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De La Salle Dinner Donors

Individual Supporters

Thomas Andersen
Alan S. Armstrong
Edward Bastian
Shannon Bates
William A. Bautz
Marc Benioff
Michael Berlin
Puneet Bhasin
Frank Bisignano
Suzanne and Keith Block
Darci Bolenbaugh
Kenneth N. Bouyer
Molly and Patrick Boyle *** TE
Andrew Brandman
Virginia and Kevin Brooks *** +
Susan and Gerard Caccappolo *** T
Sarah Campbell
Christina Canale '95 ***
Tony D. Canale '94 ***
Ralph J. Caputo
Angelina Carvalhal
Robert Cassiliano
Robert B. Catell
Catherine Chou
James K. Coleman '80 ***
Mary H. Coleman '80 ***
Robert Corvino
Paul Cross
Thomas J. Curry '78 ***
David W. Deasy '95
Laura and John '85 Desmarais *** T
Peter E. Devlin '99 *
Frank R. DeWald '73 *
Christopher J. Donato
Maureen and William '75 Dooley *** T
Patrick J. Downes, Jr. '61 ***
Gerard du Toit
James J. Dunne
John Durocher
Scott Duval
Michael Eitner
Joseph G. Engels '75 ***
Anthony Esposito
Tom Evans
Eric Eyken-Sluyters
Melissa Fahs
Steven A. Fangmann '74 ***
Charles V. Farina
Thomas D. Farrell '83 *** T
Deborah and Anthony '78 Fernicola **
George Foulk
J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr.
Mary and John Glynn
John Greed *
Raymond F. Greenan '77
Sean Gregan
Margaret Griffin **
Colleen Griffin Wagner **
William P. Hannon '69 *** FT
Parker Harris
Michael Hartman
Shorn W. Henderson '03 *
Robert Hennig
Cornelius J. Higgins '62 *** TE
Eric Hirani *
Patricia and James J. Houlihan ***
Judy and John G. Houlihan ***
Genevieve and Thomas P. Houlihan ***
William A. Houlihan '77 ***
Leslie Hunziker
Cyrus J. Izzo '87 ***
Robert Junqua
Maria Karam-Stern
Jane Kaufman
Anthony P. Kavanagh '82 ***
Shelley Sanders Kehl and Jeffrey Kehl **
Daniel J. Kelleher, Jr. '77 ***
Jeanne M. Kelleher '78 ***
Raymond W. Kelly '63 **
Randall Kern
Moira A. Kilcoyne '83 *** T
George B. Kirsch *
Margaret and William Klesse **
Don Knepper
Andy Kofoid
Shinichi Koide
Josh Kuriloff
Cheryl and Thomas P. ’86 Kuster *** T
Jeanine E. Lamatina ’81 ***
Louis J. Lamatina ’79 *** T
William Lewis, Jr.
Tracey and Gregory Lintelman
Carol Loewenson *
Christine and Francis J. Lombardi **
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Michael Macrie
Sharad D. Madison
Rohit Mahna
Charles Manning ’73 ***
Fredric Marro ’77 *** T
Connor Marsden
Lynn Martin ’98 *** T
Lisa and Raymond Masucci
Gregory and Rosanne ’82 Matzat *** T
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
Kathleen and John ’80 McAvoy ** T
Frank Dubeck and Marybeth K. McCall ’74 *** T
Kathleen McCarrick-Weiden ’79 ***
Steven McCrystal
David McKechnie
Joel McKoan
John A. McMaster ’78 *** FT
Michael J. McMaster
Michael J. Melanophy *
Jean M. Meloro ’86 ***
Thomas J. Meloro, Jr. ’86 *** T
Miguel Milano Aspe
Edward Miller
Brian Millham
Eileen B. Motherway ’84 ***
James S. Motherway ’83 *** T
Simon Mulcahy
Peter M. Mulderry ’87 *** T
Eileen K. Murray ’80 FT
Frank Muscarella ’94 *
Linda and Peter ’72 Musumeci *** T
Tod Nielsen
Mark Niemiec
Weston A. Norris
Charles C. Ntamere ’96 ***
Angela and Brennan P. O’Donnell *** T
Mary Alice and Thomas D. ’63 O’Malley *** TE
Helene and Kenneth ’65 Orce *** T
Oliver Papraniku
Carol Ann Parisi ’94 **
Dominic Parisi ’94 **
Hillary R. Parker ’84 ***
Edward V. Piccinich ’84
Vincenzo Pugliese
John P. Rasulo ’86 ***
Christine and Kenneth ’70 Rathgeber *** T
David S. Rey
Michael G. Rhodes
Susan M. Rice-Cavanagh ’84 ***
Bruce Richardson
Milo E. Riverso ’81 *** T
Anthony Rizzo
Michael Rosenbaum
Scott Salmirs

Jeffrey S. Sanders
Robert Santimauro
Anthony Sartor ’64 FT
John A. Sartor
George A. Savino ’15 **
Anthony J. Scala, Jr. ’74 *** T
Patricia M. Scanlon-Rios ’92
Thomas Z. Scarangello ’79 ***
Eileen Scariano ’95 ***
Paul Scariano ’94 ***
Amanda K. Scott ’10
Patricia and Dominick M. Servedio **
William J. Sheehan ’81
Larry Shurtz
Sean M. Smith
John Somorjai
Michael J. Squarzini ’92 *
Stephen J. Squeri ’81 *** T
Thomas G. Stephens, III ’88 *
Polly and Mike Sumner
Karen and Bret Taylor
Bryan Thompson
Patricia Torrente ’88 ***
Peter A. Torrente ’88 ***
Kevin Trent *
Maureen and Joseph ’69 Tucci ***
Lorenzo R. Vascotto ’83 ***
Mary Ann Vascotto ’82 ***
John M. Vazquez ’84
Brendan P. Weiden ’79 ***
Frederick W. Werner ’75 **
Josh Weston
Jason Wild
Marie Williams
Curt C. Zegler ’93 ***
Peter J. Zipf ’79 ***

Corporate and Foundation Supporters

7X24 Exchange International
A+ Letter Service
AJ Gallagher and Co.
American Express Company
American Express Global Business Travel
American Heart Association
Ameriprise Financial
Anything Apparel
Arizona Community Foundation
Avaya Corporation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bain & Company, Inc.
Bank of America
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC
Bond, Schoeneck & King
Boston Properties
Brewer Lane Ventures
Bridgewater Associates
Brothers of the Christian Schools, DENA
Brown Brothers Harriman
CB Richard Ellis
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Commercial Kitchens
Compass Group
Con Edison
Contech Systems, Inc.
Creative Services, Inc.
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
CVS Health
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Dell Technologies
Deloitte LLP
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Empire Office Inc.
Ernst & Young LLP
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Financial Force
FMB Consulting LLC
Fredric Marro & Associates, P.C.
Goldman Sachs Company
Gourmet Dining LLC
Griffin Family Foundation
Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America
HBC Foundation
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Hertz Corporation
IH Engineers, P.C.
Infinite Consulting Corp
Intel Corporation
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
James E. Fitzgerald, Inc.
James G. Houlihan Family Second, LP
Jaros Baum & Bolles
Jones Lang LaSalle
Klesse Foundation
Lazard Freres & Co.
Lowy & Donnath, Inc.
Maggs & Associates
Magnum Real Estate Group
Minuteman Press
Mitchell | Giurgola Architects, LLP
Moody’s Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Mutual of America
New York Life Foundation
New York Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Corp
OPI Construction
Oracle Corporation
Paul J. Scariano, Incorporated
Pavarini North East Construction Co.
Piper Sandler Companies
Premium Building Maintenance
Public Service Electric & Gas Co.
Rose Press Inc.
Rsc Insurance Brokerage Inc.
Scientific Games Corporation
SL Green Realty Corp.
Sodexo & Affiliates, Inc.
STV Group, Inc.
Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.
T.D. & M.A. O’Malley Foundation
Tavant Technologies
TD Bank Group
Thornton Tomasetti
Tulsa Community Foundation
Turner Construction Company
Union Pacific Corporation
United Building Maintenance Associates, Inc.
University of Notre Dame
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Vlocity, Inc.
Vornado Realty Trust
VVA Project Managers and Consultants
W.B. Mason Co., Inc.
The Wick Family DAF Fund
The Williams Companies Inc.
Your Cause LLC

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased