitioner in the Health Services office. Student athletes have several additional health services requirements.

See the required records webpage on the Inside Manhattan website to download specific forms.

More Information

More details about insurance plans, required records, specific services offered at the Health Services office and information about how to make an appointment are available on the Inside Manhattan College website.

Inside Manhattan: Health Services