About Raymond W. Kelly ’63

Ray KellyManhattan College is proud to honor former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly ’63 as one of the College's most renowned and respected alumni. 

Kelly was the longest-serving commissioner of the New York City Police Department, having held the position from 1992 to 1994 and again from 2002 to 2013. Thanks to his formative years at Manhattan College, Kelly has spent more than 40 in the NYPD, serving in 25 different commands. In fact, he is the only person to date to hold every rank in the NYPD.

Through his leadership and personal integrity — exemplified by a long and distinguished record of public service — Kelly, embodies all of the core values of a Lasallian education. He stands as an inspiration to past, present and future Manhattan College students.

Commissioner Kelly’s response to the naming of the Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons, announced at the Manhattan College De La Salle Medal Dinner on Jan. 19, 2011 was as follows:

“My education at Manhattan College, with its underpinnings of respect for human life and social justice has been a tremendous help to me in my career. And not only has it been a part of my life, but Manhattan College has been a part of the lifeblood of this city for more than 155 years. The contributions of Manhattan College graduates are felt in the boardrooms, the churches, the classrooms and the laboratories across this city, and well beyond. And I can tell you that many, many Manhattan College graduates have made certain that New York remains the undisputed financial, cultural and communications capital of the world. Manhattan College has made a tremendous contribution to that.

I want to thank the board, certainly Chairman O’Malley, for this great honor. Quite frankly, I am totally overwhelmed — just blown away by it. To be recognized in this manner means more to my family and me than I can possibly say. I can tell you that I have always been proud of my association with Manhattan College. Like so many of you here, I’ve received degrees from other institutions, but none mean more to me than Manhattan College. I’m a Jasper first and always.”