Donor Profiles

Our generous donors help to ensure Manhattan College is able to carry out its mission of providing a top-tier Lasallian education. Meet some of our donors and learn why they choose to give.

Fredric Marro

Fredric Marro ’77

Family Tradition

The Marro Family tradition at Manhattan College began with the late Salvatore Marro ’51, whose college stories influenced his son. Today, Fred Marro ’77 laughs, “I only applied to Manhattan. A lot of my dad’s fond memories ‘poisoned the well’, so to speak.” Fred carried on his father’s tradition of college storytelling with his own three children, and now Meghan ’13 carries the torch. “The family joke is that Meghan is now, by definition, the smartest child because she chose Manhattan.”

Fred, the founder and president of Westmont Associates, Inc., affirms that his favorite memories of school involve the people he met on campus, and the people he continues to be friends with now — his Jasper family. “Family has a different meaning nowadays — it’s not just DNA anymore,” he adds.

“I think Manhattan is the major reason why I am successful in my professional and personal life today. My parents instilled core values, and Manhattan was the institution that allowed me to see how those values apply, and how they interact with the world on a large scale. That’s why I give a large amount of credit for who I am today to the College and to the Brothers.”

The Importance Of Giving Back

“I was a residential student actively involved in student life, particularly through administering the intramural sports program, which included women and commuters for the first time. That experience was big for me.” As a result, Fred is committed as an alumnus to supporting the student commons project and its goal of providing enhanced and increased student life opportunities.
“If most alumni’s lives have been made better by going to Manhattan, it’s time for them to reach into their pockets and give back, especially now.”


Peter Musumeci

Peter Musumeci ’72

The Impact of Student Life

Being a resident student at Manhattan College was an amazing experience for me. Being from South Jersey, I didn’t know that many people so I immediately had to learn to how to live on my own: making my own decisions, fending for myself, and learning how to interact with other people.

Although the book knowledge I received was significant, what really helped me grow as a person was being able to lead the college life as a resident. The camaraderie that developed between students living on campus was tremendous, and that certainly extended to the commuter students, as well.

When I was at Manhattan, it was 75% commuters, the opposite of what it is today. On-campus student life taught me about management, both time management and people management, and organizational skills. It was an experience I will never forget.

Expanding Horizons

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I strongly believe that the new student commons is a critical next step for the College. It will help us attract students from outside the tri-state area, which I feel is so important, in addition to spreading the message about all the opportunities we have to offer. The student commons is certainly not the first step we’ve taken but it is a significant next step as we continue to shepherd the College into the 21st century.


Peter Musumeci

George H. Fisher ’74

The Gift of Life

An avid golfer, George H. Fisher ’74 is a man of precise and straightforward action.

For 37 years, he held the Jasper golf team school record for the lowest competitive round at par 68, set in 1972. Now his actions extend even further. With a gift of a life insurance policy, Fisher will ensure that Manhattan College students reap scholarship benefits far into the future. “I hope to provide assistance to students who could use a helping hand,” he says.

Fisher fondly recalls his years at Manhattan College as a student athlete. He notes that Coach Norton “was an exceptional coach and great mentor.” A three-year captain and star player on the golf team, Fisher was the recipient of the St. John the Baptist Teacher Scholarship, which helped defray education costs. He received his B.A. in the School of Education and Health’s Physical Education program. He then earned a master’s degree while working as a graduate assistant at the University of Denver, and continued there, holding athletic director and head coaching positions on the college level.

Husband to Christine and father of two children, Fisher currently works as an insurance executive at a Fortune 30 company and knows the advantages of using life insurance for charitable giving. By donating a policy he no longer needs for its original purpose, he presents a substantial gift to Manhattan College. While the gift will eventually fund an endowed scholarship to benefit physical education majors who are members of the Jasper golf team, Fisher has also provided an annual scholarship award in advance of the endowment. “I will enjoy seeing the scholarship in action during my lifetime,” he says.