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Memorial, Tribute and Testamentary Gifts

Memorial Gifts

By making a memorial gift to Manhattan College, alumni and friends can permanently honor those who are dear to them while supporting the worthy cause of Lasallian Catholic higher education. 

The following list gratefully recognizes the individuals honored by friends and family who graciously made a gift in their name over the past year. The Manhattan College community extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who has chosen this meaningful way to provide much-needed support for today’s young Jaspers.

In Memory of Myles J. Ambrose ’48
Elise Ambrose

In Memory of John L. Bagdonas ’71
Maureen and Thomas M. ’69 Bagdonas

In Memory of Louis Steven Barceló
Anne Marie Colon

In Memory of Br. B. Austin Barry
Lillian and Thomas H. ’71 Welby

In Memory of Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54
Helene and Paul Bartilucci

In Memory of Fred Bastone
Cooley Bastone Gill Family
Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation of Broward
Maureen A. ’91 and Sean ’93 Gill

In Memory of Philip C. Bonanno
Arlene and Reuben Mark

In Memory of Edward J. Bowes ’64
Kathy and Vincent J. ’64 McArdle, Jr.

In Memory of John D. Boyce ’49
Marguerite Boyce

In Memory of Cornelius J. Boylan ’53
Susan Atkins
Margot Badenhausen
Kathryn and Philip Boole
Gordon A. Bussard
Cathy Cormier
Kathleen and James Dooley
Lisa Barksy Firkser and Steven Firkser
Alma Huber Freimuth and Richard C. Freimuth
Maureen Guzik
Lynne Hendler
Alieda and Jack Herbruck
Jeffrey Leach
Phyllis and Robert M. ’62 Quinn
Susan and Andrew Russell
Spring Meadow Condominium Association Inc.
Jeffrey Whitmore
Wyckoff Reformed Church Activities Unlimited

In Memory of Br. B. Joseph Brennan, FSC ’30
George A. Mulligan ’65 +

In Memory of Br. B. Thomas Brennan, FSC ’31
George A. Mulligan ’65 +

In Memory of Donald R. Broderick ’86
Karen and Charles E. Green

In Memory of Kevin P. Brooks ’66
Virginia Brooks

In Memory of Edward B. Brown ’61
Sandie and Joseph R. ’61 Bolze
Edward Brown
Martha P. Brown ’89 and David Bochniak

In Memory of Gerald F. Buckley ’64
Sheila K. Buckley

In Memory of John J. Butz ’89
Justine D. Butz

In Memory of Donald C. Cacciapaglia ’73
David Korman

In Memory of Frank J. Cain ’56
Barbara Cain

In Memory of William P. Cain
Eileen Cain

In Memory of Lily V. Callan ’18
Mary and Charles V. Callan

In Memory of Thomas J. Calogero ’80
Michael Calogero

In Memory of Helio Camargo
Elaine S. and James P. ’62 Hynes

In Memory of Sr. Frances Cardillo O.S.F.
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of William J. Claire ’54
Joan Jones

In Memory of Nancy Colgan
Elizabeth Lee

In Memory of Br. James X. Collins, FSC
Kathleen Michele McGrath ’88

In Memory of John T. Collins ’65
Adam Allen
Julia B. Collins
Justin Dates
Joseph Dopico
Keith Hall
Maurice Rached
Joseph C. Riina ’82
Adolph P. Russillo ’80

In Memory of James T. Connors ’57
Evan M. Anderson
MaryEllen Benedetto
Diane and Richard C. ’62 Cohan
Patricia Connors
Helen and Terry Cordner
Judith and Joseph P. ’62 Dillon
Margaret and James P. ’57 Feeney
Susan Fischer
Beverly V. Haas
Harry Henning
Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.
Iris Krempasky
Joseph LaBruzzo
Laurence Lebaut
Grace E. and Gordon L. Maltempo
Annie McManus
Cynthia Murphy
Catherine O’Brien
Michael Owens
Timothy Pellegrino
David Redlick
Dan Townsend

In Memory of Joseph J. Coppo, Jr. ’75
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe

In Memory of Paul C. Cortissoz ’47
Marie Cortissoz Houlihan and Daniel J. Houlihan, Jr.

In Memory of Br. C. Gabriel Costello, FSC ’33
Patricia M. and John J. Stack

In Memory of Gerald V. Cronin ’55
Christopher C. Gunsel

In Memory of Rose Cunningham
Barbara Reynolds ’72

In Memory of Paul Cuzze, Jr.
Vincent J. Tarantino, Jr. ’03

In Memory of Peter E. Dans ’57
Linda and Paul M. Redstone

In Memory of Steven F. Devaney
Patricia F. and Frank ’61 Devaney

In Memory of Christopher G. Devey ’82
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Donald P. Devey ’56
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Matthew M. Dolan ’42
Rosemary Christoff Dolan

In Memory of Br. Peter W. Drake, FSC ’62
Barbara Reynolds ’72

In Memory of Mary Lacey Duckman
The Jane Dorothy Perlmutter Foundation, Inc.
Harriet Kesselman

In Memory of Donald J. Duffy ’56
Ursula Duffy

In Memory of John C. Eichner ’56
Sherry E. Campbell

In Memory of Kathleen O’Neill Eschmann
Josephine and Joseph F. ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Lewis H. Eslinger ’50
The Smalley Foundation

In Memory of Br. Michael Farrell, FSC
Eugene K. Farrell ’66

In Memory of William K. Finn ’56
Helen Finn

In Memory of Anthony J. Fiore ’65
Margaret T. and Daniel J. ’65 Towers

In Memory of James J. Flanigan ’61
The Milias Foundation
Carol Mitchell
Santa Barbara Foundation
Paul Steiger
Patricia and Nicholas Weber
David Zuercher

In Memory of William J. Flynn ’60
Martha Mattus Flynn

In Memory of Mary and William Foody
Fran and Emmett P. ’66 Lynch

In Memory of William J. Foody ’55
Fran and Emmett P. ’66 Lynch

In Memory of Howard H. Fronk ’55
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of Nicholas S. Gaudino ’71
Albina Gaudino

In Memory of Donald M. Hand ’50
Kathleen M. Hand ’85

In Memory of Br. Kevin Hargadon, FSC
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of James G. Hearn, Jr. ’65
Bernadette Hearn

In Memory of John G. Hengler ’71
Michael Hengler

In Memory of Eileen Mahoney Hoban
Bryan Clegg
Lisa Cordaro
Diane Ellsworth
Marybeth Kelleher
Kathleen Mattes
Milrose Consultants
Desiree Nabas-Grech and Arnaldo Nabas
Samantha Nobile
Catherine Pirraglia
Antoine Y. Sasanelli
Victor Serricchio
Vincent Striano

In Memory of James F. Hurley
Michael J. Melanophy
Pavarini North East Construction Co.

In Memory of Francis J. Jones ’50
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of John F. Kane ’63
Alice M. Kane

In Memory of Kevin M. Kearney ’74
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas J. Delaney ’71

In Memory of Clement P. Kerley
Susan Kerley

In Memory of George B. Kirsch
Daniel Byerly
Gayle R. and Andrew Davis
Kristi Izzo
Barbara J. Mead and Richard A. Lawrence, Jr. ’68
Claire Nolte and Carl Blass

In Memory of Brian T. Kivlan ’69
Ashley Fischer
Paul Friedman
Janna Gordon-Elliott
John T. Lovett ’73
Divya Mani
Linda S. and Thomas A. ’72 McFarland
Katherine Schlosstein
Scott Thiel

In Memory of Liborio J. LaMagna ’52
Anna LaMagna

In Memory of Donald G. Latus ’67
Janice L.P. and Michael S. Barry
Patricia and John Barry
Claudia L. Cannizzaro
Cape Cod Holly Berry Quilters Guild
Susan L. and Patrick D. Daly
Melissa A. Fernandes and Kevin P. Daly
Patricia J. Hall
Marian F. and Francis J. Hynes, Jr.
Robert F. Kelley ’67
Jane E. Latus and Kenneth R. Jones
Katherine Maxwell and Tom Rasmassen
Marianne and Joseph McCaffery
Municipal Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Mary L. Pattie
Ellen C. and Robert D. Piper
Mary Shedlock
Arlene N. and Peter L. Smith

In Memory of Thomas J. Lauro ’72
Kathleen A. O’Connor

In Memory of Min L. Lee ’52
Dora S. Lee

In Memory of Robert L. Lichtenberger ’56
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of Edward P. Lyons ’50
Margaret Lyons

In Memory of John H. Mark ’00
Baha Albataineh
Kathie and Augustine Aloia
Amy Bajus
Hugh Beglin ’00
Br. Robert Berger, FSC ’73
Adrianne and Jared D. Blake
Michael Botelho
Anne and Michael Castelli
Nancy Cataldo
George Chin
Michele T. and Anthony Classe
MaryBeth Colgan
Anthony J. Cosme
Eileen Coyle
Christine Crespo ’06 and Marc Ewen
Paula Crisler
Jeanne and John P. Curran
Aura Darpi
Katherine DePaul
Michele DiRuggiero
Gail A. Dray ’04
Andrew L. Elbrecht ’08
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman
Eric Gerstner
Katherine and Charles Grantham
Roseanne Hagan-Laverty
Mary B. Hennessey
Melinda Janow Baron and Edward Baron
Stephen Jerome
James Keeler
Stu Keeler
Alene Keller
Janice and Kevin M. ’82 Killen
Richard Kreps
Elizabeth Lee
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Vincenzo Lippiello
Jonathan Luca
Michael Luca
Sylvester Luca
Mary Ann Lynch-Minson ’03 and Patrick Minson
Angela P. ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter
Mary Marshall
Virginia A. and G. P. Maxey
Amy McBride
Carmela and Kevin McCabe
Kevin J. McCabe ’00
Elizabeth McClure
Mary Ellen McDermott
Angelina and Alfred Medina
Susan Mezo
Mariangela I. Midea ’02
Thomas Modeszto
Arlene A. and Joseph Moliterno
Rosemarie Murray
Edward and Maureen Nusser
Mary Ann ’68 and John F. ’61 O’Donnell, Jr.
Dehlly Porras
Nicholas Quaranti
Anna Reuter
Emma C. Reuter
Joan M. Rossillo
Victoria Sheffield
Patricia B. and Greg Sherwood
Julie and Andrew Sovia
Christina Swantak ’99
Taralin Thompson
Nichole M. Venious
Susan A. Vlamis
Bernard Whalen

In Memory of Robert F. Martin ’58
Academy of Our Lady

In Memory of Robert J. Matsen ’50
Jean and David M. ’84 Piccorelli

In Memory of Edith M. Mauriello
Catherine M. Hennessy
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Bernard J. McCaffrey ’64
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Robert McGrail
Theresa M. ’84 and Gregory Ix

In Memory of Robert J. McGrattan ’57
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of John D. McKenna ’61
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of Roger J. McNamara ’56
Catherine P. McNamara

In Memory of John T. Miller ’71
John W. Meagher ’71

In Memory of Joseph P. Moore ’63
Patricia Moore

In Memory of James P. Moriarty, Sr. ’54
Marie A. ’85 and James P. ’85 Moriarty, Jr.

In Memory of Desmond P. Morrissey ’57
Susan Pedlow

In Memory of Mr. John A. Mueller ’58
Rosemarie Short ’91

In Memory of Michael J. Murnane ’56
Maureen Murnane

In Memory of Robert J. Murray ’52
Sophie R. Murray

In Memory of Br. Adalbert James Norton, FSC ’40
Gregory L. Florentino

In Memory of Donald J. O’Connor ’44
Nadine and David A. ’55 Rodriguez

In Memory of Barbara A. O’Keefe

In Memory of Br. B. Edward O’Neill, FSC ’42
Josephine and Joseph F. ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Stephanie Orawiec
Francis C. Orawiec ’68

In Memory of Robert P. Otten ’55
Nancy and Andrew Cirincione

In Memory of Roger W. Owens ’70
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Lucia D. and Steven A. ’74 Fangmann

In Memory of Patrick J. Petersen ’82
Beatrice Huste-Petersen

In Memory of Rev. Christopher J. Posch O.F.M. ’84
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of Liberty F. Raho
Ann Marie and Peter N. ’70 Raho

In Memory of Joseph P. Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds ’72
Brenda S. and Matthew T. ’68 Reynolds

In Memory of George L. Rorke ’71
Maria Branco

In Memory of Br. Thomas J. Scanlan, FSC
Richard J. Cardinale

In Memory of Martin H. Schmidt ’51
Barbara A. Green

In Memory of John P. Shelley ’48
Frances J. Shelley

In Memory of Frank C. Sorensen ’55
Mark Sorensen

In Memory of Joseph T. Steuer ’72
Susan and Robert J. ’72 Arnold

In Memory of Br. J. Stephen Sullivan, FSC ’50
Kathleen Michele McGrath ’88

In Memory of Joseph P. Sullivan ’57
Donna Sullivan

In Memory of Richard A. Tamanini ’61
Kathy and Albert Tarolli
Sharon and John ’67 Tarolli

In Memory of Mark Taylor
Anya Taylor

In Memory of James M. Tobin ’56
Ann Tobin

In Memory of Graham Walker
Deborah ’78 and Walter F. ’72 Matystik

In Memory of Peter Waters
Peter Waters

In Memory of Robert T. Weil, Jr. Dean of Engineering from 1960 - 1971
Marie and John H. ’67 Provanzana

In Memory of Harry Wheeler ’38
Sara W. Cowan

In Memory of Richard C. Wilbur ’58
Jean Gregory

In Memory of Carolyn F. Wright
Patricia A. Kuras
Christopher P. Wright
John F. Wright
Kerry and Peter Wright

In Memory of James W. Yedowitz ’70
Anne G. Yedowitz

Tribute Gifts

Making a tribute gift to Manhattan College is a special way for friends and alumni to commemorate birthdays, retirements, wedding anniversaries and other milestones — while supporting hardworking students at the Riverdale campus. We gratefully acknowledge the following friends and family members recognized this past year with tribute gifts from generous benefactors:

In Honor of Quinn A. Bowler ’24
Amos Han

In Honor of Raymond Broderick
Karen and Charles E. Green

In Honor of Gerard J. Caccappolo ’63
Patricia A. and Norman C. Merz

In Honor of Mary Eileen Cain ’94
Eileen Cain

In Honor of Michael J. Cain ’91
Eileen Cain

In Honor of Sydney J. Collins ’22
Ames and Peter Collins

In Honor of Vivian DeLillo ’95
Teresita M. and Melchor L. Pablo

In Honor of Thomas J. Elliott ’73
Charles Cermele
Beth and Thomas Parrish
Robin Wildes

In Honor of James P. Feeney ’57
Gerard T. Feeney

In Honor of Corine Fitzpatrick 
Thomas Fitzpatrick, Jr. 

In Honor of Kyle M. Gucwa ’23
Amos Han

In Honor of Daniel T. Hackett ’25
Samuel Albano

In Honor of Adrianne L. Hutto ’24
Anne L. Peterson 

In Honor of Cyrus J. Izzo ’87
Michael I. Bernstein

In Honor of Jenna C. Jordan ’23
Arlene Sirotko

In Honor of Joseph W. Lowry, M.D. ’73
Marypat and Lawrence Dooley
Marion and Edward Ege
Carol and Patrick T. 73 Gorman
Ruth and James St. John

In Honor of Sean M. Mackinney ’21
Amos Han

In Honor of Megumi Makisaka and Mark Celinscak
Sue and Bernard Pucker

In Honor of Justin Malpica ’21
Amos Han

In Honor of Marti Michael 
Margo Golos-Reines

In Honor of John P. Murphy ’92
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Timothy O. Murphy ’93
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Jake Nicolosi ’21
Amos Han

In Honor of Mr. Thomas D. O'Malley ’63
Barbara and Edmund Hajim
Lourdes and Gerald O'Connor

In Honor of Roland Pablo ’98
Teresita M. and Melchor L. Pablo

In Honor of Mr. Michael J. Passarella ’63
Carol and James P. ’73 Cassidy

In Honor of Meghan Rodino ’22
Amos Han

In Honor of Frederick M. Schweitzer 
Claire Nolte and Carl Blass
Julie and Stanley Pycior
Barbara Reynolds ’72

In Honor of Lawrence C. Siri Jr. ’60
John G. Rossi ’60

In Honor of James M. Suarez
Gail and Vincent R. ’68 Colabello
Hillary Fiegel Wirtz ’06 and Kyle R. Wirtz ’07

Testamentary Gifts

Bequests of any size play a truly critical role in strengthening the College and its historic Lasallian Catholic mission. This past year, Manhattan was the grateful beneficiary of bequests and other testamentary gifts from the estates of these departed alumni and friends: 

Estate of Christopher D. Cortese ’71
Estate of Eleanor H. English
Estate of Arthur J. Griffin ’64
Estate of William F. Jaenike ’60
Estate of James A. Kaczmarek ’67
Estate of Edward J. McEneany ’60
Estate of Marie M. and C. Eugene ’53 Miller
Estate of Martin J. Moran ’61
Estate of George A. Mulligan ’65
Estate of Thaddeus L. Regulinski ’50
Estate of Richard V. Robilotti ’65
Estate of Donald F. Ryan ’59
Estate of Joseph H. Yamaoka ’56