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Employees, Friends, and Parents of Alumni


Mary Ann Avella *** T
Frances Broderick
Raymond Broderick +
Steven and Alexandra Cohen
Maureen and William N. ’75 Dooley *** T
Jean Gregory
Gail A. and Fredric ’77 Marro *** T
Susan Matthews **
Jamie and Robert E. ’87 McGrath ***
Lynn Montemarano *
Debra Pulver *
Mary Ellen and Anthony J. ’74 Scala, Jr. *** T


Barbara Cain
Julia B. Collins
Genevieve and Thomas P. Houlihan ***
Judy and John G. Houlihan ***
Patricia and James J. Houlihan ***
Edward and Noreen A. ’87 Krall ** T
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Tracy E. McPhaden **
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy ***
Teresita M. and Melchor L.Pablo ***


Edward Brown *
Cheryle E. Campbell
Gregory A. Kelly
Grace and John Leahy **
Angela P. ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark **
Michael J. Melanophy **
Joan Moran ***
Mason Revelette
Patricia and Dominick M.Servedio **
Vincent Tese
Juliette White **


Thomas Barnds
Julie-Anne K. and Charles Bernroth **
Virginia Brooks ***
Jeanette ’87 and Keith C. Brown
Lena and Anthony P. Cavanna
Marie E. and Donald E. ’71Christopher ***
Jane M. Cullen **
John M. Curran
Ellen B. Devey **
Daniele and David V. Elkins
Felice Farber
Virginia A. Gortych-Barnes ’81 and Frederick J. Barnes ’81 ***
John Greed
Margaret Griffin **
Colleen Griffin Wagner **
Mary and William A. ’67 Harkins ***
Dorothy and John J. ’62 Healey ***
Sarita and Jitendra Hirani **
Karen Laino Giannuzzi
Eileen F. and John P. ’55 Lawler *** TE
Ellen and Joseph W. ’73 Lowry ***
Arlene and Reuben Mark Angela G. and Brennan P. O’Donnell *** FT
Joanne O’Malley
Marianne and Gerard P. ’69 O’Reilly **
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas J. Delaney ’71 ***
Sharon and Michael P. ’81 Reilly
Lorraine Russell
Victoria A. Scala ’10 ***
Marilyn and James Simons
Patricia M. and John J. Stack **
Debra and Nicholas F. ’79 Tommasino *
Diane and James R. Weldon ***
Michael Wirth
Maria W. Zazzera ’78 ***
Joseph A. Zock **
Robert A. Zock, Jr. ***


Lisa M. and Russell W. Broderick ***
Mary and Charles V. Callan **
Robert B. Catell
Barbara A. and Michael P. ’68 Cesa ***
Anne Marie and Salvatore O. ’52 Clemente * +
Sara W. Cowan *
Theanne and Matthew Feldman
Corine and Thomas Fitzpatrick, Sr. ***
Barbara A. Green
Joan Greulick and Thomas W. Byron
Barbara and Edmund Hajim
Jacqueline M. ’92 and Moujalli ’81 Hourani ***
Helen M. and John S. Jeris **
Veronica C. and Raymond W. ’63 Kelly
Carolyn and John M. ’78 Kirrane, Sr. ***
Dora S. Lee **
Patricia ’80 and Robert S. ’80 Lowenwirth *
Catherine and William T. ’67 Marshall, Jr. *** FT
Richard M. Maser
Denise McCool **
Joy and Matthew G. ’72 McCrosson ***
Liz McHenry and Eugene Assaf
Barbara J. Mead and Richard A. Lawrence, Jr. ’68 ***
Madelyn and Frank N. ’57 Medici ***
Mary and Thomas J. ’56 Mulligan ***
Dianne and Albert J. ’68 Orlando
Paul C. Schmall
Joan and Mark C. ’78 Sheeran ***
Alison and Stephen S. ’89 Stone ***
Anya Taylor **
Susanne and Kenneth M. Taylor, Jr.
Joseph Urbinati ’89 ***
Joan and Robert Vizza *
Christopher P. Wright


John Bletsas
Damian Braga
Elizabeth Brennan *
Dea Connick Perez
Anna Maria ’82 and Agostinho M. ’82 DePinho *
Frederick G. Ferraro ’74 **
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman **
Thomas Fitzpatrick, Jr.
Connie Fuerniss-Miller and David Miller *
Cynthia and Geoffrey R. Hesslink
Barbara A. Higgins ’70 ***
Eric Hirani
Amy Kaplan and David A. Brauner
Adam Kirsch
George B. Kirsch *** +
Ann and John Martin
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
William McCabe
Kathleen M. ’88 and Robert J. ’66 McGrath **
Karen and Matthew McManness
Patricia Moore *
Michael O’Shea
Theresa P. ’75 and Thomas F. ’60 Perna ***
Juan D. Reyes, III
Stephen Rosen
Steven Sadiker
Gregory J. Sexton ’82 **
Rita and Christopher J. ’51 Sweeney, Sr. ***
Susan and B. M. Thrope **
Nancy A. and Raymond ’79 Watroba, Jr. ***
John F. Wright
Kerry and Peter Wright *
Carol Yeske
David Zuercher

Leadership Group

Kristine and Daniel R. ’80 Amoruso ***
Marie Z. and Donald J. ’59 Amoruso, Sr. ***
Peter Armenio
William E. Bailey
Cobey-Lou Bastone
Marie and Richard T. ’62 Brand ***
Tamara J. Britt *
Amy and Thomas P. ’95
Cassidy Elizabeth and Paul J. Choquette, Jr. ***
Rosemary Christoff Dolan
Sean Cleary
Fr. Thomas E. Collins
Hector Concepcion
Edward DeFranco
Anthony DellaSalla
Gerald Flattmann, Jr.
Kathleen M. and Edward F. ’60 Gentner ***
Adam Gill
Melinda M. and Douglas W. Grigg
Edward J. Keough
Dolores and Walter J. ’59 Klausmann ***
Gene W. Lee
Robert A. Mahan ***
Robert Marinelli
Maryanne Miller T
Tamara and Michael J. ’87 Musella
John E. Nathan
Helene and Frederick M. ’87 Pacher **
John L. Paluszek ’55 *** TE
Martin W. Ronan, Jr. ’59 *** FT
Jeanette C. ’82 and John Barry Ryan ***
Helen and Steven Schreiner
Deirdre and Brendan J. ’85 Spillane **
Kelly ’95 and David ’97 Sposito
Allene and Jay Suemori
Bobbi Lee and Paul J. ’84 Thomas ***
Peter Waters

Cupola Club

Ann M. Albrecht **
Judith Alger
Theresa A. ’91 and Michael J. ’92 Ameres ***
Mary P. ’80 and Michael J. ’78 Bachynsky ***
Br. Robert Berger, FSC ’73
Michael I. Bernstein
Jack Blumenfeld
Sara Burris
Susanne Burris
Justine D. Butz
Elizabeth Anlstadt-Byrne and Gerald P. Byrne ’72
Mary Jane and Thomas A. ’63 Byrnes ***
Ellen S. Cacciapaglia ’79 **
Richard J. Cardinale
Dale Cendali
Elizabeth and John P. ’73 Cifu ***
Shelley and Kevin Courtney **
Claire and James J. ’66 Cuff **
Maria C. Dans
Ellen Del Colle ***
Patricia Doman **
Kathleen and Thomas J. ’66 Dugan ***
Joanne and Michael J. ’62 Esposito ***
Barbara A. Fabe ***
Donald E. Gibson *
Ann and Chad Grinnell **
Robert E. Hagadorn ’65 ***
Elizabeth and Brian ’71 Hansbury **
Lois Harr and John M. Reilly ’75 ***
John Holzer
Thomas Kalman
Susan Kerley
Janice and John L. ’63 Kmetzo **
Karen B. Lennon
Herbert Lichtman
Aileen Lowry Farrelly ’95 and John Farrelly ***
John K. Lyden ***
Geraldine and Charles G. ’76 Lynch ***
Margaret Lyons
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter **
Martha Mattus Flynn
Deborah ’78 and Walter F. ’72 Matystik
Catherine P. McNamara
James F. Munsell **
Maureen Murnane ***
Cathy and John P. ’65 Nelan ***
Lourdes and Gerald O’Connor
Cornelius J. O’Leary ’60 ***
Janine R. ’82 and Stephen Parks
Mona T. Petrocine ***
Deborah A. and David M. ’74 Quinn ***
Carol and Robert D. ’71 Rampino ***
Joan A. ’81 and Charles V. ’82 Sabatino
Joan and William J. ’60 Schneider, Sr. ***
Rabbi Linda M. and David Shriner-Cahn
Vera T. and Edward J. Singer *
Paul Steiger
Dianne M. and Peter K. ’64 Sweeney *** FT
Jeffrey Weil ***

Quad Club

Anonymous (3)
Edward M. Addvensky
Judith Hart and Kevin Aitken
Samuel Albano
Christopher Baldi **
Helene and Paul Bartilucci
Marianne and Wiktor Bednarz ***
Amelia A. Bowes
Dympna Bowles and Donal E. Farley ’57 ***
Maria Branco *
Diane and Daniel Burns **
Br. Frank G. Byrne, FSC *** T
Emily Callan
Louis Calvelli **
Michele T. and Anthony Classe **
MaryBeth Colgan
Lisa M. and Francis A. Colucci ***
Marie Cortissoz Houlihan and Daniel J. Houlihan, Jr.
Br. Jack Curran, FSC ’80
Helen and Michael J. ’68 Daly ***
Joanne and Frank M. ’78 Daly **
Eileen and Robert DiGregorio **
Jean and J. M. Divney
Courtney A. and Douglas S. Donohue
Jane and David Eger
Ann and Paul F. Engelhart *
Berenice A. and Kevin J. ’75 Farley **
Gerard T. Feeney ***
Br. Francisco Florez, FSC
Josephine and Arthur R. ’69 Garcia ***
Albina Gaudino
Colette Geary ’82
Ann E. Gratzer ***
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe ***
Lisa Juncaj ’99 ***
Jean Kearney
Daniel Kelleher **
Robert F. Kelley ’67
Anne and Erik M. Kindblom **
Thomas E. Kohlberg **
Lucille and Robert Landry *
Margot and Frederick Lash **
Brendan Lawler **
Christine and Francis J. Lombardi **
Noreen A. and Michael J. Mahoney
Florence and Brian Mahony
Br. William Mann, FSC *** T
Mary Marshall
Barbara and Daniel J. ’69 McLoughlin *
Janet McShane **
Br. Ernest J. Miller, FSC T
Jennifer K. and David G. Morad **
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98 **
Margaret E. Mullery ’91 ***
Debra and Kevin J. ’71 Mulvaney **
Joseph L. Murray, Jr. ***
Patricia Nee ’81 and John J.O’Keefe ’80 *
B Jeanine Newton-Riner
Margaret R. O’Connell
Therese O’Hara Krebs and Glenn Krebs
Peggy and Thomas ’80 O’Malley ***
Jane G. and William A. Petzold ***
Gregory S. Player ***
Ann and Thomas A. ’67 Polucci ***
Robert P. Quigley ’64 ***
Maurice Rached
Jeanne and David E. Radvany *
Peter Recla ***
Anne Kathy and Hugh F. ’79 Rice ***
Arleen A. Roche **
Christine K. and Michael L. Rogers ***
Sheryl Sachs
Victor Serricchio
Colleen A. Shanahan-Warren ’81 and Michael W. Warren ’79 ***
Victoria Sheffield **
Dawn Shelko
Br. Robert J. Smith, FSC * T
Raul Velazquez
Patricia and Nicholas Weber
Justin Wilcox

1853 Society

Anonymous (2)
Elizabeth Abela
Adam Allen
Grace and Paul Avvento
Judith and Richard J. ’61 Bachmann ***
Sheila and David Bannon
Conrad A. Barile ’62 ***
Marie G. and William H. ’64 Baron ***
Ken Bartz
Joan and Lawrence J. ’56 Boland ***
Edward Bonner
Marguerite Boyce
Elizabeth and Thomas J. ’74 Breen
Mary E. and George G. ’74 Brown **
Barbara B. Cahill *
Terri and Rich Campanaro
Helen and Roger G. ’66 Canal ***
Mark Capone
Katherine and Phillip Caruso Angie and Patrick Cercone
William H. Choquette ***
Bryan Clegg
Ann E. and Carl J. ’86 Clemente ***
Christine and William Clyde ***
Anne Marie Colon *
Anthony J. Cosme **
Geraldine and John N. Crary **
Thomas Cristello ***
Maureen A. and Dennis P. Cummins, Sr. **
Richard P. Cypher
Judith and Mark D’Agostino *
Niall J. Delaney
Patricia Doherty
Marypat and Lawrence Dooley
Joseph Dopico
Marion and Edward Ege
Terence Feehan
Deborah R. and Michael J. ’76 Fidanzato ***
Helen Finn ***
Maureen Finnegan *
Catherine A. and Bruno Fiore ***
Nancy L. and Richard W. Fontaine **
Francine Gallagher *
Mary Ellen and Manuel J. Garcia ***
Mary E. and Robert M. ’69 Garvey ***
Shannon and Andrew E. Gauzza, III *
Jeffrey Gilbane
Nancy and William J. Gilbane
Mary and John Glynn
Sharyn Gregor **
Cheryl Harrison
Veronica P. and Kenneth P. ’65 Harvey ***
Eileen and James F. ’70 Hayden **
Harry Henning
Jeffrey J. Ho
Tracy and William D. Hollister **
Jeffrey Horn
Aileen T. Jones **
Mary Helen Jordan ***
Farida K. and M. Farooq Kathwari
Nancy Keating **
Madeline P. Kelly *
Barbara and George T. ’73 Knapp ***
Jeanne B. ’83 and Paul J. ’84 Knudsen
David Korman *
Marguerite Krom
Nancy C. and Alan D. Kulik
Thomas Larsen
John T. Lovett ’73
Robert Lucas ’94 ***
Deacon James F. Maher ’85 ***
Sonia Massol-Burris and Raymond C. Burris
Donna P. and John H. Masterson **
Kathleen Mattes
Lucile J. and Gerald P. ’65 McCarthy ***
Mary Ellen McDermott *
Rita P. and Thomas J. McGoldrick ***
Joseph J. McGovern ***
Siobhan A. and John E. McHugh
Jan and Ronan Michael ’60 McNamara ***
Elizabeth and Justin Meighan
Heidi Mesik
Carol Mitchell
Charles J. Mohacsi ’82
Geraldine E. and Brendan F. ’78 Monaghan **
Helen Mulligan
David Murphy *
Elizabeth Murphy ***
Kathleen B. Muskopf ***
Catherine O’Brien
Jack R. Orben ***
Rodina and Macario Padre
Alice and William F. Palmer *
Susan K. and Christopher Pluta **
Robert A. Power ’89 ***
Claire Preisser and Juan Alcacer
Sue and Bernard Pucker
Christopher Rahey
Margaret and Michael C. ’80 Rappe ***
Michele B. and Joseph D. ’69 Rienti ***
Linda M. and George L. ’73 Roach **
Maura and Patrick Rogers
Joan M. Rossillo **
Katherine Schlosstein
Michael M. Scimeca ’68
John A. Shea **
Susan M. and Peter J. ’67 Sposito
Ruth and James St. John
Eric Stiveson
Vincent Striano
Louise and Stephen F. ’64 Toth ***
Alex Trapp
Heather Vulin **
Maureen and John W. ’82 Westphal ***
Erin Wrenn

Jasper Oval

Anonymous (2)
Rose and George Abdilla ***
Goldie Adele
Anne Marie and Richard ’81 Alexander ***
Kathie and Augustine Aloia
Elise Ambrose
Evan M. Anderson
Susan Atkins
Marianne and Thomas J. Babcock **
Diana Badarak and William V. Barnes ’87
Margot Badenhausen
Kerry and George P. ’89 Bader
Regina and Robert T. Baker ***
Diana R. and Frank A. ’65 Barbieri, Sr. ***
Roseann G. and Patrick A. Barrese
Janice L.P. and Michael S. Barry
Patricia and John Barry
Alexandra Bassetti
MaryEllen Benedetto
Adrianne and Jared D. Blake *
Kathryn and Philip Boole
Romildo J. Bottari ***
Roseann and Gregory S. Brewer *
Thomas F. Broderick
Diane L. and Mark P. Bronzo
Kathleen E. and Dennis F. Brophy, Jr.
Elizabeth Brown
Ann P. and Peter Bruchansky **
Sheila K. Buckley
Kristen Bulkley
Sharon and Louis ’60 Buononato ***
Elaine and Theodore B. ’57 Burger ***
Patricia and Brian Burke
Beverly and Robert T. ’57 Burns, Sr. ***
Lauren Bush
Shonda Bush Goodman
Daniel Byerly
Virginia Cabrera and Miguel A. Cuevas ’83
Patricia and Daniel V. ’78 Cahillane ***
Michele and Angelo Calicchia
Michael Calogero
Cheryl and Richard Carey *
John T. Carey ’56 ***
Karen and Charles F. ’66 Carletta, Sr.
Patricia A. and Earl J. ’62 Carman
Donna M. Casazza *
Teresa Casciano
Diane and Vincent M. ’78 Cascio ***
Carol and James P. ’73 Cassidy
Anthony Ceriello
Jane and Raymond Chan
Martina Cheung
George Chin *
Joyce A. and Thomas A. Choquette ***
Kevin M. Clancy ’68 **
RoseAnn Cleary *
Catherine Clifford
Cindy and Michael Clifford
Joy Colelli
Rosa M. and Vincent Cona
Gael and Thomas P. ’58 Connolly, Sr. **
Jane and Gildo Consolini *
Dorothy S. and Thomas J. ’66 Cooney
Lisa Cordaro
Helen and Terry Cordner
Cathy Cormier
Jo Ann and Gregory Corsini
Marie E. Cotter
Fern B. and George J. ’68 Counes
Diana and Spiros Coutavas
Vicki M. Cowan ’94
Nora and Timothy Coyne
Paula Crisler **
Eileen Cruthers Cifolelli
Kathleen and Robert J. ’76 Cucciniello
Kristine and Andrew Cunningham
Thomas R. Curtin
Mary A. Daly
Susan L. and Patrick D. Daly
Justin Dates
Veronica and Richard De Sanctis **
Dolores and David J. DeCintio ***
Frances and Anthony DeLaurentis **
Pat Demarco
John Deriso
Claudia and Raymond Doherty
Celia A. and Mark A. ’71 Domser
Charlotte and Thomas J. ’64 Downing **
Alisa Drangula
Andrew Drangula
Ursula Duffy ***
Rose Ellen Dunn **
Rose M. and James T. ’64 Dunphy *
Ann J. Edwards
Diane Ellsworth
Jennifer P. Emerson
Gerald Falotico
Rosemary C. Farley *
Theodore Fedder
Ashley Fischer
Susan Fischer
Angela and Thomas Flarity
Mary R. Fogarty ’86 and Michael E. Pagano ’88 ***
Paul Friedman
Dale Froriep
Joseph Furnari ’70 ***
Lisa and Joseph Fusco
Joseph Gallagher **
Ira Garonzik
Carmel A. Gaspe-Woods and Theodore M. Woods
Jovi and Robert M. Geraci
Edward T. Geraghty ’90 ***
Eric Gerstner
Fraser B. and James Gilbane
Mary and Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr. *
Eileen and Charles P. ’75 Goggins ***
Janna Gordon-Elliott
Michael Grabowski **
Katherine and Charles Grantham
Lydia E. ’79 and Thomas M. ’70 Gray **
Christine and Richard Gress
Kathleen and James M. ’66 Gunn ***
Helen M. Gunning **

Keith Hall
Patricia J. Hall
Amos Han
John Hansen
Mary and Matthew Hanson **
Tara Hanson
Lori Harmon
Ruth P. Healey
Bernadette Hearn
Yvonne and James Heavey
Karen and Herbert J. ’72 Heller, Jr. ***
Steven Heller
Michael Hengler
Josephine K. Hennelly
Catherine M. Hennessy
Melanie and George M. ’72 Herger
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy **
Keith Hise *
Mary Jane and Thomas Hood
Jeff Horn
Alma Huber Freimuth and Richard C. Freimuth
Mary L. Hurley
Beatrice Huste-Petersen
Melinda Janow Baron and Edward Baron *
Stephen Jerome
Maureen A. Johnston ’79 and Stephen McCaffrey **
Jane E. Latus and Kenneth R. Jones
Kay I. and John A. ’65 Kaiser ***
Alice M. Kane
Teresa Kane ***
Stephen Kaplan
Amanda Kappes-Peterson
Barbara Kelly
James F. Kenny ’69
Judith and Paul M. ’64 Kenny ***
Lois and Peter V. ’62 Kenny *
Julien H. Kern ’96
Barbara and John M. ’76 Kiernan ***
Soohong Kim *
Irina Kimelfeld
Barbara and Brian King
Marjorie L. and Jonathan P. King
Donald T. Kirby
Kimberly Kiseloski
Ethan Klipper
Jack Kowitz
Iris Krempasky
Virginia A. and Michael Kristo
Patricia A. Kuras
Joseph LaBruzzo
Mary and Laurence J. ’70 Langan ***
Jeffrey Leach
Laurence Lebaut
Elizabeth Lee
Patricia and Roy Licklider ***
Suzanne Lillis
Vincenzo Lippiello
Emilia and Paul S. ’69 Liteplo **
Michael G. Lo Russo **
Carol and Richard Locker
Eileen Loughlin
Mary and Scott Lowe
Michael Luca *
Sylvester Luca **
Nancy and Christopher Luke
John Lupinacci
Helen and Angus L. Macdonald **
Thomas H. MacDonald
Rebecca and James MacInnes
Divya Mani
Veronica Markey
Amir Masoumi **
Marilyn and Gregory Matzen **
Katherine Maxwell and Tom Rasmassen
Peter J. McCarthy ’72 ***
Elizabeth McClure
Mary and Timothy McConnell
Karen A. and James T. ’74 McCue
Catherine and Peter J. ’67 McDermott, Jr.
Sean McGann
Mary K. McGrattan **
Judith A. and John P. McGuire ***
Gary McKee
Patricia A. ’78 and Michael J. ’72 McLaughlin
Roy McLeod
Michael McMahon
Annie McManus
Anne F. and Thomas J. ’74 McNeil ***
Denise and Peter Mead
Angelina and Alfred Medina
Helen Meltzer-Krim
Jacquelyn and Francis X. ’56 Merklin, Jr. ***
Patricia A. and Norman C. Merz
Rosemary and Lorenzo A. ’63 Messina **
Susan Mezo *
Ronald Michael
Gordana and Goran Micovic **
Gordon Micovic ’21
Gerald A. Miele ***
Daniel Mikulsky
Thomas Modeszto **
Lalita Mohunlall ’97
Arlene A. and Joseph Moliterno
Estelle and David C. ’68 Momrow
Marilyn Eider and Joseph L. Monteith ’61 ***
Alice S. Moore *
James Moore
John Moran
Suzanne G. and Richard R. Morgan
Patricia and Robert Morris **
Francine and Emil Muccin ***
John Mullally
Teresa L. and Samuel F. Mullins
Anne Mullooly *
Angela D. and John A. Murphy ***
Doris and Edward Murphy *
Sally and Thomas M. ’84 Murphy
Sophie R. Murray
Mary Ann and Michael F. Naughton ***
Noreen and James Navin
Mary Neilan
Karen Nicholson **
Michele Nicoletta
Donna and Michael Nicolosi
Margaret Nolan ***
Claire Nolte and Carl Blass
Edward and Maureen Nusser **
Barbara and Sam Occhipinti
Judith and Richard O’Connor ***
Kathleen A. O’Connor
John Odierna
Mary Ann ’68 and John F. ’61 O’Donnell, Jr. **
Sheryl and Kerry Olitzky
Michael Owens
Beth and Thomas Parrish
Romeo Pascone
Maria and George Pecovic
Susan Pedlow
Timothy Pellegrino
Kathleen and Lee Pelton
William Pennoyer
Jean and David M. ’84 Piccorelli
Gloria Pilkerton *
Richard Pinto
Catherine Pirraglia
Mary Power
Cynthia and Edward Pristach *
Julie Pycior
Michael J. Quinn
Sheila Quinn *
Robert Rahni
Ashley Rampino
David Redlick
Linda and Paul M. Redstone
Linda and James J. ’84 Reidy
Bernadette and Thomas E. ’62 Reilly, Sr. ***
Susan M. Rice-Cavanagh ’84 and James Cavanagh ***
Roland Riopelle
Maureen Rodino *
Evelyn Rodriguez
Mary T. Rogan Swikata ’82 and Gerard P. Swikata ’81 ***
Nancy E. Rogers **
Michael Ruccolo
Margaret and Stanley C. ’74 Rupnick ***
Mary and Julian F. ’57 Santos ***
Jane and George O. Savino
Maria and Richard G. ’63 Scarpelli ***
Mark Schmotzer
Stella Scudillo
Queennasira Sekou
Frances J. Shelley
Patricia B. and Greg Sherwood
Gordon Silverman
Dara Simon
Arlene N. and Peter L. Smith
Mark Sorensen
Norma D. and Anton R. ’62 Spagnolo *
Margaret Ann and Silvestro Spagnuolo **
Serenella and Robert Stahl
Giedre B. and John J. ’63 Stankunas ***
Donna Sullivan
Lisa Sullivan
Diane G. Switzer
Catherine and Joseph R. Syslo
Rosa and Stanley Szaniawski
Joel Tabin
Nefertiti Takla
Geraldine T. ’87 and Daniel Taylor
Cecilia and Robert A. ’74 Testo ***
Scott Thiel
Taralin Thompson
Patrice G. and Michael M. ’69 Tiffany ***
Ann Tobin
Regina and Angelo ’61 Tomasetti, Jr. **
Patricia Tomassi
Dan Townsend
Denise G. ’87 and Philip T. ’87 Vadon *
Philip J. Valentino ’66 ***
John Van Ness
Bryan Vargas
Kristine B. Vasios
Nichole M. Venious
Susan A. Vlamis
Sue and Ante Vulin
Margaret T. Walsh
Qian Wang *
Nevart Wanger
Bernard Whalen
Karolye White
Jeffrey Whitmore
Suzanne D. and John R. Wilcox *
Rick Wildermuth
Robin Wildes
Jessica M. Wilson ’08 *
Vanessa Windsor
Jeffrey H. Wyckoff
Kajaria Yarbrough
Maegan Yeary
Patricia and Andrew Zajac **
Thomas Zeng


Anonymous (2)
Fran Achtziget
Marissa Acosta
Taylor Adams
Susan and Patrick Affholter *
Estelle Aker
Baha Albataineh *
Jenna Alexy
Nick Argenziano
Raffi Asatoorian
Bryce Atkinson
Irene E. Badiali
Nigel Bailey
Amy Bajus
Maureen and Matthew Bane *
Lisa Barksy Firkser and Steven Firkser
Patricia Barone
Donna M. and Anthony G. Bassetti
Arlene O. Bell
Taylor Bell
Colleen Bellois
Louise and Eugene Bender
John T. Bennett ’03
Kristen Birney
Cynthia Blank-Reid and Paul Reid
Elva Bonitch
Joseph Bonitch
Patricia Bonitch
Michael Botelho
Gertrude and Larry Brown *
Kim and Stephen Brownell
C. M. Bryce
Caitlin Buckley
Janet A. and William J. Burke ***
Gordon A. Bussard
Leslie Bussis Tait
Heidi Bustos
Jessica Cafarella
Stacey Caggiano
Eileen Cain ***
Claudia L. Cannizzaro
Julianna Cardello
Claudia Cardona **
Kristin Cariello
Kathleen R. Carney
Kirsten Castaldo
Anne and Michael Castelli
Nancy Cataldo
Fernando Catarino
Charles Cermele
Cameryn Chui
Nancy and Andrew Cirincione *
Kerry and J Patrick Cleary *
Joseph Clifford
Helen M. Colamartino *
Caitlin Colbert
Nanci and Daniel K. Coleman
Therese and William Coleman
Laura and Ismael Colon
Donna Corman
Debbie Corona
Lynn Corrado
Eileen Coyle
Caroline Crane
Angela and Thomas M. ’72 Creamer
Joseph P. Crosby, Sr. *
Pete Crosby
Ashley Cross
Jeanne and John P. Curran **
Melissa A. Fernandes and Kevin P. Daly
Josephine and John F. ’69 Damiano
Nicholas D’Andrea
Aura Darpi
Gayle R. and Andrew Davis
Ruth P. Davis
Joanne and Stephen J. ’76 De Luca *
Michelle Deckelman
Mars Deemer
Emma Dengler
Katherine DePaul
Fabiana Desena
Marie and John S. DeVita *
Doreen Dilegge
Joann and Kenneth Dinowitz
Becky Dippolito
Michele DiRuggiero
Brenda Ditta
Kathleen and James Dooley
Helen Drozd
William P. Dryer
Raymond T. Duffy
Matthew Emigholz
Madison Escoto
Sharon Falotico
Maryanne and James Fiola
Gina Fisher
Abigal Fitzugh
Gregory L. Florentino
Joseph Fowler
William Fowler
Susan B. and Thomas French
Lisa Frese
Virginia Funderburgh
Ashley Gambardella
Gerard J. Gambardella
Michael Gambardella
Andrea Garcia
Angie George
David George
Jess Giller
Margo Golos-Reines
Joyce Gormally ***
Jacqueline and Thomas Grady
Bernadette C. Graham ’18
Karen and Charles E. Green ***
Jacqueline Greenwood *
Kiambra Griffin
Maureen Guzik
Beverly V. Haas
Roseanne Hagan-Laverty
Margaret Halvey
George Harrison
John Hart
Bria Harvey-Carr
Tanya Heise
Lynne Hendler
Mary B. Hennessey
Alieda and Jack Herbruck
Irene Hess
Tom Hinczynski
Andrew Hise
Gina L. Hise *
Leslie Holliday
George Holowinsky
Peyman Honarmandi
Mary Jo Horan
Marian F. and Francis J. Hynes, Jr.
Margaret Irwin
Kristi Izzo
Maura Jackson
Kelly Jenkins
Danielle Johnson
Joan Jones
Joan F. and Gerald F. ’69 Judge ***
Jacklyn Jung
John Kane
Catherine D. Kaufmann
James Keeler
Stu Keeler **
Marybeth Kelleher
Alene Keller
Jennifer Kelly
Patricia Kennedy
Harriet Kesselman
Janice and Kevin M. ’82 Killen
Catherine and Thomas A. Kilroy ***
Jean S. and Joseph D. King ***
Maria Kreher *
Richard Kreps
Anna LaMagna
Nancy and William Lanier *
Teresa LaPointe
Liz Lavin
Matthew S. Lavin
Olivia Lavin
Tiffany Le
Eric Lee
Essie Lee
Lauren Lee
Vivian V. and Godfrey Leidenfrost
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Nicholas Liotta
Mark Loser
Brenda Low
Jonathan Luca **
Gennaro J. Maffia ’72
Virginia A. and Paul M. Mahoney ***
Diane B. Malley
Grace E. and Gordon L. Maltempo
Giovanna and Leonard Marcello
Jaden Martinez
Steven Matthews
Virginia A. and G. P. Maxey
Amy McBride
Carmela and Kevin McCabe **
Marianne and Joseph McCaffery
Kevin McCauley
Betsy McCooe
Cormac McCooe
Madeline McCooe
Dawn McCormick
Brendan McCrary
Christopher McCrary
Maura McDonald
Catherine and Michael F. ’53 McEneney *** FT
Peter McHugh **
Bruni and Mark Mclaughlin
Joseph J. McNulty ’87
Jenna McPherson
Phyllis V. Meader **
Coleen and Michael G. Mehary
Missy Merlo
Sydney Miles
Douglas Miller
Thomas Mole, Jr.
Josephine Moran
Linda Morrissey *
Bernard Moughty
Dion Mumma
Cynthia Murphy
Diana Murphy
Rosemarie Murray
Desiree Nabas-Grech and Arnaldo Nabas
Kevin Nathanson
Hailey Nguyen
Kate Nichols
Barbara Niegocki
Kathleen Nilles
Samantha Nobile
Mary and John Nolan
Barbara Norton
Joseph O’Callaghan
Corinne L. and Brian T. O’Hara
Erin O’Hara
Kelsey Olen
Rhonda and Michael J. O’Reilly ***
Kazem Oryani *
Brendan O’Sullivan
Gabrielle Pace
Maya Packer
Pamela A. and Gregory Page *
Mary L. Pattie
Cory Pennoyer
Kathleen Pennoyer
Pierpont Pennoyer
Dom Perna
Fay ’70 and Anthony Petrokonis ***
Ellen C. and Robert D. Piper
Elizabeth M. Plaushin *
Rosalia Polanco
Dehlly Porras
Joseph Powell
Joe Prinzivalli
Nicholas Quaranti **
Samantha Quintin
Sarah M. Rainey ’20
Adrienne Renda
Jaclyn Rettig
Anna Reuter **
Emma C. Reuter
Joseph Rocchietti
Edward Rodino
John Rodino
Philip Rodino
Margaret and Harry Roney
Susan Rubisch-Gisler *
Susan and Andrew Russell
Susan and David T. Ryan *
Leslee Salanitri
Antoine Y. Sasanelli
Keith Scheidel
Sara Schultz
Ellyn B. Scully ***
Charley Shambry
Mary Shedlock
Rev. James C. Sheehan, Jr.
Valerie A. Sheehan
Melanie and Peter Simmons **
Arlene Sirotko
Carole Skowronski *
Elizabeth Skowronski
Paige Smith
Jill Snyder
Julie and Andrew Sovia
John R. Sowa ***
Grace Steinthal
Hannah Stelmashuk
Inez I. and Richard Stevenson
Trevor Stio
Wendy Stock
Patricia and Ronald W. ’62 Streiber **
Jennifer Sugrue
Lisa Sullivan and Mark Iovine
Kathy and Albert Tarolli
Victor Tarsia
Meredith Taylor ’20
Jean Thomas
Vida Thomas
Reginald Tingle
Susan M. and Patrick J. ’80 Toner **
Patricia and Carmen ’63 Tripo ***
Alexandra and David Tumarkin **
Jean Tumminello
Gina Turdo-Orner
Christine Turner
Frederick Valentino
Barbara M. Vallera
Caroline Van Ryn
Maxine Veksler
Milder and John M. Vorperian
Carlin Warley
Charleene Warley
Marian Watkins
Angela Watson
Beverly and Alan Weyland **
Helen and Stephen L. White ***
Susan Wick
Brendan Williams *
Carol and Edward Winkler ***
Adrian Yamanoha
Anne G. Yedowitz
Kenneth Zeng
NanaOpa Zeng
Teresa Zeng

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased