Performing Arts and Visual Culture Common Interest Community

students in performing arts communityLights, camera, action! The visual arts come together in this Common Interest Community (CIC), designed for students with a flair for the stage and other forms of culture. Sophomores, juniors and seniors in this group enjoy music, theater, film, dance and the visual arts through activities that take place on and off campus.

Students in the Performing Arts & Visual Culture CIC live together in a specifically designated area of one of the College’s existing residence halls.

As a member of this particular CIC, you’ll learn to create art, as well as study, discuss and critique historical and contemporary trends in art.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • Movie nights
  • Broadway shows
  • Dance workshops
  • Recitals and performances
  • Informal dinners and gatherings with NYC-based artists and faculty
  • Drawing and painting workshops, in-dorm art workshops
  • Gallery visits and trips to artist studios
  • Mural painting

How to Join

This CIC is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. For more information and questions, contact Residence Life at