Indivisa Manent Common Interest Community

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Indivisa Manent Common Interest Community (CIC) residents engage in opportunities that embody the College’s founding Lasallian principles: excellence in teaching, respect for human dignity, reflection on faith and its relation to reason, an emphasis on ethical conduct, and a commitment to social justice.

Living in a specifically designated quarter of one of the College’s existing residence halls, residents discuss contemporary social issues, as well as explore their faith and local service opportunities. They are encouraged to participate in various campus organizations, including L.O.Co., JustPeace and Catholic Relief Services. This community is inclusive of students of all faith backgrounds and experiences.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • On-campus speakers who discuss social justice issues
  • Service activities, including a community day of service
  • Retreats open to community members
  • Events with the Christian Brothers Center community
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Campus Ministry & Social Action

How to Join

This CIC is open to all undergraduate students. For more information and questions, contact Residence Life at