Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is here to help you deal with issues commonly experienced by college students such as anxiety, stress and depression.

How We Can Help

Counseling center brochuresOur team of therapists are experts in counseling college-aged students and will provide short-term individual counseling at no cost.

Other types of assistance offered at the Counseling Center include:

  • Student groups that meet weekly
  • Referrals to local mental health resources
  • Online screenings
  • Educational programs
  • Crisis intervention

Alcohol and Drug Concerns

Substance abuse is a key issue that we strive to prevent at Manhattan College. Some of the ways we educate our students about drug and alcohol use are:

  • Alcohol-Wise Program: All incoming undergraduate students complete the Alcohol-Wise program, a one-hour online course about alcohol abuse prevention that is designed specifically for college students.
  • Designated Drug and Alcohol Counselor: One of our staff counselors provides drug and alcohol education presentations in the residence halls each semester and works privately with students who have alcohol and drug-related concerns.
  • Motivational Mondays Group: The Counseling Center hosts a weekly drop-in group for students to discuss issues surrounding alcohol and drug use/abuse.
  • Parent Outreach: Letters are sent to the parents/guardians of incoming freshmen asking that they collaborate with Manhattan College in speaking to their sons and daughters about decisions regarding alcohol consumption while in college.


Manhattan College’s Counseling Center is accredited by the International Association of Counseling, Inc., (IACS), which evaluates counseling centers against a set of standards that include regulations about confidentiality, professional training and credentials of clinicians, outreach efforts, and responsiveness to student mental health needs. Manhattan College is currently among only 18 of some 217 institutions of higher education in New York State that have this distinction.

More Information

More details about specific services offered at the Counseling Center and information about how to make an appointment are available on the Inside Manhattan website.

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