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Endowed and Restricted Support

The unwavering dedication of many generous alumni and friends has enabled Manhattan College to safeguard its commitment to eliminate financial obstacles that prevent deserving students from receiving a Lasallian education.

Thank you for your very gracious ongoing investment over the past year in the lives and education of so many talented students pursuing their degrees at Manhattan College — especially at this uniquely challenging time. 

Faithful alumni and friends continued to create endowed scholarships, which remain in perpetuity, with gifts of $50,000 or more. The College disburses interest accrued in a given year while the principal remains intact. During the 2020–21 academic year, 536 students received approximately $3.04 million in endowed scholarship aid. 

Generous supporters also strengthened the cause of Lasallian Catholic education by establishing restricted scholarship funds at Manhattan, creating these sources of aid with gifts under $50,000. Awards are immediately granted to students or disbursed to a program, so funds do not accrue interest. During 2020–21, 117 students received approximately $377,545.00 in restricted scholarship aid.

A growing number of alumni and friends choose to permanently honor a relative, professor or other individual by endowing scholarships in their name. We at Manhattan College express our enduring gratitude to all who have provided this meaningful support over the past academic year:

Endowed Scholarships and Funds

The Gerard A. Bergeron ’85 Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2021 by the Bergeron family in memory of Gerard, a loving husband and father, the scholarship benefits a student from a single-parent household.

The Edward J. Bowes ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2020 by Thomas Lindgren ’78 and funded by generous alumni and friends in memory of the legendary coach, founder of the Manhattan College Cross Country Invitational and member of the Jasper Hall of Fame. Preference is given to a track and field student-athlete from Bishop Loughlin High School.

The Dr. William A. Brown ’54 Scholarship

Founded by Dr. Moujalli Hourani ’81 and generously funded by alumni and friends, this source of aid is in memory of Dr. William A. Brown ’54, who taught civil engineering at Manhattan for nearly 60 years. The scholarship supports students in civil engineering.

The Doris and Mario J. ’54 Catani Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2021 by Doris and Mario J. ’54 Catani, this scholarship provides support for a student in the civil engineering program, preferably structural engineering.

The Frances and Emmett P. ’66 Lynch Scholarship

Established in 2021 by Frances and Emmett P. Lynch ’66 in memory of Emmett’s grandparents, William and Mary Foody, and his uncle, William Foody Jr. ’55. The scholarship will benefit a student who is a permanent resident of California and enrolled in the O’Malley School of Business. 

The Karen and Thomas A. ’72 McCall Endowed Scholarship

Karen and Thomas A. ’72 McCall established this source of aid in 2021 to support a student in the O’Malley School of Business.

The Br. Gregory W. Nugent, FSC, Endowed Scholarship

Founded in 2020 through the Estate of James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57, this scholarship in memory of former Manhattan College president Brother Gregory Nugent, FSC, provides aid to students who attended P.S. 79 in New York City.

The Gerald O’Malley ’83 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2021 by his wife, Joanne Connaire O’Malley; father, Patrick J. O’Malley; and son John P. O’Malley ’18 (civil engineering) in memory of Gerry O’Malley (1961–2020). Gerry was a very proud first-generation Irish-American from the Bronx (Kingsbridge) who was the first in his family to attend college. Preference for this scholarship is a first-generation college student who demonstrates financial need. 

The James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57 Endowed Scholarship for Dewitt Clinton High School in New York

This scholarship, established in 2020 through the Estate of James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57, benefits students who are graduates of Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, N.Y.

The James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57 Endowed Scholarship for P.S. 85 Primary School in New York

Established in 2020 through the Estate of James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57, the scholarship will assist students who preferably are graduates of P.S. 85 in New York City.

The James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57 Endowed Scholarship for Stagehand Union/Music and Theater

Created through the Estate of James F. O’Neill, Jr. ’57 in 2020, this source of aid provides support for a student who is a member of the Stagehand Union in New York or is studying music and theater.

The Dr. C. Lowell and JoEllen Parsons Endowed Chair in Biology

Established in 2021 by Dr. C. Lowell ’66 and JoEllen Parsons, this fund supports a faculty chair in biology for scholar-teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching, research, student mentoring and professional contributions that bring distinction to the Parsons Chair and Manhattan College.

The Signum Fidei Scholarship for Teaching

Established in 2021 by Barbara A. Higgins ’70, in memory of her beloved parents and brother; dear friend Christopher Taraska; and in honor of Sister Mary Cecile Swanton CSJB, with preference for a student from the Academy of Mount St. Ursula, N.Y., who aspires to become an educator in a Catholic school.

The Pedulla Family Endowed Scholarship

Thomas E. ’78 and Joseph C. ’84 Pedulla launched this scholarship in loving memory of their parents and grandparents, preferably for a first-generation, Italian-American student or a veteran of the armed services.

The John Joseph Reilly ’51 Memorial Scholarship

Claudia Reilly founded this source of aid in loving memory of her late husband to support a student who is the first in his or her family to attend college.

The Schriefer Family Public Service Scholarship

Russell Schriefer ’80 established this source of aid to benefit a first-generation college student intent upon pursuing a career in public service. Priority is given to a student who possesses a physical disability.

The Diane and Philip ’71 Simonetti Endowed Scholarship

Founded in 2020 by Diane and Philip ’71 Simonetti, the scholarship assists students enrolled in the O’Malley School of Business.

Restricted Scholarships and Programs

The Brother Casimir Gabriel Costello, FSC, ’33 Lecture Series

Patricia M. and John J. Stack established this lecture series in honor of her uncle, a noted educator at Manhattan. The series covers a wide range of scholarly topics, including Br. Gabriel’s own area of expertise, the French Revolution.

The Dorothy and John ’69 Doughty Scholarship

Dorothy and John ’69 Doughty established this scholarship in 2021 to cover all costs for a student who preferably is a graduate of St. Jean Baptiste High School in Manhattan or Sacred Heart High School in the Bronx, N.Y.

The DePinho Family Scholarship

Created by Anna Maria and Agostinho DePinho ’82, this source of aid benefits qualified students majoring in mathematics.

The New York Community Trust Barbara Jane Fund Restricted Scholarship

This scholarship will provide much-needed aid to students who possess the talent but lack the financial resources to complete their education.

The O’Malley Restricted Scholarship for St. Peter’s in Staten Island

Established by Mary Alice and Thomas D. ’63 O’Malley, this scholarship provides tuition, room and board for a qualified graduate of Mr. O’Malley’s alma mater, St. Peter’s Boys’ High School in Staten Island, N.Y.

The John J. O’Rourke ’66 Restricted Scholarship

Founded by John J. O’Rourke ’66, this source of aid benefits full-time students who need tuition assistance, are in good academic standing and are graduates of Cristo Rey High School, N.Y. 

The George M. Shalhoub ’71 Restricted Scholarship

Established in 2021 by George M. Shalhoub ’71, this annually funded scholarship will assist students with a declared major in the School of Science, preferably chemistry.

The Stephen G. Thieke ’69 Student Research Fellowship in Economics and Finance

Stephen G. Thieke ’69 graciously established this fellowship to strengthen Manhattan College’s longstanding dedication to and excellence in student research.   

The Veteran Success Scholarship

Reflecting Manhattan College’s longstanding commitment, this scholarship benefits men and women who have dedicated their time and talent to serving in our nation’s armed forces.

The Harry Wheeler ’38 Restricted Scholarship

Established by Sara W. Cowan in her father’s memory, this gift will benefit students majoring in education.

For information about endowing a scholarship, please contact Elizabeth Plaushin, director of planned giving, at (718) 862-7976 or