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Memorial, Tribute and Testamentary Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Making a memorial gift to Manhattan College provides generous alumni and friends with a worthwhile method for permanently honoring those who are dear to them. Memorial gifts commemorate loved ones while supporting today’s hardworking young Jaspers. 

The following list gratefully acknowledges the individuals so graciously honored by friends and family who have made a gift in their name this past year. At this challenging time, we thank you for supporting the outstanding young men and women pursuing their degrees — and dreams — at our Riverdale campus.

In Memory of William M. Albrecht ’58
Ann M. Albrecht

In Memory of William J. Alger ’64
Judith Alger

In Memory of Mark L. Auriana ’61
Eileen Auriana

In Memory of John L. Bagdonas ’71
Maureen and Thomas M. ’69 Bagdonas

In Memory of Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Lucia D. and Steven A. ’74 Fangmann
Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association

In Memory of Br. Bernard of Mary, FSC
Marc P. O’Brien ’62

In Memory of Gerald M. Boylan ’59
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of William A. Brown ’54
Frank D. Annunziata ’73
Anthony J. Barone ’12
Dianna Barrella ’97
Ryan J. Barrella ’01
Marylou and Pasquale J. ’74 Basso
Matthew R. Bauer ’17
Ann and Timothy W. ’81 Bowe
Margarita M. Calbitaza ’06
Oswald Calderon ’97
Nella and Victor G. ’88 Carosi
Marie E. and Donald E. ’71 Christopher
Stephen Collins ’09
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Theresa and William F. ’68 Daly, III
Dedrick A. Damato ’08
Derek DeCintio ’06
John C. Deerkoski ’87
Stephen V. DeSimone ’88
Stephanie L. ’12 and Kevin M. ’12 Duffy
Samy Elkaslasy ’11
Ginger and Joseph G. ’75 Engels
Lucia D. and Steven A. ’74 Fangmann
Deborah and Thomas D. ’83 Farrell
Matthew F. Gentile ’81
Michael Goldstein ’80
Patricia and Joseph B. ’81 Gormley, Jr.
Kathleen K. and Thomas J. ’71 Groark
Kelly E. Grogan ’19
Douglas J. Hahn ’00
Margaret N. ’83 and Peter J. Hark
Kevin J. Hayden ’89
Dorothy and John J. ’62 Healey
Thomas G. Henderson ’92
Jacqueline M. ’92 and Moujalli ’81 Hourani
Deacon Kevin F. Hughes ’80
Mark Joyce ’95
Meryle A. and Michael J. ’80 Kaleda
Trudy and John M. ’67 Kelly, Jr.
Emmet C. Keveney ’92
Denise P. Lenihan ’01
Anthony J. Liccese ’16
Ioannis Likidis ’09
Timothy C. Lynch ’07
Paulo Magalhaes ’94
Chad W. Maier ’19
Eve M. Mancuso ’80
Donatella ’91 and Michael J. ’91 Mangione
Ellen and Charles ’73 Manning
Michael V. Martello ’18
Meghan J. McDevitt ’13
Marguerite A. Mohan ’04
Margaret F. Mullin ’81
Mary Lou ’90 and Wayne F. ’91 Owens
Carol Ann ’94 and Dominic ’94 Parisi
Paul J. Scariano, Incorporated
David J. Pecorini ’13
Marissa Z. Peragine ’13
Nancy and John F. ’76 Perillo
Frank A. Perriccelli ’94
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83
Michele and Milo E. ’81 Riverso
Michael Roncevic ’08
Mary Ellen and Anthony J. ’74 Scala, Jr.
Victoria A. Scala ’10
Roxanne Donovan and Thomas Z. Scarangello ’79
Eileen ’95 and Paul ’94 Scariano
Ana and Stephen D. ’76 Scavuzzo
Pamela and Mark J. ’06 Sheeran
Caitlin Slattery ’08
Lisa Danetz and Craig R. Smith ’92
Frank Spinozza ’04
Melissa and Michael J. ’92 Squarzini
Richard A. Stevens ’07
Karin and Michael R. ’90 Trabold
Everett J. Walsh ’89
Margaret C. Walsh ’79
Paul Wassenbergh ’04
Ann and Walter J. ’73 Wujcik
Anita and Paul A. ’73 Yarossi

In Memory of Raymond F. Bries ’58
Elizabeth and James J. ’58 Capazzi

In Memory of Dick Broderick
Mary Helen and James H. Jordan

In Memory of Kevin P. Brooks ’66
Mary E. Fiske ’95

In Memory of Catherine “Kitty” Burke
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of William P. Cain
Eileen Cain

In Memory of Thomas J. Calogero ’80
Michael Calogero

In Memory of Helen E. Canavan Lipira ’86
Mary Pat and Howell Dilks
Laura Rice
Nancy J. and James A. Samalonis

In Memory of Algirdas Cesnavicius ’65
Josephine and Phillip F. ’65 Castellano

In Memory of John T. Collins ’65
David Aitken
Julia Algeo
Richard Birdoff
Yossi Brachfeld
Thomas Canning
Mark Cannuli
Patrick Cleary
Allison Colantuoni
Donna Corman
Dennis D’Angio
James Diamond
Gary Dower
Fareri Associates LP
Abbey ’03 and Bryan M. ’03 Gilligan
Nancy K. and Philip J. ’77 Grealy
Richard Hilario
John Kellard
Patrick Lynam
Frank McCullough
Stuart Mesinger
Joseph F. Muccin ’16
Pembroke Management Inc.
Ronald P. Rieman ’87
Jenny Rosa
Kevin Roseman
John Russo
Dave Smith
Robert Sweeney
Frances and Raymond ’74 Walker
John Walton
Adam Wekstein
Richard Williams, Jr.

In Memory of Joseph J. Coppo, Jr. ’75
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe

In Memory of Paul C. Cortissoz ’47
John L. Heaney ’65

In Memory of Br. C. Gabriel Costello, FSC ’33
John L. Heaney ’65

In Memory of William F. Cosulich ’49
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Lucia D. and Steven A. ’74 Fangmann

In Memory of Frank R. Cregan ’62
Joan Cregan

In Memory of Dorothy A. Cudia ’84
Margaret A. Lonegan Lessig ’84

In Memory of Colette L. Dans
Rita K. Barry

In Memory of Peter E. Dans ’57
Rita K. Barry
Jane Fenn
Timothy Johnson
Kate Madden
Joan Rosenbaum
Janine Spaulding
Mollie M. Squires and David M. Spaulding
Taf Squires and Fred Madden

In Memory of Br. Christopher V. Dardis, FSC ’50
Elizabeth M. ’81 and Anthony B. ’83 Broncati

In Memory of Anthony J. De Falco ’58
The Collier Family
Daniel Dugan
Marie Everleth

In Memory of Nicholas J. Delillo ’60
Anne Marie Anastasio and Ferdinand S. Spucci ’67

In Memory of Anne Dennehy
Cornelius P. Dennehy ’77

In Memory of Donald P. Devey ’56
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Theodore C. Di Blasi ’51
Catherine Di Blasi

In Memory of Gerard J. Ducharme ’50
Gerald J. Ducharme

In Memory of Donald J. Duffy ’56
Ursula Duffy

In Memory of Kathleen T. Dwyer ’79
Ellen McDonough
Kathleen P. Petrausch ’80 and James Paribello
Paula G. and Robert J. ’67 Petrausch

In Memory of George J. Eckart ’62
Joyce A. Eckart

In Memory of Martin J. Enright ’51
Christine E. Nappi ’22

In Memory of Lewis H. Eslinger ’50
Marie Eslinger
The Smalley Foundation

In Memory of William K. Finn ’56
Helen Finn

In Memory of Raymond J. Finnegan, Jr. ’70
Maureen Finnegan

In Memory of James J. Fitzpatrick ’71
Alan F. Blumberg

In Memory of William J. Flynn ’60
Martha Mattus Flynn

In Memory of Mary and William Foody
Emmett P. Lynch ’66

In Memory of William J. Foody ’55
Emmett P. Lynch ’66

In Memory of Edwin H. Fuertinger ’61
Mary Ann Fuertinger

In Memory of John P. Gallagher ’91
Francine Gallagher

In Memory of Donald A. Gary ’61
Kathaleen P. and Jay D. Bond, Jr.

In Memory of Nicholas S. Gaudino ’71
Albina Gaudino

In Memory of Donald J. Girard ’54
Claire J. Guertin

In Memory of Frank J. Gratzer, Jr. ’66
Ann E. Gratzer

In Memory of Thomas P. Gunning ’60
Helen M. Gunning

In Memory of Fr. Eugene R. Hamilton ’94
Bernadette A. Kelly-Finch ’95 and Darren Finch

In Memory of Donald M. Hand ’50
Kathleen M. Hand ’85

In Memory of Br. Kevin Hargadon, FSC
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of James G. Hearn, Jr. ’65
Marie E. Cotter
John E. O’Connor, Jr. ’74

In Memory of Dorothy Conner Higgins
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Harold Matthew Higgins
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of James Anthony Higgins
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of John F. Hoban ’51
Patricia Hoban

In Memory of James F. Hurley 
Michael J. Melanophy
Pavarini North East Construction Co.

In Memory of Br. Jasper of Mary, FSC
Jane Falkenstein and John T. McCarthy ’65

In Memory of Francis J. Jones ’50
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of Br. Gabriel Kane
William J. Fickinger ’55

In Memory of John F. Kane ’63
Alice M. Kane

In Memory of Kenneth B. Kelly ’54
Madeline P. Kelly

In Memory of Thomas M. Kenny ’76
Janelle Carron and James J. Hone ’76

In Memory of Robert S. Kinnally ’58
Joseph Gallagher
Jim Kucharczyk
Michele Modugno
Lawrence Palma

In Memory of George F. Knapp, Jr. ’53
Eileen and Eduardo Sanchez

In Memory of Milan S. Krupa ’68
Florence R. Krupa

In Memory of Liborio J.LaMagna ’52
Anna LaMagna

In Memory of Thomas J. Lauro ’72
Kathleen A. O’Connor

In Memory of Min L. Lee ’52
Dora S. Lee

In Memory of Josephine Maher
Julia Baker
Lloyd Greene

In Memory of John D. Mahony
Eileen R. Lane ’86

In Memory of John H. Mark ’00
Sylvia Aguera
Baha Albataineh
Augustine Aloia
Lori Barnwell
Hugh Beglin ’00
Adrianne and Jared Blake
Sharom Callaghan
Patricia and Carl Carinci
Nancy Cataldo
George Chin
Michele T. and Anthony Classe
Chari Corpuz and Family
Anthony Cosme
A.J. Costigan
Corinna and Bill Cox
Christine Crespo ’06 and Marc Ewen
Paula Crisler
Jeanne and John P. Curran
Christine Degregorio
Louis Donofrio
Lois Dorsey
Andrew L. Elbrecht ’08
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman
Michael D. Gentile ’99
Katherine Schneider Grantham and Charles Grantham
Roseanne Hagan-Laverty
Mary B. Hennessey
Melinda Janow Baron and Edward Baron
Stephen Jerome
Stu Keeler
Tara ’03 and Conor M. ’03 Lowry
Jonathan Luca
Michael Luca
Sylvester Luca
Lisa Mahoney
Angela P. ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter
Amy McBride
Carmela and Kevin McCabe
Kevin J. McCabe ’00
Jean McClean
Mary Ellen McDermott
Virginia McWalters
Susan Mezo
Mariangela I. Midea ’02
Thomas Modeszto
Shannon Moore ’01
Carey Morewedge
Rosemarie Murray
Maureen and Edward Nusser
Mary Ann ’68 and John F. ’61 O’Donnell
Todd Olsen
Monica and John Pandis
Dehlly Porras
Victor Pucci and Family
Nicholas Quaranti
Joseph M. Reames
Gladys and Luis Rebatta
Christine and Mark Reisig
Anna Reuter
Joan M. Rossillo
Gianluca Rottura
Shirley Sanz
John Schriver
Christine Seppa
Victoria Sheffield
Julie and Andrew Sovia
Christina Swantak ’99
Susan A. Vlamis
Bernard Whalen

In Memory of Edith M. Mauriello
Jill M. Anderson and Clifford N. Krimmel
Louis Calvelli
Gail A. Conklin
Barbara A. Higgins ’70
Peter Ianniello
Barbara T. and Stephen D. ’67 Laruccia
Margot and Frederick Lash
Renee and Thomas Mauriello
Devra and John J. ’60 McArdle
Ryan J. Quattromani

In Memory of Bernard J. McCaffrey ’64
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Brian E. McCormack ’59
Carol and Frank W. ’56 Lamiano, Jr.

In Memory of Francis P. McCormick ’64
Judith Dye

In Memory of Edward J. McEneany ’60
Mary A. and John J. ’57 Duffy

In Memory of Robert J. McGrattan ’57
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Michael M. McHugh ’80
Deborah A. and Curt C. ’93 Zegler
Turner Construction Company

In Memory of Joseph P. Moore ’63
Patricia Moore

In Memory of Thomas J. Moran ’74
Joan Moran

In Memory of John A. Mueller ’58
Rosemarie Short ’91

In Memory of Michael J. Murnane ’56
Maureen Murnane

In Memory of Br. Adalbert James Norton, FSC
Gerald S. Twomey

In Memory of Kenneth A. Norton
Patti and Kevin F. ’70 Fraser

In Memory of Gerald P. O’Malley ’83
Mary P. Archer
Maureen and Robert Baumann
Carlos Cardentey
Elizabeth R. and John F. Caruso
Maureen T. and Michael W. ’82 Donlon
Judith and James Farrell
Mary Jo and Mark R. Frederich
Garg Consulting Services, Inc.
Margaret F. Lane
Margaret A. and Thomas P. Langan
Heidi S. Lobel
Flora S. and Steven M. McKiernan
Angela M. and Edward J. McMahon
Joanne O’Malley
John Patrick O’Malley ’18
Patrick J. O’Malley
William Rodriguez

In Memory of Br. B. Edward O’Neill, FSC ’42

In Memory of Richard J. Osterndorf ’57
Kathaleen P. and Jay D. Bond, Jr.
Mary and James A. Greenlees
Johnson & Gilbert
Pamela Sue and Philip Maroney
Kathleen Moore
June and Daniel S. Wallace

In Memory of Leo A. Plum, Jr. ’54
Joan Hessmer
Susan Smith ’93

In Memory of Marguerite V. and Robert H. Pohlmann
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of Donald and Helen Pohlmann Ross
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of Robert Andre Porcelli ’44
Porcelli-Meyer Charitable Fund

In Memory of Liberty F. Raho
Ann Marie and Peter N. ’70 Raho

In Memory of George Rorke ’71
Maria Branco

In Memory of John J. Shea ’46
John A. Shea

In Memory of John P. Shelley ’48
Frances J. Shelley

In Memory of Thomas Stonier
Maureen Eldredge and Mark J. Gately ’73

In Memory of Br. J. Stephen Sullivan, FSC ’50
William J. Horn, Jr. ’64

In Memory of Richard A. Tamanini ’61
Kathy and Albert Tarolli
Sharon and John ’67 Tarolli

In Memory of Christopher Taraska
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Mark Taylor
Patricia and Roy Licklider
Anya Taylor

In Memory of Br. Aurelian Thomas, FSC
William J. Fickinger ’55

In Memory of Br. Aquinas Thomas, FSC ’32
Mary Terry-Rodriguez and Carlos Rodriguez ’73

In Memory of James M. Tobin ’56
Jocelyn M. and James R. Anderson

In Memory of Peter M. Toja ’64
Josephine and Cyrus J. ’64 Bacchi
Rosemarie and John J. ’64 Kakos

In Memory of Mildred C. Uffer
Patricia M. and Kenneth B. Brant
Dwayne Gethard
Margaret M. and Joseph G. McGarry
Panayiotis Vardaxis

In Memory of Joseph E. Van Etten ’57
Deborah A. and Curt C. ’93 Zegler
Turner Construction Company

In Memory of Robert T. Weil, Jr.
Marie and John H. ’67 Provanzana

In Memory of Harry Wheeler ’38
Sara W. Cowan

In Memory of Richard Whiteside ’69
Giulia and Michael Gordon

In Memory of Max Whitwell ’18
Mary and George Whitwell

In Memory of James J. Wilson ’55
Marilyn A. Meeha

Tribute Gifts

By making a tribute gift to the College, generous friends and alumni can commemorate birthdays, retirements, wedding anniversaries and other milestones while providing Manhattan with the resources needed to address today’s ongoing challenges. This past year, gracious benefactors have dedicated gifts in tribute to the following friends and family members:

In Honor of Brothers with Full-Time Appointments
Brothers of the Christian Schools of Manhattan College

In Honor of Dr. Pamela Chasek
Dana S. Rachlin ’08

In Honor of James P. Feeney ’57
Gerard T. Feeney

In Honor of Sandy Gordon
Giulia and Michael Gordon

In Honor of Rentaro Hashimoto
Patti and Kevin F. ’70 Fraser

In Honor of Geraldine Kelly
Patti and Kevin F. ’70 Fraser

In Honor of Edward J. McEneney ’59
Catherine E. McEneney Chan ’10

In Honor of Michael F. McEneney ’53
Catherine E. McEneney Chan ’10

In Honor of John P. Murphy ’92
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Timothy O. Murphy ’93
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Xavier Newton ’21
Winifred and Justus Nnakwe

In Honor of Chinelo N. Nnakwe ’21
Winifred and Justus Nnakwe

In Honor of Michael J. Passarella ’63
Bonnilyn and Glenn E. Corlett
Rita D. and Richard J. Kaplan
Margaret M. and John P. O’Brien

In Honor of John J. Powers ’58
Patti and Kevin F. ’70 Fraser

In Honor of Lawrence C. Siri, Jr. ’60
John G. Rossi ’60

In Honor of Stephen J. Squeri ’81
Brian J. Jackson

In Honor of Sr. Mary Cecile Swanton
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Honor of Nevart Wanger
Vincenzo C. Perillo ’85

Testamentary Gifts

Bequests of any size play a truly critical role in strengthening the College and its historic Lasallian Catholic mission. This past year, Manhattan was the grateful beneficiary of bequests and other testamentary gifts from the estates of these departed alumni and friends: 

Estate of Barbara Ann and Joseph J. ’58 Carroll
Estate of Chester J. Damoc ’51
Estate of James J. Fitzpatrick ’71
Estate of Michael J. Link ’57
Estate of James F. O’Neill ’57
Estate of James E. Reilly ’56
Estate of John J. Reilly ’51
Estate of Richard V. Robilotti ’65
Estate of John C. Ryder ’48
Estate of Edwin C. Sagurton ’50
Estate of Rita A. Tormay ’70
Estate of James P. Ward ’56
Estate of William G. Crane ’53