Donor Profiles

  • Donor Profile: June Dwyer

    From 1981, the year the late June Dwyer, Ph.D., began teaching at Manhattan, until her retirement in 2010, her goal was to provide a well-rounded education to her students. That’s why Dwyer, former chair of the English department and professor emerita of the College, taught courses on everything from business writing to British literature. And her dedication didn’t waver in retirement.

    Even after Dwyer’s passing in November of 2015, she remains a fixture at Manhattan. The contributions she made during her lifetime continue to fund the School of Liberal Arts Scholarship, and in the future, an estate gift will benefit an endowed scholarship in her name.

    Rocco Marinaccio, Ph.D., a professor of English who worked alongside Dwyer for 15 years, references her steadfast contributions to the College as being acutely in line with her character.

    “June’s only sense of money was how it could benefit others. She is the true embodiment of a benefactor,” he says.

  • Donor Profile: Emmett Lynch '66

    Emmett Lynch, a graduate of the School of Business, is President and CEO of Westport Petroleum. His giving history is long and varied, supporting both College-wide initiatives while also establishing a scholarship in his name for students in the School of Business. The Emmett P. Lynch ’66 Scholarship benefits students who are in financial need and are residents of New York City, the city that Emmett was born, raised, and educated.

    Emmett credits his success to the Christian Brothers, and they remain a primary reason for his support of Manhattan today: “I wanted to express in some way my gratitude to the Christian Brothers, who devoted their lives to teaching me from grammar school through college. They prepared me well for business and for life’s challenges.” He also recalls that Manhattan College was an affordable way for him to receive a great education and wants students today to have the same opportunities he did.

    “I found my first job through Manhattan’s Placement Department,” Emmett explains. “Not only did the College educate me, they helped me find my chosen career in life. That’s one of the benefits of going to school in NYC.”

  • Donor Profile: Robert McGrath ’87

    Robert McGrath, a graduate of the School of Business, is one of many McGraths to attend Manhattan College. Rob’s father and brother are graduates, and his son Ryan is currently enrolled. Rob believes that the education he received here provided him and his family members with a strong foundation for success. He joined Schroders, an independent asset managing firm, in 2002 and became the Global Head of Trading in 2003. Most recently, Rob has left Schroders and now manages hs own consulting firm.

    In addition to consistently supporting the Fund for Manhattan, Rob hosts alumni get-togethers in Rockland County. His aim is to spread the good word about a Manhattan education: “The College provides a practical education for students, which is especially important and has served my family well. Graduates of Manhattan are disproportionately more successful than their peers who attend other schools.”

    He hopes to help parents and students understand that they’ll be successful if they attend the College, especially with its proximity to Manhattan.

  • Donor Profile: Robert Pulver ’69

    Robert Pulver is President and CEO of All-State Industries, a custom manufacturer of non-metallic industrial components for original equipment manufacturers around the world. He graduated from the School of Engineering in 1969 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

    When Robert recalls his time at Manhattan, he admits that the Engineering program was a challenge for him: “I questioned why I was enrolled many times. I finally realized that engineering taught me to problem solve, and that trait helped me start a business and succeed beyond my wildest dreams.”

    For the past ten years, Robert has covered the educational expenses for more than 20 students to ensure a debt-free start after graduation. He hopes his endowed scholarship will do the same for a Manhattan College student. The Walter C. Camas ’52 Scholarship for Business benefits an undergraduate Business major, in memory of Robert’s uncle – a graduate of the School of Business.

    Robert notes that his philanthropic support has only started and looks forward to giving back more to Manhattan in the future.

  • Donor Profile: John Rasulo ’86

    John Rasulo has been active in the College community since his graduation from the School of Business. A consistent donor to the Fund for Manhattan, John believes in giving back to the institution that played a role in his personal and professional successes.

    When asked why he supports the College, John explained: “ [I]received a great education, which translated into the business world, and I also learned how to be a better person by being part of the Manhattan College community.” It is because of this that he chose to become a class representative for the class of 1986, spearheading the fundraising efforts for Reunion weekend and beyond.

    John explains that his experiences finding classmates to give back has been rewarding beyond measure: “The upward direction of our school is clear and we have carved a path for an incredibly bright future. I am proud to be a Jasper and I look forward to giving back to Manhattan for years to come.”

  • Donor Profile: Paul J. Scariano ’94

    Paul Scariano, a graduate of the School of Engineering, is President of PJS Group, a company that provides construction, electrical, and drilling and driving services throughout the tri-state area and beyond. Apart from actively supporting College events (including the Construction Industry Golf Tournament, the Jasper Open, and the De La Salle Dinner), he also volunteers his time as a member of the School of Engineering Board of Advisors.

    Paul recalls that his professors, friends, and fellow students were all there for the same purpose: “to help us not just become engineers, but to become Manhattan Engineers – a somewhat special brand that transcends technical engineering know-how and also includes passion, competence, and a sense of making a difference in the world.”

    He continues to volunteer his time and talents to the College because he believes that its Lasallian tradition is a great one, transforming students into leaders. “I give financially because things cost money. I give my time because it takes a village to raise a child, and a big village to educate and shape many young adults – and the more villagers, the better.”

  • Donor Profile: William Scully ’67

    Bill Scully, a graduate of the School of Business, credits Manhattan College for giving him direction both professionally and personally. His experiences with the school and faculty inspired him to give back, so students like him would have the opportunity to succeed.

    Bill supported the development of the Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons, noting that a common meeting space is especially important to student life. In addition, he established the William A. Scully Scholarship for School of Business students with financial need.

    “My hope is that my gifts will help future students gain access to this unique kind of educational experience. I believe that the overall mission of Manhattan College is what prepares the best and brightest young leaders of tomorrow,” Bill says. It is because of this hope that he has committed to support the College for years to come.