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Memorial, Testamentary and Tribute Gifts

Memorial Gifts

By making a memorial gift to Manhattan College, alumni and friends have a meaningful, permanent way to honor those who are dear to them. Memorial gifts commemorate loved ones while providing much-needed assistance to today’s hardworking students.

The following list gratefully recognizes the individuals honored by friends and family who made a gift in their name to Manhattan this past year. At this challenging time, we thank you for supporting the outstanding young men and women it is our privilege to serve.

In Memory of William M. Albrecht ’58
Ann M. Albrecht

In Memory of Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Lucia and Steven ’74 Fangmann

In Memory of Barbara A. Beirne ’87
John P. Beirne ’69

In Memory of Philip Bonnano
Arlene and Reuben Mark

In Memory of Kevin P. Brooks ’66
Mary E. Fiske ’95
Frederick Lash
Helen and Stephen L. White

In Memory of Edward B. Brown ’61
Kevin M. Lyons ’88

In Memory of Gerald F. Buckley ’64
Sheila K. Buckley

In Memory of Frank J. Cain ’56
Margaret and Richard ’56 Dreher

In Memory of William P. Cain
Eileen Cain

In Memory of Algirdas Cesnavicius ’65
Josephine and Phillip ’65 Castellano

In Memory of Gerard C. Cohane ’49
Barbara and Ronald Sternowski

In Memory of Ferdinand Colon
Christina M. Cardinale ’04
Kathleen A. Guinan
Barbara A. Higgins ’70
Lisa Juncaj ’99
Barbara A. Kessler Fabe
Aron Raskas

In Memory of Joseph J. Coppo Jr. ’75
Donna and Thomas F. Igoe

In Memory of William F. Cosulich ’49
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Lucia and Steven ’74 Fangmann

In Memory of Cornelius P. Dennehy ’48
Anne Dennehy

In Memory of Donald P. Devey ’56
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Theodore A. Di Blasi
Catherine and Theodore C. ’51
Di Blasi +

In Memory of Anthony J. Dipalo ’57
Gail and Robert D. Albert
Barbara and John Brugel
Sunny Chen
Jean DiPalo
Cheryl and Thomas M. Engley
Barbara and Richard H. Fitzsimmons
Angela Ganey
Allyson and Everett S. Hopkins, Jr.
Marjorie Keane Wiley
Robert Meck
Janey Mink
Janice and John Petrakes
Janet Rice Forsman
Marc Saltzman
Ann C. Sherwood
Dolores Silverman
Christina and Richard Stroupe
Billy Surles
Leah and Robert S. Yost 

In Memory of Matthew M. Dolan ’42
Rosemary Christoff Dolan

In Memory of June Dwyer
Colin Dwyer
Cornelius Dwyer
Anne Iskrant

In Memory of Francis B. Egan ’53
Ann and Gerard ’52 Vier

In Memory of Michael A. Ehner ’65
Doris Ehner
Mitty and Salvatore ’65 Scarpato

In Memory of Lewis H. Eslinger ’50
Marie Eslinger
The Smalley Foundation

In Memory of James F. Feehan ’67
Joseph J. Palya ’68

In Memory of William K. Finn ’56
Helen Finn

In Memory of Raymond J. Finnegan Jr. ’70
Maureen Finnegan

In Memory of Keith W. Furey ’85
Michael J. Carron ’85

In Memory of Patrick J. Garvey ’57
Cordelia Boise
Rita Brady
Katharina Cerreta
Shannon Cestone
Laura DeMayo
Michael Ferrara
Maureen Flynn
Marisa and Gary W. Intinarelli
Irene Kabot
Karin E. Kelly
Donna M. Luisi
Anna and Thomas Maroselli
Adrienne J. Maroselli
John L. Paluszek ’55 TE
Barbara and James ’56 Reilly +
Anne M. Rhodes ’97
Maura Soyer
Jennifer Stafford
William Stoloski
Mary and Dennis Tierney

In Memory of Frank J. Gratzer Jr. ’66
Ann E. Gratzer

In Memory of Thomas P. Gunning ’60
Helen M. Gunning

In Memory of Josephine Hack and Thomas O’Meara
Joanne and Denis ’72 O’Meara

In Memory of Jeremiah M. Haggerty ’54
Michael T. Haggerty ’83
Jeannine D. Haggerty-Ratchford ’91

In Memory of Albert G. Halberstadt ’55
Patricia G. Brennan

In Memory of Br. Kevin Hargadon, FSC
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of Francis J. Jones ’50
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of Kevin M. Kearney ’74
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas J. Delaney ’71

In Memory of Kenneth B. Kelly ’54
Madeline P. Kelly

In Memory of Peter P. Kennedy ’55
Patricia Kennedy

In Memory of Min L. Lee ’52
Dora S. Lee

In Memory of Joseph Liskiewicz ’52
Gregory M. Weigand

In Memory of Joseph J. Macy ’52
Jeanne and John ’52 Nason FT

In Memory of John J. Maguire ’31
Mary Ann McGuire

In Memory of Ernest R. Maler ’65
Marie Magliano
Cecile and Thomas W. Wren

In Memory of John H. Mark ’00
Bernadette Agis
Baha Albataineh
Amy Bajus
Hugh Beglin ’00
Adrianne and Jared Blake
Boulevard Gardens American
Legion AUX #1836
Heather Caplan
Patricia and Carl Carinci
George Chin
Michele and Anthony Classe
Chari Corpuz
Anthony Cosme
Christine Crespo ’06 and Marc Ewen
Paula Crisler
Jeanne and John P. Curran
Anthony De Gregorio
Christina DeGregorio
Katherine DePaul
Mina DeVita
Michele DiRuggiero
Elizabeth Donnelly
Rabbi Thomas Dyer
Julie and Kenmore Emerson
Mary Erazo
Erin Flaherty
Joseph Freer
Michael D. Gentile ’99
Amber Heller
Barbara A. Higgins ’70
Ottilie A. Holman
Melinda Janow
James Keeler
Stu Keeler
Sister Agnes Kelly
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Jonathan Luca
Michael Luca
Sylvester Luca
Mary Ann Lynch-Minson ’03 and Patrick Minson
Angela ’87 and John H. ’71 Mark
Catherine T. Mark and Richard Reuter
Margaret Mark Murray
Mary Marshall
Carmela and Kevin McCabe
Kevin J. McCabe ’00
Elizabeth McClure
Mary Ellen McDermott
Melida P. McGuire
Virginia McWalters
Susan Mezo
Mariangela I. Midea ’02
Roberto Mignone ’99
Thomas Modeszto
Shannon Moore ’01
Elizabeth Murphy
Edward and Maureen Nusser
Mary Ann ’68 and John ’61 O’Donnell
Todd Olsen
Monica and John Pandis
Lucas J. Pliakis
Nicholas Quaranti
Joseph M. Reames
Anna Reuter
Emma C. Reuter
Joan M. Rossillo
Liliana and Alberto Rottura
Gianluca Rottura
John Schriver
Diane and Richard Schulman
Victoria Sheffield
Patricia and Greg Sherwood
Caitlin Slattery ’08
Christina Swantak ’99

In Memory of Gerald J. Markey ’58
Joyce Schoenberger

In Memory of Edith M. Mauriello
Kathleen ’10 and William J. Bisset, Jr.
Veronica Boland ’17
Susan and Gerard ’63 Caccappolo T
Claudia Cardona
Ann C. Clohessy ’80
Shelley and Kevin Courtney
Nancy Delgrosso
Lynn and Paul W. Dericks
Cecilia Donohoe
Kristen Farrell
Catherine and Anthony Filiato
Susan M. Fiorentino ’12
Joseph Gallagher
Sydney Grau
Lydia ’79 and Thomas ’70 Gray
Katheryn and Wallace D. Gregory, Jr.
The Griggs Family
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy
Marie and Robert ’66 Hunter FT
Peter Ianniello
Kristen E. Kearns ’16
Barbara A. Kessler Fabe
Paul and Karen S. Krzenski
Nicholas Lakoumentas
Jeanine ’81 and Louis ’79 Lamatina T
Johnnie and Shaun Malloy
Gregory and Rosanne ’82 Matzat T
Christopher Mauriello
Harrison Mauriello
Matthew Mauriello
Renee and Thomas Mauriello
Frank Dubeck and Marybeth K. McCall ’74 T
Joy and Matthew ’72 McCrosson
Noreen McManus Ryan ’19 and Timothy Ryan
Elizabeth and Richard Moran
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98
Kathleen B. Muskopf
Linda and Peter M.  ’72 Musumeci T
Lourdes and Gerald O’Connor
Elizabeth M. O’Keeffe-Cleary ’92
Mary Alice and Thomas D. ’63 O’Malley TE
Elizabeth M. Plaushin
Christine and Kenneth ’70 Rathgeber T
Renee and Michael ’63 Regan TE
Barbara Reynolds ’72
Br. Robert J. Smith, FSC T
Maria and Vito M. Terzulli
Linda A. Timmons
Suzanne Werdal-Palmer
Helen and Stephen L. White
Betsy G. Wilson
Donna and Dale R. Yarasavage

In Memory of Bernard J. McCaffrey ’64
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Robert J. McGrattan ’57
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Michael M. McHugh ’80
Frances and James ’70 Guldner
Judith and John J. McArdle

In Memory of James P. McKenna ’63
Margaret and Thomas ’63 Dames

In Memory of Joseph P. Moore ’63
Patricia Moore

In Memory of Stephen P. Mullery II ’65
Annmarie ’90 and John O’Brien

In Memory of Michael J. Murnane ’56
Maureen Murnane

In Memory of Br. B. Edward O’Neill, FSC ’42
Josephine and Joseph ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Robert P. Otten ’55
Susan and Robert W. Bruce, III
Nancy and Andrew Cirincione
Elizabeth and Scott C. Evans
Linda and James Garrett
Rebecca Otten
Stuart L. Rich
The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc.

In Memory of Patrick J. Petersen ’82
Beatrice Huste-Petersen
Michael J. Kelly ’80

In Memory of Marguerite and Robert Pohlmann
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of Liberty F. Raho
Ann Marie and Peter ’70 Raho
In Memory of George L. Rorke ’71
Maria Branco
In Memory of Eve M. Rouke ’68
John N. Rouke ’77

In Memory of Martin H. Schmidt ’51
Barbara A. Green
In Memory of John N. Schoenberger ’59
Robert Dyk
Larry Gregerson
Anne and Thomas H. MacCowatt
Veronica Markey
Josephine P. McClintock
Joyce Schoenberger 

In Memory of John J. Shea ’46
John A. Shea

In Memory of Richard S. Sheridan ’66
Marilyn and Edward Marron

In Memory of Mark Taylor
Barbara L. Estrin
Patricia and Roy Licklider
Anya Taylor

In Memory of John P. Tobin Jr. ’61
Judith and Andrew ’69 Stoddard

In Memory of Ed Trant
Patti and Kevin ’70 Fraser

In Memory of Louis Uffer
Kevin M. Lyons ’88

In Memory of Robert T. Weil Jr. ’67
Marie and John ’67 Provanzana

In Memory of Julia and Stanley White
Maureen ’96 and Thomas ’97 Yurcisin 

In Memory of Veronica M. White
Ann C. Clohessy ’80
Susan M. Fiorentino ’12
Patti and Kevin ’70 Fraser

In Memory of Richard Whiteside ’69
Erin McHale
Maura and Thomas ’69 Rush
Elizabeth and Nicolai Shuman
Joshua Vernon
Kathleen Whiteside

In Memory of Max Whitwell ’18
Mary and George Whitwell

In Memory of All Deceased Staff and Students of Manhattan College
Margaret Lazzari ’84

Testamentary Gifts

Especially in these challenging times, bequests of any size play an essential role in strengthening the Lasallian Catholic mission of Manhattan College. This past year, Manhattan was the beneficiary of bequests and other testamentary gifts from the estates of the following departed alumni and friends:

Estate of James F. Brady ’47

Estate of Martin F. Cody ’52

Estate of James E. Conway ’54

Estate of Hilda and James T. ’49 Dolan

Estate of William R. Gray ’63

Estate of Edward J. Hanrahan ’54

Estate of Frank V. Krescanko ’53

Estate of Shirley and Francis ’37

Leonard Estate of Robert J. Levine ’43

Estate of John P. Madden, Esq. ’67

Estate of Elizabeth A. and Francis E. ’43 Murray

Estate of Robert P. Otten ’55

Estate of James E. Reilly ’56

Estate of Richard V. Robilotti ’65

Estate of Eve Rouke ’68

Estate of Fanny Vivirito

Estate of John J. Waters ’57

Estate of Robert C. West ’52

Tribute Gifts

There is so much to celebrate. To commemorate birthdays, retirements, wedding anniversaries and other milestones, generous benefactors have demonstrated their support for Manhattan and its students by making gifts in tribute to these friends and family members:

In Honor of Zion I. Baez ’21
Shawn Pressley

In Honor of Deirdre Ballesty ’22
Bridget and Kevin Ballesty

In Honor of John H. Banks III ’85
Boston Properties

In Honor of Br. Robert Berger, FSC ’73
Linda and George ’73 Roach

In Honor of Brothers with Full-Time Appointments
Brothers of the Christian Schools of Manhattan College

In Honor of Gerard J. Caccappolo ’63 T
Patricia and Norman C. Merz

In Honor of Mary E. Cain ’94
Eileen Cain

In Honor of Michael J. Cain ’91
Eileen Cain

In Honor of Gabrielle M. Cajou ’20
Kevin Metcalf

In Honor of Joseph De Feo ’22
Tonia Andriano and Joseph De Feo

In Honor of Thomas J. Delaney ’71
Kathleen and Robert ’80 Coords

In Honor of Patrick J. Duffy ’52
Ann and Gerard ’52 Vier

In Honor of Elizabeth A. Earley ’07
Lucas Todd

In Honor of Julia E. Fernandes ’23
Janice R. Mellman

In Honor of Daniel Ferrara ’19
Emily and Peter Ferrara

In Honor of Nicola Frasca ’21
Anna and Sandro Frasca

In Honor of Julia I. Garcia ’20
Barbara and Peter Garcia

In Honor of Rentaro Hashimoto
Patti and Kevin ’70 Fraser

In Honor of Hali L. Ielfield ’22
Julia and Gregg Ielfield

In Honor of William Lucas ’52
Ann and Gerard ’52 Vier

In Honor of Thomas P. MacDonald ’20
Patricia and Keith MacDonald

In Honor of Thomas A. Makin ’72
Chesapeake Charitable Foundation
Grace and John Leahy

In Honor of Angela P. Mark ’87
Michele and Anthony Classe

In Honor of Bryan C. McKeon ’21
Kim and Robert McKeon

In Honor of Alex Messina ’22
Lori and Joseph Messina

In Honor of Pamela Miceus ’20
Kevin Metcalf

In Honor of John P. Murphy ’92
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Timothy O. Murphy ’93
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy

In Honor of Richard and Dolores O’Hara
Therese O’Hara Krebs and Glenn Krebs

In Honor of Kimberly N. Peragine ’21
Debra and Michael Peragine

In Honor of Michael A. Popescu ’22
Mihaela and Dorian Popescu

In Honor of Peter Anthony Raftopoulos ’22
Marianne and Peter Raftopoulos

In Honor of Maverick H. Ramirez ’21
Monica and Hugo Ramirez

In Honor of Steven G. Sikorsky ’20
Marie Sikorsky-Pavia

In Honor of Lawrence C. Siri Jr. ’60
John G. Rossi ’60

In Honor of Victoria Webb ’20
Tracey and Richard Webb