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Employees, Friends, and Parents of Alumni


Mary Ann Avella ***
Marc Benioff
Suzanne and Keith Block
Frances and Raymond Broderick ***
Maureen and William ’75 Dooley *** T
Marie Eslinger Gail and Fredric ’77 Marro *** T
Mary Ellen and Anthony ’74 Scala *** T


Edward Bastian
Jean DiPalo
Genevieve and Thomas P. Houlihan ***
Judy and John G. Houlihan ***
Patricia and James J. Houlihan ***
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Lynn Montemarano
Mary and Eugene F. Murphy ***
Chester J. Nisteruk
Barbara Reilly ***
Christina and Richard Stroupe
Kevin Trent *


Frank Bisignano
Adam F. Falk
Josephine K. Hennelly
Grace and John Leahy **
Susan Matthews *
Michael J. Melanophy *
Joan Moran ***
Paula Olsiewski
Michael G. Rhodes
Patricia and Dominick M. Servedio **
Dominica and John ’84
Vazquez Juliette White **
Kathleen Whiteside
Mary and George Whitwell
Joseph A. Zock **
Robert A. Zock, Jr. **


Puneet Bhasin
Douglas Boyle *
Tracy E. Boyle **
Virginia and Kevin ’66 Brooks *** +
Jeanette Brown ’87
Christopher J. Donato
James J. Dunne
J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr.
John Greed *
Margaret Griffin **
Dorothy and John J. ’62 Healey ***
Jacqueline ’92 and Moujalli ’81 Hourani ***
Leslie Hunziker
Sari and Hiroaki Kanai
Shelley Sanders Kehl and Jeffrey Kehl **
Margaret and William Klesse **
Josh Kuriloff
Karen Laino Giannuzzi *
William Lewis, Jr.
Ellen and Joseph ’73 Lowry ***
Sharad D. Madison
Arlene and Reuben Mark
Tod Nielsen
Mark Niemiec
Angela and Brennan P. O’Donnell *** T
Marianne and Gerard ’69 O’Reilly *
Oliver Papraniku
Gerry Ryan *
Carlo A. Scissura
Kevin Shevlin *
Karen and Bret Taylor
Janet and Nicholas J. Tortorella
Joseph Urbinati ’89 ***
Diane and James R. Weldon ***
Barbara and Richard Whitcomb *
Maria W. Zazzera ’78 ***
Debby Ziering


Julie-Anne and Charles Bernroth **
Lisa and Russell W. Broderick ***
Holly and Richard ’82 Browne ***
Angelina Carvalhal
Robert B. Catell
Barbara and Michael ’68 Cesa ***
Christine and William Clyde ***
Jane M. Cullen **
Helen and Michael ’68 Daly ***
Kathleen and Thomas ’66 Dugan ***
Barbara A. Green
Sean Gregan
G. Parker Harris
John S. Jeris **
Patricia Kennedy
George B. Kirsch ***
Dora S. Lee **
Denise McCool **
Steven McCrystal
Barbara J. Mead and Richard Lawrence ’68 **
Edward Miller
Robert J. Muller, Jr. ’68 FT
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas Delaney ’71 ***
Scott Salmirs
Victoria A. Scala ’10 ***
Georgette and Michael ’63 Skelly ***
Patricia and John Stack *
Polly and Mike Sumner
Anya Taylor *
Joan and Robert Vizza


Andrew Brandman
Elizabeth Brennan
Edward Brown
Lynne P. Brown FT
Mary and Charles V. Callan **
Sarah Campbell
Robert Cassiliano
Lisa and Francis A. Colucci **
Robert Corvino
John M. Curran **
Charles V. Farina
Mary Faucher and Steven Klugman *
Thomas Fitzpatrick, Jr. *
George Foulke
Robert E. Hagadorn ’65 ***
Lois Harr and John Reilly ’75 ***
Anne Iskrant
Robert Junqua
Randall Kern
Jeanine ’81 and Louis ’79 Lamatina *** T
Carol Loewenson *
Rohit Mahna
Renee and Thomas Mauriello ***
John McCarthy **
Miguel Milano Aspe
Weston A. Norris
Rebecca Otten
Anthony Rizzo
John A. Sartor
Sean M. Smith
Bryan Thompson
Nancy and Raymond ’79 Watroba ***
Marie Williams

Leadership Group

Alan S. Armstrong
Marianne and Wiktor Bednarz ***
Joanne O’Brien-Bendernagel ’87 and Edward Bendernagel ’84 ***
Darci Bolenbaugh
Rosemary Christoff Dolan
Fr. Thomas E. Collins *
Paul Cross
Gerard du Toit
Corine and Thomas Fitzpatrick ***
Veronica M. Frank
Robert Hennig
Eric Hirani *
Shinichi Koide
Joseph J. Lifrieri, III **
Michael Macrie
Robert A. Mahan ***
Catherine and William ’67 Marshall *** FT
David McKechnie
Simon Mulcahy
Orlando Olave
Mona T. Petrocine ***
Robin and Salvatore Purpura
Debra Riggi
Michael Rosenbaum
Gina Sansone
Vera and Edward J. Singer
Deirdre and Brendan ’85 Spillane **
William Stoloski

Cupola Club

Ann M. Albrecht *
Mary ’80 and Michael ’78 Bachynsky ***
Shannon Bates
Nancy and Joseph Borger
Jean and Joe Brandmeyer
Elizabeth and Paul J. Choquette, Jr. ***
Shelley and Kevin Courtney *
Sara W. Cowan
Richard P. Cypher
Maria C. Dans *
Anne Dennehy ***
Patricia Doman *
John Durocher
Scott Duval
Colin Dwyer
Cornelius Dwyer
Elizabeth and Scott C. Evans
Berenice and Kevin ’75 Farley **
Michael Hartman
Barbara A. Higgins ’70 ***
Andy Kofoid
Thomas E. Kohlberg *
Frederick Lash *
Aileen Lowry Farrelly ’95 and John Farrelly ***
John K. Lyden ***
Robert Mackie
Catherine T. Mark and Richard Reuter **
Stephen J. Masiello
Lisa and Raymond Masucci
Joel McKoan
Brian Millham
Patricia Moore
James F. Munsell
Brian J. O’Connor ’60 ***
John O’Connor
Gerard A. Postiglione
Deborah and David ’74 Quinn ***
Joseph M. Reames **
Arleen A. Roche *
Joanne and Anthony Sampogna
Robert Santimauro
Paul C. Schmall
Larry Shurtz
Roberta Silman
Mary and Bill Ward
Jeffrey Weil ***
Josh Weston

Quad Club

Thomas Andersen
Ashwini Mohan-Angira and Pratab Angira Christopher Baldi *
Michael Berlin
Karen and John Bidosky, III
Kathleen ’10 and William J. Bisset, Jr. ***
Maria Branco
Robin and Mark Bright
Diane and Daniel Burns **
Br. Frank G. Byrne, FSC *** T
Richard Carbonaro ’97
Paul Catalano
Catherine Chou
William Costello
Thomas Cristello ***
Claire and James ’66 Cuff **
Joanne and Frank ’78 Daly **
Ellen Del Colle **
Ellen B. Devey *
Eileen and Robert DiGregorio **
Winsome A. Downie *
Madeleine and Dennis Durkin *
Doris Ehner **
Anthony Esposito
Barbara L. Estrin *
Eric Eyken-Sluyters
Melissa Fahs
Dympna Bowles and Donal E. Farley ’57 ***
Gerard T. Feeney **
Maureen Finnegan
Mary Ellen and Manuel J. Garcia **
Donald E. Gibson
Br. Carlos Gomez Restrepo, FSC * T
Ann E. Gratzer ***
Donna and Thomas F. Igoe ***
Regina and Richard Jarosch **
Lisa Juncaj ’99 ***
Thomas Kalman
Maria Karam-Stern
Jane Kaufman
Daniel Kelleher **
Janice and John ’63 Kmetzo *
Brendan Lawler *
Br. Dennis Lee, FSC * T
Tracey and Gregory Lintelman
Christine and Francis J. Lombardi **
Robert Lucas ’94 ***
Cash A. Mahoney
Thomas H. Maloney
Br. William Mann, FSC *** T
Connor Marsden
Stephen Matthews
Lucile and Gerald ’65 McCarthy ***
Barbara and Daniel ’69 McLoughlin
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98 *
Margaret E. Mullery ’91 ***
David Murphy
Joseph L. Murray, Jr. ***
Elizabeth A. Murray
Karen Nicholson *
Lourdes and Gerald O’Connor
Peggy and Thomas ’80 O’Malley ***
Theresita and Melchor L. Pablo ***
Rosemary and Anthony ’62 Pellegrino

Lucas J. Pliakis
Ann and Thomas ’67 Polucci ***
Robert P. Quigley ’64 *
Eileen and Kevin Quinn
Peter Recla **
David S. Rey
Bruce Richardson 
Christine and Michael L. Rogers **
John Barry Ryan ***
Jeffrey S. Sanders
John A. Shea *
Michael Sheehan
Elizabeth and Nicolai Shuman
Walter Sinnott **
Br. Robert J. Smith, FSC T
Mary and Dennis Tierney
Mary and Michael ’74 Wallace ***
Colleen A. Shanahan-Warren ’81 and Michael W. Warren ’79 

1853 Society

Anne Marie and Richard ’81 Alexander
Eileen A. Armstrong ’86
Marie and William ’64 Baron ***
Alexandra Bassetti
Darlene Bedeker *
Eileen Bellew
Theresa A. Blose **
Joan and Lawrence ’56 Boland *
Graceanne and Mark S. Bramante
Bryan B. Braun ’83
Ryan Brewer **
Elizabeth and John C. Brown ***
Barbara B. Cahill
Louis Calvelli *
Alexander Canale
Margaret and David M. Canale
Diane and Vincent ’78 Cascio ***
Suzanne Choquette
William H. Choquette ***
Judith Clark
Michele and Anthony Classe **
Ann and Carl ’86 Clemente ***
Anthony Cosme **
Geraldine and John N. Crary *
Linda Crome
Kathleen and Robert ’76 Cucciniello
Jane and David Eger
Michael Eitner

Tom Evans
Michael Ferrara
Deborah and Michael ’76 Fidanzato ***
Helen Finn ***
Catherine and Bruno Fiore ***
Nancy and Richard W. Fontaine **
Joseph Freer
Joseph Gallagher *
Josephine and Arthur ’69 Garcia ***
Mary and Robert ’69 Garvey ***
Joyce Gormally ***
Lydia ’79 and Thomas ’70 Gray **
Sharyn Gregor *
Patricia Gunn Doherty
Jenna and Matthew ’03 Haddad **
Veronica and Kenneth ’65 Harvey ***
Eileen and James ’70 Hayden **
Bernadette and James G. ’65 Hearn, Jr. *** +
Kena and Christopher M. Holmes
Patricia Holmes
James T. Hubbard
Aileen T. Jones *
Mary Helen and James H. Jordan ***
Madeline P. Kelly
Barbara A. Kessler Fabe ***
Don Knepper
David Korman
Albert H. Kouba
Lucille and Robert Landry **
Sheralyne Leis
Kyle T. Lippman
Thomas H. MacDonald
Marilyn and Edward Marron
Mary Ellen McDermott
Anne M. McGovern
Joseph J. McGovern ***
Marcie and Terence P. McGovern
Michele and Robert ’66 McGrath *
Mary Ann McGuire
Rosemary and James ’50 McLean +
Thomas Modeszto *
Estelle and David ’68 Momrow ***
Geraldine and Brendan ’78 Monaghan **
Alice S. Moore
Debra and Kevin ’71 Mulvaney *
Maureen Murnane ***
Margaret Nolan ***
John Odierna
Jack R. Orben ***
Brian Orf *
Alice and William F. Palmer *
Janine ’82 and Stephen Parks
Gregory S. Player ***
Robert A. Power ’89 ***
Jeanne and David E. Radvany
Joan M. Rossillo **
Shirley and James E. Shirron
Anthony Siclare
Theresa A. Smith
John Somorjai
Patrice and Michael ’69 Tiffany ***
Linda A. Timmons
Alex Trapp
Vincent J. Ventura
Joshua Vernon
Heather and Kevin Vulin *
Jean Walker
Chris Walters
Marian Watkins
Maureen and John ’82 Westphal ***
Helen and Stephen L. White ***

Jasper Oval

Rose and George Abdilla
Daniel Abitbul
Gail and Robert D. Albert
Howard Allen
Anthony Angarola
Pedro Aponte, Jr.
Phyllis and Francis Arland
Marianne and Thomas J. Babcock *
Robert Babich
Judith and Richard ’61 Bachmann ***
Missi Baker
Regina and Robert T. Baker **
Brendan Bane
Maureen and Matthew Bane
Diana and Frank ’65 Barbieri ***
George Barone
Christian Bell
Daniel Black
Adrianne and Jared Blake
Cordelia Boise
Veronica Boland ’17
Romildo J. Bottari **
Maria Brancaccio
Patricia G. Brennan
Roseann and Greg Brewer
Susan and Robert W. Bruce, III
Ann and Peter Bruchansky *
Sheila K. Buckley *
Brian Bulger
Sharon and Louis ’60 Buononato ***
Elaine and Theodore ’57 Burger ***
Beverly and Robert ’57 Burns ***
Patricia and Daniel ’78 Cahillane ***
Ellen and Anthony Calandra *
David Callahan
Julia and Carlo ’74 Calvi ***
Terri and Rich Campanaro **
Helen and Roger ’66 Canal ***
Joseph F. Capitani ’78 **
Mark Capone
Belinda Carey
Cheryl and Richard Carey
Donna M. Casazza
Jo Anne S. Casey *
Heather Catello
Katharina Cerreta
Shannon Cestone
Joseph Chalom
George Chin
Joyce and Thomas A. Choquette ***
Monica and Thomas A. Choquette
Leonor and Luis F. Cifuentes
Nancy and Andrew Cirincione
Kevin M. Clancy ’68 *
RoseAnn Cleary
Alan J. Cohen *
Ellen and William T. Collins
Gael and Thomas ’58 Connolly
Delfina Corona
Jo Ann and Gregory Corsini
Kathy and Gus Costas ***
Regina Cregin
Paula Crisler **
Virginia Cabrera and Miguel A. Cuevas ’83
Alexis D’esposito
Colleen and David Dabbour *
Maureen Daddazio
Denise Davey
Anthony De Gregorio
Veronica and Richard De Sanctis **
Frances and Anthony DeLaurentis **
Nancy Delgrosso
Katherine DePaul
Lynn and Paul W. Dericks
Mina DeVita *
Shirley and Paul Dickes
James W. Dietz
Thomas Donohue
Virginia M. Donohue ***
Charlotte and Thomas ’64 Downing *
Gail and Verner Drohan *
Ursula Duffy ***
Rose Ellen Dunn **
Rose and James ’64 Dunphy
Rabbi Thomas Dyer
Robert Dyk
Helene and Patrick J. Earley
Mark Elvidge
Julie and Kenmore Emerson
Ann and Paul F. Engelhart
Maureen O’Keefe-Englert and Christopher W. Englert *
Marion Erickson *
Rosemary and Dennis Farley
Anthony Fauci
MaryAnn Fauci
Mario Fava
Theodore Fedder
Mary Leone-Ferrara and John Ferrara
Amy L. Fiorello *
Maureen Flynn
Joseph Furnari ’70 ***
Francine Gallagher
Kerri Gallagher
Jennifer and Jonathan P. Garino
Jadediah R. Geer
Lori Giachetti *
Nancy and William J. Gilbane
Mary and Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr.
Michael Gleeson
Eileen and Charles ’75 Goggins ***
Michael Grabowski **
Sydney Grau
Katheryn and Wallace D. Gregory, Jr.
Kathleen A. Guinan
Kathleen and James ’66 Gunn *
Helen M. Gunning **

Lea Hakala *
Carol and James F. Hartnett
Judd Hausner
Enda Healy
Karen and Herbert ’72 Heller ***
Phyllis Hendrix
Barbara ’20 and Timothy Herlihy *
Tracy and William Hollister *
Allyson and Everett S. Hopkins, Jr.
Erik Hoppin
E.D. Huettig
James Husselbee
Linda and James H. Ihlen
Caroline Iskander
Marilyn Jablonski **
Bart Jacoby
Melinda Janow
William Kahaly ***
Kay and John ’65 Kaiser ***
Teresa Kane **
Stephen Kaplan
Arielle Katz
Kyle Kaufman
Nancy Keating **
Sister Agnes Kelly
Catherine and Russell E. Kennedy ***
Judith and Paul ’64 Kenny ***
Lois and Peter ’62 Kenny
Soohong Kim
Christie Kinney
Gary Kleinberg ***
Brian Knighton
Charles A. Knighton
Paul and Karen S. Krzenski
Kathleen M. Kuhnel ’80 ***
Nicholas Lakoumentas *
Elizabeth Lampersberger *
Herve Le Meliner
John Leylegian
Patricia and Roy Licklider ***
Constance Galanis and Stephen J. Linde
Jonathan Luca **
Michael Luca
Sylvester Luca **
Timothy D. Lynch
Anne and Thomas H. MacCowatt
Helen and Angus Macdonald ***
Marie Magliano
Marie and James ’85 Maher ***
Antonietta and Louis ’68 Maiorino ***
Lucy and Thomas ’64 Mancuso *
Veronica Markey
Anna and Thomas Maroselli
Mary Marshall
Amir Masoumi *
Donna and John H. Masterson **
Don May
Judith and John J. McArdle
Brian McCabe
Elizabeth McClure
Mary and Timothy McConnell
Mary E. McGovern
Mary K. McGrattan *
Judith and John P. McGuire ***
Erin McHale
Peter McHugh **
Siobhan and John E. McHugh *
Noreen McManus Ryan ’19 and Timothy Ryan
Michael J. McMaster
Ellen and John ’71 McNally
Janet McShane *
Phyllis V. Meader *
Robert Meck
Carol Meroth
William J. Merriman ’73
Heidi Mesik *
Susan Mezo
Martha Michael
Gerald A. Miele ***
Marilyn Eider and Joseph L. Monteith ’61 ***
Suzanne and Richard R. Morgan *
Francine and Emil Muccin
Helen Mulligan
Anne Mullooly
Angela and John A. Murphy ***
Doris and Edward Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy ***
Päivi Murphy
Kathleen B. Muskopf ***
Mary Ann and Michael F. Naughton ***
Kelli and Robert W. Nelson *
Br. Robert Novak
Sahar Nusseibeh
Edward and Maureen Nusser *
Kelley ’85 and Paul J. O’Connor
Kevin O’Connor
Mary Ann ’68 and John ’61 O’Donnell
Dolores and Richard L. O’Hara
Todd Olsen
Maria Castellanos and Fundador Padilla **
Monica and John Pandis
Jane and William A. Petzold **
Iris and Emanuel T. Phillips *
Gloria Pilkerton
Elizabeth M. Plaushin
Cynthia and Edward Pristach **
Karen Proskurnia
Vincenzo Pugliese
Sheila I. Puglisi *
Sheila Quinn
Patricia and Brendan Radigan *
Maria Rafferty
Loretta A. Ranalli
Margaret and Michael ’80 Rappe ***
Bernadette and Thomas ’62 Reilly ***
Kevin Reilly
Sharon and Michael ’81 Reilly
Karen Reinah
Patricia and Sewsanker Rengasawmy
Anne Kathy and Hugh ’79 Rice ***
Janet Rice Forsman
Stuart L. Rich
Arthur Rivera
Carol and John L. Robinson **
Elise Rodino
Jeanette and William Rodino
Maureen Rodino
Nancy E. Rogers *
Sally J. Rogers *
Gianluca Rottura **
Liliana and Alberto Rottura
Susan Rubisch-Gisler
Margaret and Stanley ’74 Rupnick ***
Kathleen and Thomas ’69 Ryan ***
Fr. Sultan Sahin
Vincent Salvetti
Maria and Richard ’63 Scarpelli ***
Rhonda Schaffermaron
Maureen and Chris Schneider *
Joyce Schoenberger
Frederick M. Schweitzer
Susan Scope
Cynthia and Brian Searls
David Serodio
Victoria Sheffield **
Patricia and Greg Sherwood
Debra Singleton
Valerie I. Smith-Hobbs *
Lisa and Christopher Sokol
Maura Soyer
Norma and Anton ’62 Spagnolo **
Jennifer Stafford
Stephen Steinthal *
David Stevens
Inez and Richard Stevenson
Douglas Stewart **
Donna Sullivan
Nicole Talavera
Maria and Vito M. Terzulli
Lucas Todd
Patricia and Carmen ’63 Tripo ***
Denise Chimenti-Vadon ’87 and Philip T. Vadon ’87 **
Philip J. Valentino ’66 ***
Cory VanAuken
Elizabeth and Charles Velenovsky ***
John Verlezza
Lauren Visconti
Barbara and William Vrooman
Sue and Ante Vulin *
Vesna Vulin
Mary E. Wade
Qian Wang
Gregory M. Weigand
Ira Weiss
Suzanne Werdal-Palmer
Beverly and Alan Weyland **
Jason Wild
Betsy G. Wilson
Jessica M. Wilson ’08
Carol and Edward Winkler ***
Christina and Mark Worthington ***
Jeffrey H. Wyckoff *
Leah and Robert S. Yost
Christine Zahn
Patricia and Andrew Zajac **
Ralph Zednik
Grace and John Zwisdak


Lizz Adcox
Susan and Patrick Affholter
Bernadette Agis
Elizabeth Glauber and Kevin J. Ahern
Onave Aiyede
Onimisi Aiyede
Baha Albataineh
Patricia and Louis Amoroso ***
Andrea Annunziato
Arshia Anwer
Sean Apostoli
Jeffrey Armstrong
Jennifer and Daniel A. Asciolla
Mary Lou and Daniel Asciolla
Nancy and Alan F. Atkinson
John Backus
Amy Bajus *
Tonja Baker
Michele Bane
Donna and Anthony G. Bassetti *
Maxwell T. Bedeker
Louise and Eugene Bender
Br. Robert Berger, FSC ‘73
Lauren Bevilacqua
Erin Bienkowski
Jerome L. Billingsley *
Henry Boyton
Rita Brady
Tamara J. Britt
Dawn Brown
Dorthy Brown
Emily Brown
Larry Brown
Barbara and John Brugel
Deborah Burgess *
Janet and William J. Burke ***
Shonda Bush Goodman
Eileen Cain ***
Carol and Nicholas G. Candeloro ***
Heather Caplan
Eileen Caracciolo *
Christina M. Cardinale ’04
Claudia Cardona **
Patricia and Carl Carinci *
Elizabeth Carmichael
Margaret and James Casola *
Daniel Cavanagh
Sunny Chen
Jeffrey Cherubini
Monique Christensen
Maria Cicinelli
Donna and Joseph ’62 Clarke ***
Kerry and J Patrick Cleary
Matthew Cleary
Paul Cleary
Melissa and Chris C. Clehane
Helen M. Colamartino
Therese and William Coleman
Anne Marie Colon
Cathleen M. Conlon ’78
Sada Connel
Chari Corpuz **
Thelma Craig
Caroline Crane
Joseph P. Crosby, Sr.
Lisa Cumberland
Jeanne and John P. Curran **
Laura and Steven Cushman
Caryl Dabenigno
Debra Damico
Kevin Dardzinski *
Joanne Deluca and Stephen J. ’76 De Luca
Dolores and David J. DeCintio **
Michelle Deckelman
Christina DeGregorio
Paige L. Della-Penna *
Laura DeMayo
Lauren DeMayo
Marie and John S. DeVita
Lisa DiPietro
Michele DiRuggiero **
Elizabeth Donnelly
Cecilia Donohoe
Carol and Raymond R. Dwyer
Jean Eltrevoog
Jane F. Englert
Ryan Englert
Cheryl and Thomas M. Engley
Mary Erazo
Carolyn Farrell
Kristen Farrell
Margaret and Stuart Feinstein
Catherine Feldmann
Elynne and David L. Ferioli
Emily and Peter Ferrara
Josie Ferri
Elia and Dominick ’79 Fickeria ***
Maureen Fieo *
Catherine and Anthony Filiato
Morgan Fique
Barbara and Richard H. Fitzsimmons
Erin Flaherty *
Angela and Thomas Flarity **
Ann Hall and David Flynn
Fabienne Fontenette
Danielle Freshour
Kristina Freshour
Thomas Freshour
Shirley Friday
Angela Ganey
Briana Garrett
Linda and James Garrett
Susan Geisker
Jaclyn Geldmacher
Bill Gentile
Marjorie Gentile
Richard Gentile
Ira F. Gerhardt
Jeffrey Gilbane
Jennifer Giordano
Christie Gonzalez-Toro
Laura Grahm
Lynn and Robert Grasso
Matthew R. Graver *
Robert N. Graver *
Karen and Charles E. Green ***
Jacqueline Greenwood
Larry Gregerson
Kiambra Griffin
Nicole Grotto *
Sonia Guillermo
Jamie Hamel
Jessica Harrison
Daniel Hartman
Amber Heller
Barbara and Arthur ’59 Heller **
Jeffrey S. Hendrix
Dorothy and Michael T. Hickey *
Beth and Thomas P. Hill
Amanda Hise
Gina L. Hise
Gloria McConnell and Andrew Hise
Keith Hise
Ruth and John Hmelnicky *
Ottilie A. Holman
Jake Holmquist ’01
Debra Horvath
Elizabeth Howie
Beatrice Huste-Petersen
Peter Ianniello
Marisa and Gary W. Intinarelli
Marie and Timothy B. Jones
Joan and Gerald ’69 Judge ***
Irene Kabot
Amanda Kappes-Peterson
Marjorie Keane Wiley
Kristen E. Kearns ’16 **
James Keeler
Stu Keeler **
Eileen Keenaghan
Karin E. Kelly
Holly Kennedy *
Anne Kenworthy
Julien H. Kern ’96 ***
Joedy and Roy E. Kievit
Katrina Kilgallon
Margaret Kilgallon *
Catherine and Thomas A. Kilroy *
Jean and Joseph D. King **
Maria and John Lama
Kristin and Joseph E. Lamprey, III
Mary and Laurence ’70 Langan *
Nancy and William Lanier
Stacey Lanier
Kathleen F. Latimer *
Jennifer Latini
Kin Lazzaro
Vivian and Godfrey Leidenfrost
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Greg Liautaud
Cecilia D. Liotta
Nicholas Liotta
Kayla Liscio
Michael G. Lo Russo **
Mary and Anthony Lopatowski
Donna M. Luisi
Heikki Maasalo
Gennaro J. Maffia ’72 **
Frank Magolon *
Lois and John F. Magolon *
Virginia and Paul M. Mahoney *
Michael Malesich
Johnnie and Shaun Malloy
Jennifer Marano
Alexa Marigliano
Margaret Mark Murray *
Adrienne J. Maroselli
Diane and Anthony Marzuillo
Marilyn and Gregory Matzen *
Christopher Mauriello
Harrison Mauriello
Matthew Mauriello
Patricia McCarthy Tomassi
Carmela and Kevin McCabe **
Kathryn McCann
Peter J. McCarthy ’72 *
Josephine P. McClintock
Ann McCormack
Megan McCormack
Rita and Thomas McGoldrick *
Melida P. McGuire
Haley McPherson
Sandra and Lawrence R. McPherson
Jack McQuade
Virginia McWalters
Cristiano Mele
Janice R. Mellman
Kirsti Menna
Patricia and Norman C. Merz
Kevin Metcalf
Maria Pichardo and Francisco Miguens
Suzanne Mimnaugh
Janey Mink
Martin Monahan
Patrick R. Mooney
Elizabeth and Richard Moran
Johann Morgan
Patricia and Robert Morris **
Linda Morrissey
Bernard Moughty
Diana Muenzen
Beverly and Robert F. Mulligan *
Brian Murray
Laurie Neiman
Heather and Randy Newcomer
Colleen and James Nidds
Patricia Nidds
Barbara Niegocki
Judith and Richard O’Connor *
Kathy O’Gara
Erin O’Hara
Bernadette O’Keefe
Christine and Burton J. O’Keefe *
Elizabeth M. O’Keeffe-Cleary ’92
Christina O’Malley
Lauren O’Malley
Rhonda and Michael J. O’Reilly **
Pamela and Gregory Page
Ann Peifer
Ben Peifer
Cornel Pendergrass
Katerina Petachti
Janice and John Petrakes
Fay Petrokonis ’70 *
Julie Phelan
Sharon Phelan
Kevon Piegare
Juliana Piehler
Eileen Pliske
Michael Plugh
Elizabeth and Donald P. Pluta *
Nicholas Quaranti **
Donna Quilliam
Thomas M. Quinn ’74
Patricia and Michael Quivelli *
Abraham Rabadi
Christine Rabadi
Nicole Rabadi
Cristian Ramos
Aron Raskas
Rosalyn Rego
Mary E. Reilly *
Anna Reuter *
Emma C. Reuter
Luke Rispoli
Edward Rodino
Philip Rodino
Chrissy Roper
Gay Rosenblum-Kumar
David Ryan
Stephen F. Ryan, III
Margaret and Michael Sackman
Marc Saltzman
Rosemary Salvetti Marsh
Kristine Santoro *
Alexander C. Santulli ’06 *
Mikaela Schaller
Max Schaul
John Schriver
Diane and Richard Schulman
Ellyn B. Scully *
Angie Seaman
Queennasira Sekou
Ann C. Sherwood
Nancy Shine
Garrett Siemek
Dolores Silverman
Dara Simon
Carole Skowronski
Donna Smith
Inalee Snider
Melissa and Dennis Snyder
Anna Solicito *
John R. Sowa *
Susan and Peter ’67 Sposito **
Honor Steinthal
Kathleen Steinthal
Barbara and Ronald Sternowski
Jasmin Stevens
Augustus Suglia
Fr. Dennis A. Suglia
Hope Sunshine *
Billy Surles
Kristin and Thomas Susko
Megan Sutcliffe
Whitney Swab
Stacey Swain
Lamar TaittCathy Tatulli
Brittany Taylor
Callan T. Taylor ’19 *
Patty Thomas
Vida Thomas
Virginia Thompson
Barbara Toohey *
Valerie Torrieri
Helen Travers *
Julia Trojanowska
Virginia and Joseph Tromba
Katherine Tucker
Lori Ann and James J. Tuite
Alexandra and David Tumarkin *
Jean Tumminello
Rosemary and Raymond J. Urbanowicz
Suzanne Valensky
Meryle Waldron *
Jewels Watson
Karolye White
Takema White
Marina Whitehouse
Suzanne and John R. Wilcox
Tristan Wilkes
Brendan Williams
Corey Winkoff
Kelsey Wolfsheimer
Terrence Wolfsheimer
Cecile and Thomas W. Wren
Donna and Dale R. Yarasavage
Sherry Zajack
Karen Zielinski
Mei Fang and Stephen Zimmermann
* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased