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2019-2020 Honor Roll of Donors

For Manhattan College, our nation and world, this year is more challenging than any in recent memory. Yet the extraordinary generosity of alumni and friends has proven to be a decisive source of strength for our entire academic community. In this issue of our annual Honor Roll of Donors, we express our profound and humble gratitude for your remarkable support.

Through your generosity, giving this past year exceeded $16 million for only the second time in the College’s history. Unrestricted giving totaled $4.7 million, comprising annual giving, anniversary class gifts and the record-breaking $2.6 million raised by our 2020 De La Salle Dinner, honoring Anthony Fernicola ’78, ’82 (MBA), president and chief customer officer at Salesforce. And at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel Reunion Weekend, the Jasper Open and other popular events, our benefactors stepped up to keep contributions strong.

Such generosity always makes a critical difference for our students. This year, it was even more significant. Emergency costs, lost family income and other difficulties have affected many undergraduates. Some incoming students even considered forgoing the semester. Your gifts give us the flexibility to better assist these hardworking young men and women at a critical point in their education. On behalf of our entire Manhattan College community, thank you for your exemplary support this past year. We are, as always, deeply grateful for your enduring partnership in the worthy cause of a Lasallian Catholic higher education.

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

Manhattan College gratefully acknowledges all our generous benefactors. To the best of our knowledge, the information in this issue of our Honor Roll of Donors accurately reflects our records. We recognize, however, that omissions or errors, while regrettable, inadvertently may occur. If you find any inaccuracies, please notify the office of Development at (718) 862-7275.

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  • Message from the President


    To the Manhattan College community,

    In the midst of this truly challenging time, we take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks to each and every one of our faithful alumni and friends.

    Your extraordinary generosity has provided much-needed strength to Manhattan and its 167-year-old Lasallian Catholic educational mission. This year, for only the second time in our history, total gifts to the College have surpassed $16 million. Your commitment allows us to meet the academic and fiscal challenges wrought by COVID-19 — all for the benefit of the worthy young Jaspers who need us more than ever. 

    In this edition of our Honor Roll of Donors, we express our deepest gratitude for your support at this critical point for higher education in general — and colleges like Manhattan in particular. As you know so well, our faculty, administrators and staff have worked tirelessly this past spring and summer, enabling our College to face the implications and exigencies associated with the pandemic. Through their efforts, creativity and expertise — and through your generosity — we made a timely return to campus this fall, with a host of pedagogical and infrastructural adjustments in order to ensure the health and safety of our entire community.

    Clearly, we remain dedicated to providing the high-quality education for which Manhattan is so widely known — a unique learning experience that continues to transform so many young lives. We gratefully acknowledge that none of these efforts would be possible if not for alumni and friends like you.

    Consider how much your generosity has meant to our students this past year. A growing number of undergraduates are struggling with unforeseen, COVID-19-related difficulties, including lost family income, unexpected travel costs and emergency housing. Your unrestricted support has given us the flexibility to better assist them. And the need continues. In response, Manhattan established its Pandemic Relief Funds for students who were unable to submit their deposits or return at all for the fall semester. Friends and alumni also provided invaluable support for our online Day of Caring in April, honoring Saint John Baptist de La Salle as part of Mission Month.

    At the same time, we continue our efforts to ensure Manhattan’s strength in a world that was quite challenging even before the pandemic. Loyal alumni and friends like you make this work possible as well. For example, our 2020 De La Salle Medal Dinner — held in honor of Anthony Fernicola
    ’78, ’82 (MBA), president and chief customer officer at Salesforce — raised a record-breaking $2.6 million for student aid. Our 30,000-square-foot Patricia and Cornelius J. Higgins ’62 Engineering and Science Center is launching a new chapter of continuing excellence in engineering and the sciences. Set in motion by the history-making generosity of Mary Alice and Thomas D. O’Malley ’63, our O’Malley School of Business flourishes as we upgrade De La Salle Hall, its historic home. Moreover, support for Invest in the Vision: The Campaign for Manhattan continues to grow. This $165 million effort will strengthen Manhattan in an increasingly competitive academic environment.

    No one knows what further difficulties COVID-19 may impose. This much is sure: your support is critical to our success. The pandemic continues to present vast challenges for American higher education. Consider: this past February, according to The College Stress Test, by Robert Zemsky, 10% of colleges and universities were struggling. Since then, the number has risen to 20%. In this formidable environment, Manhattan’s resilience reflects a long history of responsible management and especially the uncommonly generous support of remarkable donors like you.

    We are confident that — through God’s help and the dedication of our community — this crisis, too, will pass. And, we believe, your support will help Manhattan to grow ever stronger. Thank you all once again for your extraordinary generosity this past year and your enduring commitment to the timeless cause of Lasallian Catholic education. I wish you and your families all the very best at this most challenging of times.

    Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D.

  • Message from the Vice President

    To our Manhattan College family,

     The last time I expressed my truly heartfelt thanks to all of you in our Honor Roll of Donors — as I do now — our world was a much different place. Friends met in public without masks. Postponing campus events like Commencement seemed unthinkable. And though significant, the challenges at Manhattan were tied mainly to economic and technological change.

    Who could have predicted events since then? COVID-19 is a crisis unlike any that most of us have ever seen. The pandemic has shuttered businesses, precluded public gatherings, and most tragically, stolen far too many lives. As President O’Donnell notes in his own Honor Roll message, the impact is especially hard on higher education, as students struggle with emergency expenses and lost income.

    So I am deeply, personally grateful for your extraordinary support this past year. For only the second time in our history, giving to the College has surpassed $16 million. This includes an incredible $4.7 million in unrestricted gifts — comprising annual giving, anniversary class gifts, the Jasper Open and the De La Salle Medal Dinner. Honoring Anthony Fernicola ’78, ’82 (MBA), president and chief customer officer at Salesforce, our 2020 dinner raised a record-breaking $2.6 million for student aid.

    Such remarkable generosity seems almost miraculous in today’s difficult environment. Consider Invest in the Vision: The Campaign for Manhattan. Launched publicly last fall, this $165 million campaign has raised $133.7 million — more than 80% of our total goal. Twenty-six gifts are more than $1 million. The effort, the largest in the College’s history, is essential to Manhattan’s long-term strength in an increasingly competitive environment. 

    This spring, various immediate concerns arose. For example, a growing number of students requested COVID-19-related extensions for their deposits and re-evaluations of their financial aid packages. Many also needed help with unexpected travel and housing expenses. In response, we established our Pandemic Relief Funds and inaugural Day of Caring, to which friends and alumni also generously contributed. Of course, I am personally grateful to all who gave to the Mauriello Family Scholarship Fund, in memory of my parents, Edith and Dominick Mauriello.

    Sadly, the pandemic forced us to postpone several beloved events. We were unable to gather on campus for Reunion Weekend, yet Jaspers stepped forward with contributions to anniversary class giving. We also had to cancel play for our annual Jasper Golf Open; in its stead, participants supported our first “Un-Golf ” Open.

    Even so, I am delighted to note that we did safely hold the first in-person event of the season. Ordinarily, I only report on our July 1 – June 30 fiscal year. Yet our Construction Industry Golf Tournament, on July 20, deserves mention. More than 100 friends and alumni joined us, raising much-needed resources for our School of Engineering. We look forward to reviving our full schedule of events when possible.

    As always, Jaspers contributed to alma mater in a wide variety of ways. For example, I want to thank John P. Rasulo ’86, who completed his third year as chair, Fund for Manhattan. At the same time, we welcome former trustee Margaret (Meg) Walsh ’79, ’82 (MBA), ’93 (MS) as our new chair. Thank you, Meg, for so graciously stepping forward. Your enduring concern for Manhattan — its mission, its heritage and above all, its students — strengthens our College even at this most difficult of times. Thanks to you, an education that has transformed young lives for so many generations will continue to do so. And for that, I remain truly grateful. I wish all of you continued good health and well-being.

    Thomas Mauriello
    Vice President, Advancement
  • Message from the Fund for Manhattan Chair

    John Rasulo '86 Dear Jaspers and Friends,

    Looking back at the challenging events of this past year, I am astonished by how our world has changed. To think, there was a time when we thought nothing of hugging friends and family members, walking crowded streets, going to our offices or running to the store without having to worry about masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing. The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have been profound for each of us, our families and institutions like Manhattan College.

    Yet, in this final year of my term as chair of the Fund for Manhattan, I am gratified by all the good things that have not changed, especially the uplifting dedication of friends and alumni like you. At a time of truly unprecedented demands on our College, its faculty and students, you have risen to the challenge with extraordinary generosity. Thanks to you, gifts to Manhattan have surpassed $16 million for only the second time in the College's long and distinguished history.

    In this issue of our Honor Roll of Donors, we recognize, celebrate and, above all, thank everyone who has stepped up and given at a time when Manhattan needs you most. As you know, your gifts are vital to the strength of our College. During the past seven months, COVID-19 has placed incredible financial strains on a growing number of young Jaspers, including emergency costs for housing and travel, as well as the heartache of lost family income. By supporting the Fund for Manhattan, you have helped these deserving students continue their education.

    I am deeply and personally grateful for your generosity, both this past year and throughout the entire three years of my tenure as chair. Although I will miss serving in this capacity, I am delighted to welcome my successor — our new Fund for Manhattan chair, former trustee Margaret (Meg) Walsh ’79, ’82 (MBA), ’93 (MS). Thank you, Meg! I know you will show her the same enthusiastic support that you so graciously extended to me.

    Once again, I want to express my gratitude for your generosity to the Fund for Manhattan. We who have benefited from a Lasallian Catholic education are uniquely positioned to help ensure that future generations experience the same advantages. I wish you and your family all the very best for good health and continuing success.

    John P. Rasulo ’86
    Chair, Fund for Manhattan