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Employees, Friends, and Parents of Alumni


Mary Ann Avella *** T
Maureen and William N. ’75 Dooley *** FT
Gail A. and Fredric ’77 Marro *** T
Susan Matthews **
Lynn Montemarano
Mary Ellen and Anthony J. ’74 Scala, Jr. *** T


Susan P. Bergeron
Keith Bethel
Marie Eslinger
Barbara A. Higgins ’70 ***
Genevieve and Thomas P. Houlihan ***
Judy M. and John G. Houlihan ***
Patricia and James J. Houlihan ***
Edward and Noreen A. ’87 Krall ** T
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy ***
Joanne O’Malley
John P. O’Malley ’18
Patrick J. O’Malley
Claudia S. Reilly


Karen Cutler
Timothy Doran **
Tracy E. McPhaden **
Michael J. Melanophy **
Joan Moran ***
Mary and George Whitwell


Thomas Barnds
Douglas Boyle **
Virginia Brooks ***
Edward Brown
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas J. Delaney ’71 ***
Ellen B. Devey **
Dorothy and John J. ’62 Healey ***
Grace and John Leahy **
Ellen and Joseph W. ’73 Lowry ***
Cathy and John P. ’65 Nelan ***
Angela G. and Brennan P. O’Donnell *** T
Marianne and Gerard P. ’69 O’Reilly **
Aaron Rosenblatt
Lorraine Russell
Victoria A. Scala ’10 ***
Jeffrey Sprecher
Patricia M. and John J. Stack *
Diane and James R. Weldon ***
Juliette White **
Debby Ziering
Joseph A. Zock **
Robert A. Zock, Jr. **


Julie-Anne K. and Charles Bernroth **
Julia Mary and Michael Broderick
Holly and Richard G. ’82 Browne ***
Barbara A. and Michael P. ’68 Cesa ***
Joan Cregan
Jane M. Cullen **
John G. Duffy
Corine Fitzpatrick ***
Margaret Griffin **
Colleen Griffin Wagner **
Jacqueline M. ’92 and Moujalli ’81 Hourani ***
Br. Joseph W. Juliano, FSC
George B. Kirsch ***
Barbara J. Mead and Richard A. Lawrence, Jr. ’68 ***
Dora S. Lee **
Catherine and William T. ’67 Marshall, Jr. *** FT
John J. McCarthy **
Denise McCool **
Maryanne Miller T
Parents of Manhattan Men’s Lacrosse
Patricia and Dominick M. Servedio **
Georgette and Michael J. ’63 Skelly ***
Alison and Stephen S. ’89 Stone **
Anya Taylor *
Joseph Urbinati ’89 ***
Joan and Robert Vizza


George Anagnos
Virginia A. Gortych-Barnes ’81 and Frederick J. Barnes ’81 ***
Amy Kaplan and David A. Brauner
Elizabeth Brennan
Barbara F. and Christopher A. Cagnazzi
Robert Cassiliano
Sara W. Cowan
Kathleen and Thomas J. ’66 Dugan ***
Mary Beth Hogan
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman **
Stephen J. Masiello
Martha Mattus Flynn
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
Lucile J. and Gerald P. ’65 McCarthy ***
Gregory J. Sexton ’82 *
Vera T. and Edward J. Singer
Vincent J. Warner ’88
Nancy A. and Raymond ’79 Watroba, Jr. ***

Leadership Group

Ashwini Mohan-Angira and Pratab Angira
Richard Carbonaro ’97 *
Christine and William Clyde ***
Bonnilyn and Glenn E. Corlett
Theresa and Richard Egan
Francine Gallagher
Robert E. Hagadorn ’65 ***
Robert A. Mahan ***
Matthew McManness
Janet McShane *
Margaret M. and John P. O’Brien
Mona T. Petrocine ***
Lois Harr and John M. Reilly ’75 ***
Steven Sadiker
Steven Schreiner

Cupola Club

Ann M. Albrecht *
Mary P. ’80 and Michael J. ’78 Bachynsky ***
Marianne and Wiktor Bednarz ***
Richard Birdoff
Maria Branco
Tamara J. Britt *
Frances and Raymond Broderick
Lynne P. Brown FT
Shelley and Kevin Courtney *
Ellen Del Colle ***
Patricia Doman *
Gary Dower
Gerald J. Ducharme
Judith Dye
Joanne and Michael J. ’62 Esposito ***
Patricia Faverio
Colette Geary ’82
Ann and Chad Grinnell **
Sarita and Jitendra Hirani **
John Holzer
John S. Jeris **
Rita D. and Richard J. Kaplan
John Kellard
Barbara A. Kessler Fabe ***
Florence R. Krupa
Frederick Lash *
Heidi S. Lobel
John K. Lyden ***
Taf Squires and Fred Madden
Catherine T. Mark and Richard L. Reuter **
Patricia Moore
James F. Munsell *
Jane G. and William A. Petzold ***
Gregory S. Player ***
Susan K. and Christopher Pluta *
Deborah A. and David M. ’74 Quinn ***
Joseph M. Reames **
Arleen A. Roche *
John Barry Ryan ***
Eileen and Eduardo Sanchez
Richard Satterlee
Joan M. and Joseph A. Silvestri **
David Singer
Nefertiti Takla
Jeffrey Weil ***
Richard Williams, Jr.

Quad Club

Judith Alger
Christopher Baldi **
Alan F. Blumberg
Joan and Lawrence J. ’56 Boland ***
Robin B. and Mark Bright *
Richard T. Broderick
Diane and Daniel Burns **
Br. Frank G. Byrne, FSC *** T
Mark Cannuli
Carol and James P. ’73 Cassidy
Claire and James J. ’66 Cuff **
Joanne and Frank M. ’78 Daly **
James Diamond
Eileen and Robert DiGregorio **
Mary Pat and Howell Dilks
Madeleine and Dennis Durkin *
Francine and Stephen J. ’87 Fabrizi ***
Dympna Bowles and Donal E. Farley ’57 ***
Berenice A. and Kevin J. ’75 Farley **
Aileen Lowry Farrelly ’95 and John Farrelly ***
Gerard T. Feeney ***
Josephine and Arthur R. ’69 Garcia ***
Albina Gaudino
Donald E. Gibson
Br. Carlos Gomez Restrepo, FSC * FT
Ann E. Gratzer ***
Donna C. and Thomas F. Igoe ***
Caroline and Harold W. Jacquett
Regina and Richard Jarosch **
Daniel Kelleher **
Janice and John L. ’63 Kmetzo **
Thomas E. Kohlberg **
Elizabeth Kosky ’67
Margaret A. and Thomas P. Langan
Brendan Lawler *
Br. Dennis Lee, FSC * FT
Florence and Brian Mahony
Thomas H. Maloney
Br. William Mann, FSC *** T
Frank McCullough
Marcie and Terence P. McGovern
Jennifer K. and David G. Morad **
Margaret E. Mullery ’91 ***
Joseph L. Murray, Jr. ***
Karen Nicholson *
Margaret R. O’Connell
Peggy and Thomas ’80 O’Malley ***
Theresita M. and Melchor L. Pablo ***
Rosemary and Anthony J. ’62 Pellegrino
Ann and Thomas A. ’67 Polucci ***
Anne Kathy and Hugh F. ’79 Rice ***
Debra and Frank S. Riggi, Jr. *
Christine K. and Michael L. Rogers ***
Victoria Sheffield **
Br. Robert J. Smith, FSC T
Gerald S. Twomey
Robert Walsh
Colleen A. Shanahan-Warren ’81 and Michael W. Warren ’79 ***
Kathryn Weld
Maureen and John W. ’82 Westphal ***

1853 Society

Cristina Ashworth
Grace and Paul Avvento
Marie G. and William H. ’64 Baron ***
Theresa A. Blose **
Bryan B. Braun ’83
Barbara B. Cahill
Ellie A. and Frank P. Calabro, III
Louis Calvelli *
Angie and Patrick Cercone
Elizabeth and Paul J. Choquette, Jr. ***
Suzanne Choquette *
William H. Choquette ***
Patrick Cleary
Ann E. and Carl J. ’86 Clemente ***
Louis Cornacchia
Geraldine and John N. Crary **
Paula Crisler **
Br. Jack Curran, FSC ’80
Frances and Anthony DeLaurentis **
Winsome A. Downie **
John Edwards
Fiona Fein
Helen Finn ***
Maureen Finnegan *
Catherine A. and Bruno Fiore ***
Nancy L. and Richard W. Fontaine **
Mary Ellen and Manuel J. Garcia ***
Mary E. and Robert M. ’69 Garvey ***
Shannon and Andrew E. Gauzza, III *
Joyce Gormally ***
Cheryl Harrison
Veronica P. and Kenneth P. ’65 Harvey ***
Eileen and James F. ’70 Hayden **
John Jenkins
Timothy Johnson
Mary Helen and James H. Jordan ***
Lisa Juncaj ’99 ***
Alice M. Kane
Madeline P. Kelly
Soohong Kim
David Korman
Robert Lucas ’94 ***
Marie E. and Deacon James F. ’85 Maher ***
Kym and Brian McGillicuddy
Joseph J. McGovern ***
Michele and Robert J. ’66 McGrath *
Constance Miller
Thomas Modeszto *
Charles J. Mohacsi ’82
Carey Morewedge
Faith Ann and Richard J. ’81 Murach
Maureen Murnane ***
David Murphy
Kathleen B. Muskopf ***
Stephen O’Reilly
Mary R. Fogarty ’86 and Michael E. Pagano ’88 ***
Robert A. Power ’89 ***
Robert P. Quigley ’64 ***
Michael Quinn
Jeanne and David E. Radvany *
Margaret and Michael C. ’80 Rappe ***
Peter Recla **
Christine and Mark Reisig
Joan M. Rossillo **
John Russo
Cynthia and Brian Searls *
John A. Shea *
Janine Spaulding
Mollie M. Squires and David M. Spaulding
Kay D. and Robert J. Trigo ’67
Adam Wekstein
Christina and Mark Worthington ***

Jasper Oval

Rose and George Abdilla
Sylvia Aguera
David Aitken
Anne Marie and Richard ’81 Alexander
Julia Algeo
Augustine Aloia
Elise Ambrose
Jill M. Anderson and Clifford N. Krimmel
Eileen Auriana
Marianne and Thomas J. Babcock **
Judith and Richard J. ’61 Bachmann ***
Melissa Baker
Regina and Robert T. Baker **
Diana R. and Frank A. ’65 Barbieri, Sr. ***
Melinda Janow Baron and Edward Baron
Rita K. Barry
Maureen and Robert Baumann
Adrianne and Jared D. Blake
Veronica Boland ’17
Kathaleen P. and Jay D. Bond, Jr.
Romildo J. Bottari **
Yossi Brachfeld
James O. Brady ’89
Maria Brancaccio
Roseann and Gregory S. Brewer
Ryan Brewer **
Elizabeth and John C. Brown ***
Ann P. and Peter Bruchansky *
Sharon and Louis ’60 Buononato ***
Beverly and Robert T. ’57 Burns, Sr. ***
Patricia and Daniel V. ’78 Cahillane ***
Sharom Callaghan
David Callahan
Mary and Charles V. Callan **
Michael Calogero
Helen and Roger G. ’66 Canal ***
Alexander Canale
Thomas Canning
Cheryl and Richard Carey
Patricia and Carl Carinci *
Karen and Charles F. ’66 Carletta, Sr.
Elizabeth R. and John F. Caruso
Diane and Vincent M. ’78 Cascio ***
Jo Anne S. Casey *
Matthew Centrowitz
Martina Cheung
Lucia Ann and Paul S.
George Chin
Joyce A. and Thomas A. Choquette ***
Monica L. and Thomas A. Choquette
Nancy and Andrew Cirincione
Kevin M. Clancy ’68 *
Michele T. and Anthony Classe **
RoseAnn Cleary
Alan J. Cohen *
Allison Colantuoni
Anne Marie Colon
Gale Conboy
Gail A. Conklin
Gael and Thomas P. ’58 Connolly, Sr.
Delfina Corona *
Kathy and Gus Costas ***
Marie E. Cotter
Vicki M. Cowan ’94
Carmela and Philip J. ’76 Crivelli
Maureen A. and Dennis P. Cummins, Sr.
Colleen and David Dabbour *
Dennis D’Angio
Kenneth and Judith Davis
Veronica and Richard De Sanctis **
Dolores and David J. DeCintio ***
Joann and Kenneth Dinowitz
Maureen S. and David Doern
Celia A. and Mark A. ’71 Domser
Lois Dorsey
Charlotte and Thomas J. ’64 Downing *
Ursula Duffy ***
Daniel Dugan
Rose Ellen Dunn **
Rose M. and James T. ’64 Dunphy
Helene M. and Patrick J. Earley
Joyce A. Eckart
Ann J. Edwards
Ann and Paul F. Engelhart
Rosemary C. Farley
Judith and James Farrell
Pamela and Richard A. Feinstein
Jane Fenn
Deborah R. and Michael J. ’76 Fidanzato ***
Dale Froriep
Mary Ann Fuertinger
Joseph Furnari ’70 ***
Joseph Gallagher *
Kerri Gallagher *
Mary and Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr.
Jeannine Glazewski
Eileen and Charles P. ’75 Goggins ***
Marlene Gottlieb

Michael Grabowski **
Katherine Schneider Grantham and Charles Grantham
Karen Graver-Toohey
Lydia E. ’79 and Thomas M. ’70 Gray **
Mary Greenless and James A. Greenlees
Christine and Richard Gress
Kathleen and James M. ’66 Gunn ***
Helen M. Gunning **
Joseph Guzzardo
Cheryl Hagan
Jaclyn Hagner
Lori Harmon
Karen and Herbert J. ’72 Heller, Jr. ***
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy *
Joan Hessmer
James Higgins
Richard Hilario
Gina L. Hise
Keith Hise
Patricia Hoban
Kathleen and Kevin Hodapp
Tracy and William D. Hollister *
Mary Jane and Thomas Hood
Anthony Ierubino ***
Stephen Jerome
Aileen T. Jones *
William Kahaly ***
Kay I. and John A. ’65 Kaiser ***
Teresa Kane ***
Nancy Keating **
Martha and Henry Kelly
Judith and Paul M. ’64 Kenny ***
Lois and Peter V. ’62 Kenny *
Barbara and Brian King
Marjorie L. and Jonathan P. King
Donald T. Kirby
Jim Kucharczyk
Kathleen M. Kuhnel ’80 ***
Ron LaCour
Margaret F. Lane
Patricia and Roy Licklider ***
Christine and Francis J. Lombardi **
John T. Lovett ’73
Peter Lovett +
Jonathan Luca **
Michael Luca
Nancy and Christopher Luke
Patrick Lynam
Kate Madden
Amir Masoumi *
Donna P. and John H. Masterson **
Marilyn and Gregory Matzen **
Karen McCann ***
Jean McClean
Karen A. and James T. ’74 McCue
Mary Ellen McDermott
Mary K. McGrattan *
Judith A. and John P. McGuire ***
Flora S. and Steven M. McKiernan
Roy McLeod
Barbara and Daniel J. ’69 McLoughlin
Virginia McWalters *
William J. Merriman ’73
Stuart Mesinger
Rosemary and Lorenzo A. ’63 Messina
Susan Mezo *
Ron Michael
Gerald A. Miele ***
Charlene Miller Warley
Michele Modugno
Margaret D. and Vincent J. Moehringer
Marilyn Eider and Joseph L. Monteith ’61 ***
Alice S. Moore *
Kathleen Moore
Patricia and Robert Morris **
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98 *
Francine and Emil Muccin
Teresa L. and Samuel F. Mullins
Anne Mullooly
Debra and Kevin J. ’71 Mulvaney *
Stacey G. and Leslie S. Munson
Angela D. and John A. Murphy ***
Doris and Edward Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy ***
Mary Ann and Michael F. Naughton ***
Mary Neilan
Margaret Nolan ***
Edward and Maureen Nusser *
Judith and Richard O’Connor ***
Kathleen A. O’Connor
Mary Ann ’68 and John F. ’61 O’Donnell, Jr. *
Todd Olsen
Jack R. Orben ***
Lawrence Palma
Monica and John Pandis *
Kathleen and Lee Pelton
Iris and Emanuel T. Phillips **
Gloria Pilkerton
Richard Pinto
Noreen M. ’06 and
Christopher M. ’78 Power
Sheila I. Puglisi *
Enid and Joseph Putkowski
Mary Quartaro Thomas
Sheila Quinn
Loretta A. Ranalli *
Bernadette and Thomas E. ’62 Reilly, Sr. ***
Emily J. and Michael F. Reinhard
Patricia and Sewsanker Rengasawmy
Susan M. Rice-Cavanagh ’84 and James Cavanagh ***
Carol and John L. Robinson **
Maureen Rodino *
William Rodriguez
Nancy E. Rogers **
Sally J. Rogers *
Jenny Rosa
Margaret and Michael Sackman *
Regina M. ’88 and Christopher J. ’85 Saladino
Vincent Salvetti
Joanna and Robert A. Saporito
Jane and George O. Savino
Maria and Richard G. ’63 Scarpelli ***
Richard Schneider ’75
Michael E. Schneider ’76 ***
John Schriver
Christine Seppa
Frances J. Shelley
Dave Smith
Anna Solicito *
Julie and Andrew Sovia
Norma D. and Anton R. ’62 Spagnolo *
Giedre B. and John J. ’63 Stankunas ***
Stephen Steinthal *
Susan E. Steinthal
Holly Stroud
Robert Sweeney
Catherine and Joseph R. Syslo
Derrick Taitt
Susan M. and Patrick J. ’80 Toner **
Lawrence Udeigwe
Denise G. Chimenti-Vadon ’87
and Philip T. Vadon ’87 *
Philip J. Valentino ’66 ***
Susan and Mark Velten
Susan A. Vlamis
Barbara T. and William Vrooman *
Mary T. and Michael J. ’74 Wallace ***
Carolyn Walsh
John Walton
Qian Wang *
Suzanne D. and John R. Wilcox
Jessica M. Wilson ’08
Christine Zahn
Patricia and Andrew Zajac **


Susan and Patrick Affholter
Baha Albataineh *
Jocelyn M. and James R. Anderson
Michael Angles
Julianna Annunziata
Andrea Annunziato
Jason A. Ansah
Sean Apostoli
Mary P. Archer
Mary Lou and Daniel Asciolla
John Backus
Julia Baker
Maureen and Matthew Bane
Michele Bane
Patrick Barbera
Eileen Barnes Hahn
Lori Barnwell
George Barone
Eileen Bellew
Marc Birbiglia
Sandra and Arthur J. ’70 Blattner
Robert H. Brakman
Patricia M. and Kenneth B. Brant
Gertrude and Larry Brown
Lenore Burgess
Janet A. and William J. Burke ***
Eileen Cain ***
Carol and Nicholas G.
Candeloro ***
Eileen Caracciolo *
Carlos Cardentey
Claudia Cardona **
Elizabeth Carmichael
Kelly Carroll
Donna M. Casazza
Margaret and James Casola *
Tara Casucci
Nancy Cataldo
Ryan Cayton
Michael Chamberlain
Jodie Charest
Samantha Chestney
Isabella Cicinelli
Kerry and J. Patrick Cleary
Catherine Clifford
Jack Clifford
Helen M. Colamartino
Caitlin Colbert
Michael Cole
Sarah Collier
Laura and Ismael Colon
Cathleen M. Conlon ’78
Jane and Gildo Consolini
Donna Corman
Anthony Cosme **
A.J. Costigan
Corinna Cox
Nora and Timothy Coyne
Joseph P. Crosby, Sr.
Jeanne and John P. Curran **
Ruth P. Davis
Ann Davis-Allen
Joanne and Stephen J. ’76 De Luca
Christine Degregorio
Melissa Deierlein
John Deriso
Marie and John S. DeVita *
Catherine Di Blasi
Jason Diaz
Louis Donofrio
Rich Drozd
James Earley
Lora Egbert
Marie Everleth
Dennis Fichtel
Elia and Dominick J. ’79 Fickeria, Jr. ***
Morgan Fique
Gina Fisher
Tim Fitzpatrick
Patricia and Peter Flynn
Mary Jo and Mark R. Frederich
Danielle Freshour *
Kristina Freshour
Michael Gambardella
Jaclyn Geldmacher
Dwayne Gethard
Daniella Giachetti
Christie Gonzalez-Toro
Giulia and Michael Gordon
Mary Gould
Karen and Charles E. Green ***
Lloyd Greene
Jacqueline Greenwood
Sharyn Gregor **
Nieta Grene
Claire J. Guertin
Roseanne Hagan-Laverty
Ellen W. and James T. Haggerty ’59 +
Ryan Haley
Jamie Hamel
Kathryn Harmon
Amanda Harrison
George Harrison
Daniel Hartman
Liz Harvey
Barbara F. and Arthur M. ’59 Heller ***
Mary B. Hennessey
Dorothy R. and Michael T. Hickey *
Beth and Thomas P. Hill
Gloria S. McConnell and
Andrew Hise
Danielle Hise
Peter Ianniello
Marilyn Jablonski **
Albert James
Marie Jones
Joan F. and Gerald F. ’69 Judge ***
Catherine D. Kaufmann
Kristen E. Kearns ’16 **
Stu Keeler **
Julien H. Kern ’96 ***
Erica Keyser
Catherine and Thomas A. Kilroy ***
Jean S. and Joseph D. King **
Rostislav Konoplich
Maria Kreher
Shawn R. Ladda
Anna LaMagna
Mary and Laurence J. ’70 Langan ***
Nancy and William Lanier
Thomas Lapsley
Jennifer Latini *
Kin Lazzaro
George Lipponer
Kayla Liscio
Reut Livne-Tarandach
Dan Livoti
Michael G. Lo Russo **
Adele Lotto
Sylvester Luca **
Peter Madarasz
Lisa Mahoney
Virginia A. and Paul M. Mahoney ***
Lorraine and John Maier
Michael Malesich
Sofia Marano
Giovanna and Leonard Marcello
Alexa Marigliano
Pamela Sue and Philip Maroney
Elizabeth Masterson
Amy McBride
Carmela and Kevin McCabe **
Kevin McCauley
Maura McDonald
Ellen McDonough
Margaret M. and Joseph G. McGarry
Rita P. and Thomas J. McGoldrick ***
Peter McHugh **
Angela M. and Edward J. McMahon
Dennis McNamara
Haley McPherson
Phyllis V. Meader *
Marilyn A. Meehan
Amy Metzger
Elizabeth Moran
Linda Morrissey *
Diana Muenzen *
Rosemarie Murray
Colleen and James Nidds
Mary and John Nolan
Corinne L. and Brian T. O’Hara
Christina O’Malley *
Rhonda and Michael J. O’Reilly **
Kazem Oryani
Pamela A. and Gregory Page
Susan Pape
Kim Peifer
Marty Peifer Fay ’70 and Anthony Petrokonis ***
Tajiana Pickett
Juliana Piehler
John Pirie
Elizabeth M. Plaushin *
Eileen Pliske
Kimberly and William Poons
Dehlly Porras
Victor Pucci
Darinka V. and Ivo J. Puhalovic
Nicholas Quaranti **
Gladys and Luis Rebatta
Cynthia Blank-Reid and Paul Reid
Anna Reuter *
Laura Rice
Eleanor and Frank S. ’62 Rizzi ***
Joseph Rocchietti
Valerie Torres and Mark Roldan
Kevin Roseman
Joan Rosenbaum
Kevin Ross
Gianluca Rottura **
Susan Rubisch-Gisler
Margaret and Stanley C. ’74 Rupnick ***
David Ryan
Aaron Sacks
Nancy J. and James A. Samalonis
Alexander C. Santulli ’06 **
Shirley Sanz
Rachelle and Christopher Scharf
Kathryn Schumann
Ellyn B. Scully ***
Alyssa Sedlak
Melanie and Peter Simmons *
Carole Skowronski *
John R. Sowa **
Honor Steinthal *
Mason Stevenson
Taylor M. Strack
Hope Sunshine *
Whitney Swab
Rosa and Stanley Szaniawski
Kathy and Albert Tarolli
Catherine Tatulli
Patty Thomas
Patricia Tomassi
Barbara Toohey **
Karen Graver-Toohey and Francis P. Toohey, Jr. **
Joanne and Augustine T. Toomey
Lisa D. Toscano ’79
Helen Travers **
Alexandra and David Tumarkin **
Charles Tuttolomondo
Therese and Peter G. ’78 Ulrich
Panayiotis Vardaxis
Mary and Anthony Vecchione
John Verlezza
Lindsay A. and Jason Villnave
Heather Vulin **
Monika and Werner J. ’66 Wagner
June and Daniel S. Wallace
Nicolette Watkins
Tracey and Richard Webb **
Beverly and Alan Weyland **
Bernard Whalen
William Whelan
Helen and Stephen L. White ***
Marina Whitehouse
Brendan Williams
Carol and Edward Winkler ***
Elena Worlinsky
Farrokh Zarringhalam
Mei Fang and Stephen Zimmermann
* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased