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Memorial, Testamentary & Tribute Gifts

Memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a meaningful and permanent way to honor a friend or family member. Through their memorial gifts, alumni and friends of Manhattan College commemorate loved ones by investing in the education of current and future students.The following list recognizes the individuals honored by friends and family who made a memorial gift to Manhattan this past year. We thank you on behalf of the young men and women it is our privilege to serve.

In Memory of William Albrecht ’58
Ann M. Albrecht

In Memory of William J. Alger ’64
Judith Alger

In Memory of Brother B. Austin Barry, FSC
Dorothy and Louis Tartaglione

In Memory of Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.

In Memory of Barbara A. Beirne ’87
John P. Beirne ’69

In Memory of Edward B. Brown ’61
Constantine Theodosiou

In Memory of John J. Butz ’89
Justine D. Butz

In Memory of Donald C. Cacciapaglia ’73
Ellen S. Cacciapaglia ’79
Erin N. Colello
Gilbert M. Landy ’75

In Memory of William P. Cain 
Eileen Cain 

In Memory of Thomas J. Callahan ’77
Matilda and Anthony ’77 Del Giudice

In Memory of Diana M. Cannito 
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Philip L. Capobianco ’55
Lois Capobianco

In Memory of Sister Frances M. Cardillo, OSF
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Andrew C. Coates ’73
Patricia and Robert Brakman
Catherine Soldo

In Memory of Joseph J. Coppo ’75
Donna and Thomas Igoe 

In Memory of William F. Cosulich ’49
D & B Engineers and Architects, P.C.

In Memory of Vincent G. De Collibus ’74
Julie De Collibus

In Memory of Cornelius P. Dennehy ’48
Anne Dennehy 

In Memory of Donald P. Devey ’56
Ellen B. Devey

In Memory of Anthony J. DiPalo ’57
Robert Meck
Marc Saltzman
Billy Surles

In Memory of Thomas P. Donnelly ’63
Jane Johnson
Kathleen W. Smith

In Memory of Martin F. Duane ’53
Winifred Duane

In Memory of Donald J. Duffy ’56
Ursula Duffy

In Memory of Daniel J. Duprey ’80
Cheryl Hagan
Pocono Urgent Care

In Memory of Terry B. Dyer ’65
Susan T. Dyer

In Memory of Michael A. Ehner ’65
Doris Ehner 

In Memory of Brother Calixtus Eugene, FSC
Jane Falkenstein and John T. McCarthy ’65

In Memory of Edward C. Feeley ’71
Frances J. Wilson

In Memory of Mark Ferenz
Roberta and Peter Ferenz

In Memory of William K. Finn ’56
Helen Finn

In Memory of Raymond J. Finnegan ’70
Maureen Finnegan

In Memory of Regina A. Flaherty
Raymond Flaherty

In Memory of Martin D. Fogarty ’60
Kerry Fogarty ’96

In Memory of Harold A. Friedberg ’51
Patricia Friedberg

In Memory of Patrick J. Garvey ’57
Adrienne J. Maroselli
Anna and Thomas Maroselli
Barbara and James ’56 Reilly
William Stoloski

In Memory of Frank J. Gratzer ’66
Ann E. Gratzer

In Memory of Louis E. Greco 
Joseph A. Greco ’93

In Memory of Thomas P. Gunning ’60
Helen M. Gunning

In Memory of Jeremiah M. Haggerty ’54
Frank Ardizzone
Michael T. Haggerty ’83
Jeanine D. Haggerty-Ratchford ’91

In Memory of Kevin Hargadon, FSC
Aileen T. Jones

In Memory of John F. Hessmer ’55
Virginia and William ’68 Maloney
Patricia A. Mullane Nitel 
Deborah Freedman and Steven Shapiro

In Memory of James G. Houlihan ’47
Marie Cortissoz Houlihan and Daniel Houlihan

In Memory of James F. Hurley 
Pavarini North East Construction Co.

In Memory of Carl H. Johnson, III
Peter A. O’Reilly ’94

In Memory of Francis J. Jones ’50
Aileen T. Jones 

In Memory of Stanley T. Karachuk ’57
Margaret Karachuk

In Memory of Liborio J. LaMagna ’52
Anna LaMagna

In Memory of Min L. Lee ’52
Dora S. Lee 

In Memory of Mary Luca
Anthony and Michele Classe

In Memory of Thomas G. Lynch ’78
Tracy Rosa

In Memory of John H. Mark ’00
Baha Albataineh
Linda Allen
Augustine Aloia
Amy Bajus
Hugh Beglin ’00
Patricia and Carl Carinci
Anna and Vidal Centeno
Michele and Anthony Classe
Mary Colgan
Chari Corpuz
Anthony Cosme
Paula Crisler
Jeanne and John Curran
Aura Darpi
Mina DeVita
Michele DiRuggiero
Elizabeth Donnelly
Anne Marie E. Drain ’07
Thomas Dyer
Andrew L. Elbrecht ’08
Marion Erickson
Raymond Flaherty
Erin Flaherty
Danielle Gerstner
Rita Harding
Catherine and Walter Hassett
Barbara A. Higgins ’70
Molly B. Hogan ’04
Stephen Jerome
Pamela Jimenez
Ashly Johnson
Irene Katris
James Keeler
Stu Keeler
Agnes Kelly
Steven Klugman
Matthew LaBanca
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Sylvester Luca
Jonathan Luca
Mary Ann Lynch-Minson ’03 and Patrick Minson
Nancy and Timothy Lyons
Angela ’87 and John ’71 Mark
Catherine Mark and Richard Reuter
Margaret Mark Murray
Julia Martin
Carmela and Kevin McCabe
Kevin J. McCabe ’00
Melida P. McGuire
Virginia McWalters
Susan Mezo
Mariangela I. Midea ’02
Thomas Modeszto
Shannon Moore ’01
Maureen and Edward Nusser
Dennis O’Connor
Mary Ann ’68 and John ’61 O’Donnell
Litsa and Nikos Pandis
Monica and John Pandis
Jane and Charles Parlato
Lucas J. Pliakis
Nicholas Quaranti
Joseph M. Reames
Anna Reuter
Kristen Riefkohl
Faye Roberts-Paul
Joan M. Rossillo
Gianluca Rottura
Liliana Rottura
Maria and Bruce Schieren
Diane and Richard Schulman
Victoria Sheffield
Christina Swantak ’99
Ursuline Communities, Inc.
Suzanne A. Vlamis
Bernard Whalen

In Memory of Antonio and Rosalia Mastria
Angela ’87 and John ’71 Mark
Maria and Bruce Schieren

In Memory of Bernard J. McCaffrey ’64
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of Robert J. McGrattan ’57
Mary K. McGrattan

In Memory of John K. McGuirk ’63
Cheryl and Edward ’73 Borrelli
John B. Cameron
Victoria B. Campbell
Margaret and Brian ’63 Donato
Lawrence B. Goodman & Co., P.A.
Mary C. McGlinn
Antonietta McGoey
Regina Riolo
Mary Ellen Wright

In Memory of Michael M. McHugh ’80
Judith and John McArdle

In Memory of John A. Mueller ’58
Rosemarie Short ’91

In Memory of Michael J. Murnane ’56
Maureen Murnane

In Memory of Joseph A. Murphy ’56
Brendan T. Murphy 
Marlene and John Roberts

In Memory of Tim O’Connor
Joseph A. Greco ’93

In Memory of B. Edward O’Neill ’42, FSC
Josephine and Joseph ’64 Eschmann

In Memory of Brother Malcom T. O’Sullivan, FSC
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Memory of Audrey Pat and Frances E. Owens 
Dennis M. Fenton ’73

In Memory of Marguerite and Robert Pohlmann 
Thomas M. Pohlmann ’83

In Memory of Liberty F. Raho  
Ann Marie and Peter Raho

In Memory of Benedict F. Rolston ’43, FSC
Joseph P. Rolston ’79

In Memory of Nicholas P. Ruffalo ’57
Stacey Fisk
Michael Johnson 
My Tribute Gift Foundation Inc.

In Memory of Christina Saragaglia 
Andrea and Francis Saragaglia

In Memory of Thomas D. Smith ’62
Maryanne D. Smith 

In Memory of Joseph T. Steuer ’72
Susan and Robert ’72 Arnold

In Memory of Robert E. Sullivan ’91
Suzanne Murphy Sullivan ’91

In Memory of Edward Tangney ’29 
Arleen Roche

In Memory of Paul A. Truszkowski ’69
Margaret Truszkowski ’69

In Memory of Andi N. Wallick ’16
Marisa L. Kroger ’16
Paulo Markaj ’16
Alexandra S. Tornato ’16

In Memory of Dean Robert T. Weil, Jr.
Marie and John ’67 Provanzana

In Memory of Julia and Stanley White
Maureen ’96 and Thomas J. ’97 Yurcisin

In Memory of Richard Whiteside ’69
Ascent Management I, LLC
Jennifer Barnum
Erik Berdinka
Pamela and Richard ’69 Bonanno
Estelle ’80 and William Brocks
Margaret and Thomas Brocks
Lauren and Peter Bruckmann
Margaret and Robert ’70 Bruckmann
Nancy and Mark ’72 Bruckmann
Nancy and Don Burrer
Ellen S. Cacciapaglia ’79
Theresa Cardin
Alison and Michael Carter
Elizabeth Crookston
Phylllis and Joseph DiMaria
Corey Dockswell
Mary and Michael Eagan
Susan and George Evans
JoAnna and David Felsenthal
Sandy and Lee Gordon
Giulia and Michael Gordon
Elizabeth and Joseph Gorski
Barbara Wieser Harvey and Wilbert Harvey
Rosemary J. Hays
Kathleen and Timothy Kovarik
Christopher Marett
Sterling and Margaret Millet
Jane and Mark Mittler
Kathleen and James Paxton
Rosemary Pelletreau Mann
Melissa Pritcher
Retail Data, LLC
Rachelle E. Robert
Maura and Thomas ’69 Rush
Laurene Lagonegro and Arthur Snyder
Nancy and Paul Springman
Hazel and A. P. Sullivan
Catherine and Jon Swanson
Michael Vernon
Joshua Vernon
Judy Vitrano
A. Christine Watt
William J. Whiteside
Tom and Karla Willoughby

Tribute Gifts

To celebrate birthdays, retirements, wedding anniversaries and other milestone occasions, generous benefactors demonstrated support for Manhattan College and its students by making gifts in tribute to the following friends and family members.

In Honor of Lilly M. Brown ’22
Cozette and Steven Brown

In Honor of Brothers with Full-Time Appointments
Brothers of the Christian Schools of Manhattan College

In Honor of Nicholas Carbone ’21
Michelina and Paul Carbone

In Honor of Emily E. Carroll ’22
Marya and Steven Carroll

In Honor of Maya N. Carvalho-Evans ’20
Nazareth Carvalho-Evans and Matthew Evans

In Honor of Joseph G. Corrao ’22
Maria and Christopher Corrao

In Honor of Peter E. Dans ’57
Maria C. Dans

In Honor of Joseph De Feo ’22
Tonia Andriano and Joseph De Feo

In Honor of Arthur R. De Simone ’56
Diana Muenzen

In Honor of April A. Delea ’22
Nancy and Richard DeLea

In Honor of Edna and Michael Dorchak
Charles J. Dorchak ’56

In Honor of Ebube Ezeagwula-Ebube ’21
Carmen and Eze Ebube

In Honor of Julia I. Garcia ’20
Barbara and Peter Garcia

In Honor of Donna and Walter T. ’61 Higgins
Barbara A. Higgins ’70

In Honor of James E. Johnston ’67
Randee and William ’73 Stypulkowski

In Honor of Francis J. Klocke ’56
Mary Klocke Power ’83 and Daniel Power

In Honor of William P. La Rosa ’69
Alison LaRosa Montez

In Honor of Thomas P. MacDonald ’20
Patricia and Keith MacDonald

In Honor of Fredric Marro ’77
Kathaleen and William Sexauer

In Honor of Sarah J. Mecca ’19
Jane Gallina and Joseph Mecca

In Honor of John P. Murphy ’92
Mary and Eugene Murphy

In Honor of Timothy O. Murphy ’93
Mary and Eugene Murphy

In Honor of Brennan P. O’Donnell
Donald T. Kirby

In Honor of Isaiah Paige ’19
Mayra Ortiz-Paige and Frederick Paige

In Honor of Robert A. Parisi ’21
Frances and Robert Parisi

In Honor of Kimberly N. Peragine ’21
Debra and Michael Peragine

In Honor of Richard J. Powers
Lois Harr and John Reilly ’75
Charles A. Brass
Marci Greenberg

In Honor of Brian Quach ’21
Hanh Nguyen and Lam Quach

In Honor of Peter Anthony Raftopoulos ’22
Marianne and Peter Raftopoulos

In Honor of John P. Rasulo ’86
Jeffrey H. Wyckoff

In Honor of Edwin D. Suriel ’21
Ruth Reynoso

In Honor of Anari Ventura ’20
Jessica Diaz

In Honor of Victoria Webb ’20
Tracey and Richard Webb

In Honor of Alison Weber
Mary Colgan
Angela ’87 and John ’71 Mark

Testamentary Gifts

Bequests of any size play a vital role in supporting the Lasallian Catholic educational mission of Manhattan College. This past year, Manhattan was the beneficiary of bequests and other testamentary gifts from the estates of the following departed alumni and friends:

Estate of Roger J Goebel ’57
Estate of William R. Gray ’63
Estate of Ramon Rafael Joseph
Estate of John Jay Lennon ’56
Estate of Raymond C. ’66 and Cheryl R. Marier
Estate of C. Eugene ’53 and Marie M. Miller
Estate of Stanley A. Mills ’49
Estate of Anthony J. Musto ’71
Estate of James F. O’Neil ’57
Estate of Father Erwin H. Schweigardt ’61
Estate of Dorothy Sweeney
Estate of George C. Upton ’52
Estate of Fanny Vivirito