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Rankings and Ratings

Setting a Perpetually High Bar for Excellence

From the start, academic excellence — rooted in reason and faith — has been the primary goal of a Lasallian Catholic education. Saint John Baptist de La Salle himself set this high bar for teaching all students. “Have much more solicitude,” he advised his followers, “for their education and instruction than you would have for the children of a king.”

The Manhattan College community — religious and lay alike — continues to earn wide recognition for student success. During the 2021–22 academic year, leading media sources and our peers applauded Manhattan’s ongoing achievements in preparing young Jaspers to excel during (and long after) their college years. Consider these highlights:

  • This recent study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce ranks Manhattan among the top 3% of U.S. colleges and universities in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) over a 40-year period. 
  • For the seventh consecutive year, this U.S. News & World Report listing named Manhattan as one of the 20 Best Regional Universities in the North.
  • In addition, this is the first year that U.S. News & World Report has placed Manhattan’s O’Malley School of Business in its listing of best part-time MBA rankings
  • According to this study by Third Way, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C., Manhattan is among the top 25% of all institutions surveyed in terms of their students’ social mobility. 

These achievements and others reflect the strong support Manhattan College receives from our loyal alumni and friends — dedicated partners in the important work of Lasallian Catholic higher education. Thank you for your ongoing generosity on behalf of new generations of young Jaspers.