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Employees, Friends, and Parents of Alumni


Mary Ann Avella ***
Marc Benioff
Frances and Raymond Broderick ***
Alexandra M. Cohen
Margaret Karachuk
Valerie Lacey


Patricia and James
Houlihan ***
Judy and John Houlihan ***
Genevieve and Thomas Houlihan ***
Patricia and David MacRae ***
Patricia and Dominick Servedio **


Tracy E. Boyle *
Barbara Ann Carroll ***
Felice Farber *
Michael A. Frungillo *
Susan Matthews *
Michael J. Melanophy *
Mary and Eugene Murphy ***
Denise M. Richardson *
Shelley Sanders Kehl and
Jeffrey Kehl **
Joan Squires and Thomas
Moran ’74 + ***
Lacey and James Suarez *
Joseph A. Zock **
Robert A. Zock **


Alan S. Armstrong
Alexander J. Basse
Douglas Boyle *
Virginia and Kevin ’66 Brooks ***
Robert L. Freedman
John Greed *
Margaret Griffin **
Margaret and William
Klesse *
Hugues Lavandier
Grace and John Leahy **
Ellen and Joseph ’73 Lowry ***
Denise McCool *
Tina and Suni Munshani T
Angela and Brennan O’Donnell *** T
Marianne and Gerard ’69 O’Reilly *
Marianne Reilly ’82 and Thomas Delaney ’71 ***
Gerry Ryan *
Carlo A. Scissura
Kevin Shevlin *
Maryanne D. Smith
Humayun Tai
Kevin Trent
Diane and James Weldon ***
Barbara and Richard
Juliette White **


Julie-Anne and Charles Bernroth *
Lisa and Russell Broderick ***
Holly and Richard ’82 Browne ***
Angelina Carvalhal
Barbara and Michael ’68 Cesa ***
Christine and William
Clyde ***
Robert Corvino
Jane M. Cullen **
Helen and Michael ’68 Daly ***
Patricia Friedberg
Mario J. Gabelli
Jacqueline ’92 and
Moujalli ’81 Hourani ***
Amy Kaplan and David Brauner ***
George B. Kirsch ***
Karen Laino Giannuzzi *
Dora S. Lee **
Rori ’08 and Michael ’08 Martello *
John McCarthy *
Barbara Mead and Richard Lawrence ’68 **
Cathy and John ’65 Nelan ***
Angela Pinsky
Georgette and Michael ’63 Skelly ***
Patricia and John Stack
Anya Taylor
Joseph Urbinati ’89 ***
Nancy and Raymond ’79
Watroba ***
Maria W. Zazzera ’78 *


Robert B. Catell
Elizabeth and Paul Choquette ***
Paul Cichocki
Lisa and Francis Colucci **
Catherine and John Curran *
Maureen Finnegan
Joan Greulick and Thomas Byron ***
Lois Harr and John Reilly ’75 ***
Eric Hirani *
John S. Jeris *
Steve Kerge
Steven Klugman *
Francis Marino
Renee and Thomas Mauriello *
Jeffrey Myers *
Arleen A. Roche
Joseph M. Scalise
Deirdre and Brendan ’85 Spillane **
Alan Suna
Stuart Suna

Leadership Group

Marianne and Wiktor Bednarz ***
Justine D. Butz *
Laurel A. Coben
Thomas E. Collins *
Thomas Donohue
Doris Ehner **
Joanne and Michael ’62 Esposito ***
Corine and Thomas
Fitzpatrick ***
Veronica M. Frank
Melinda and Douglas Grigg
Catherine and Walter Hassett
Barbara A. Higgins ’70 ***
Joseph J. Lifrieri **
Carol Loewenson
Robert A. Mahan ***
Br. William Mann, FSC *** T
Timothy Mooney
Joanne O’Brien-Bendernagel ’87 and
Edward Bendernagel ’84 ***
Brian J. O’Connor ’60 ***
Stephen J. Paluszek ***
Rosemary and Thomas Pardalis **
Mona T. Petrocine ***
John Pierce
Debra Riggi
Kathleen and Thomas ’69
Ryan ***
William Stoloski
Michael J. Tusiani
Adele Welty

Cupola Club

Ann M. Albrecht
Judith Alger
Maryellen and David Almeida **
Mary ’80 and Michael ’78 Bachynsky ***
Joan and Lawrence ’56 Boland ***
Gregg Cavaliere
Gary Clare
Julia and Frank Collins
Shelley and Kevin Courtney
Maria C. Dans
Aaron A. Denman
Anne Dennehy ***
Patrick DiCerbo
Patricia Doman
Thomas Fitzpatrick *
Br. Richard Galvin
Elizabeth A. Garvey **
Robert E. Hagadorn ’65 ***
Joseph Herger
Kena and Christopher Holmes
Regina and Richard Jarosch **
Christopher Johnson
Margaret C. Kelleher
Colleen Kelly
Frederick Lash
Coco and Bruce Lefkowitz
John K. Lyden ***
Thomas Maggs **
Catherine Mark and
Richard Reuter *
James F. Munsell
Carmina Pardo
Karen and Jay ’80 Pisco
Gregory S. Player ***
Deborah and David ’74 Quinn ***
Victoria A. Scala ’10 ***
Paul C. Schmall
Walter Sinnott **
Mary and Anthony Vecchione
Jeffrey Weil ***
Kathleen Whiteside

Quad Club

Kathleen ’10 and William Bisset ***
Dympna Bowles and Donal Farley ’57 ***
Robin and Mark Bright
Margaret and Thomas Brocks
Diane and Daniel Burns *
Br. Frank G. Byrne, FSC ** T
Louis Calvelli
Stacey Camilleri
Anne Canavan
Richard Carbonaro ’97
John Cerverizzo
Anthony Cosme *
Thomas Cristello **
Joanne and Frank ’78 Daly **
Ellen Del Colle **
Marie Cortissoz Houlihan
and Daniel J. Houlihan, Jr.
Ellen B. Devey *
Kathleen and Thomas ’66 Dugan ***
Madeleine and Dennis Durkin
Barbara L. Estrin *
Susan and George Evans
Berenice and Kevin ’75 Farley **
Kate and Thomas Gilbane *
Br. Carlos Gomez Restrepo, FSC T
Ann E. Gratzer ***
Jennifer Gullesserian and Douglas Straley
Veronica and Kenneth ’65 Harvey ***
Donna and Thomas Igoe ***
Lisa Juncaj ’99 and Wellington Ortega ***
Daniel Kelleher *
Janice and John ’63 Kmetzo *
Thomas E. Kohlberg *
Mary and John Kruger
Shawn R. Ladda *
Brendan Lawler
Br. Dennis Lee, FSC T
Mathew Levine *
Mary and William ’55 Loftus
John T. Lovett ’73 *
Aileen Lowry Farrelly ’95
and John Farrelly ***
Br. Michael J. McGinniss, FSC *** FT
Bridget Miller
Kathleen Mohan ’87 and Daniel Nolan
Margaret E. Mullery ’91 ***
Debra and Kevin ’71 Mulvaney
Elizabeth A. Murray
Joseph L. Murray ***
Margaret and Neil O’Halloran
Peggy and Thomas ’80 O’Malley ***
Theresita and Melchor Pablo ***
Lucas J. Pliakis
Ann and Thomas ’67 Polucci ***
Margaret and Michael ’80 Rappe ***
Peter Recla **
Christine and Michael Rogers **
Jeanette ’82 and John Barry Ryan ***
Colleen Shanahan-Warren
’81 and Michael Warren ’79 ***
John A. Shea
Victoria Sheffield *
Kathy Solano
Susan and Peter ’67 Sposito *
Constantine Theodosiou **
Lisa D. Toscano ’79 *
Edward Walsh
Robert Walsh
Laura and Richard Watson
Maureen and John ’82 Westphal ***
Frances J. Wilson
Christina and Mark
Worthington **

1853 Society

Grace and Paul Avvento ***
Marie and William ’64 Baron ***
Greg Belotti
Theresa A. Blose **
Ryan Brewer **
Ann and Peter Bruchansky
Sharon and Louis ’60 Buononato ***
Virginia Cabrera and Miguel Cuevas ’83
Helen and Roger ’66 Canal ***
Kenneth Capolino
Madeleine and William Choquette ***
Michele and Anthony Classe *
Erin N. Colello
Vicki M. Cowan ’94 *
Geraldine and John Crary *
Linda Crome
Grace and James Cusack **
Linda and Thomas DelMastro
Mina DeVita *
Jeff DiBartolo
Winsome A. Downie *
Marie and Thomas Duffy
Ursula Duffy ***
Barbara A. Fabe ***
Gerard T. Feeney **
Helen Finn ***
Catherine and Bruno Fiore ***
Raymond Flaherty
Josephine and Arthur ’69 Garcia ***
Mary and Robert ’69 Garvey ***
Sandy and Lee Gordon
Joyce Gormally ***
Lydia ’79 and Thomas ’70 Gray *
Sharyn Gregor *
Aileen T. Jones
Mary H. Jordan ***
Lawrence Kalkstein ’76
Nancy Keating *
Bernadette Kelly-Finch ’95
and Darren Finch ***
Jeanne ’83 and Paul ’84 Knudsen **
Joan and Andrew Kuruc
Lucille and Robert Landry **
Theresa and Robert ’94 Lucas ***
Thomas H. MacDonald
Susan MacMurdy
Tracy and Shawn Matazinsky *
Lucile and Gerald ’65
McCarthy ***
Gerard McConnell *
Joseph J. McGovern ***
Agnes and James McGrath ***
Michele and Robert ’66 McGrath
Sam Meldrum

Heidi Mesik *
Geraldine and Brendan ’78 Monaghan **
Ana Maria Montees
Alice S. Moore
Barry P. Moskowitz ’98
Maureen Murnane ***
Kathleen B. Muskopf ***
Karen Nicholson
Michael O’Neill
Jack R. Orben ***
Benjamin J. Palancia
Alice and William Palmer
Kathleen and James Paxton
Robert P. Quigley ’64
Jeanne and David Radvany
Anne Kathy and Hugh ’79 Rice ***
Regina Riolo
Joan M. Rossillo *
Barbara and John Shannon
Danesha and Andre Smith
Giedre and John ’63 Stankunas ***
Douglas Stewart **
Patrice and Michael ’69 Tiffany ***
Margaret Truszkowski
Joshua Vernon
Heather and Kevin Vulin *
Jean Walker
Mary and Michael ’74 Wallace ***
Helen and Stephen White ***
Karla and Tom Willoughby

Jasper Oval

Gisa Abiog Williams
Augustine Aloia
Frank Ardizzone
Marianne and Thomas Babcock *
Regina and Robert Baker *
Diana and Frank ’65 Barbieri **
Darlene Bedeker *
Darren Bedeker
Scott Bednar
Louise and Eugene Bender
Kathleen Benson
Rosella Benson
Erik Berdinka
Marietta and Paul Blazejeski
Frank Bonura
Romildo J. Bottari *
Tamara J. Britt
Steven Broderick
John C. Brown ***
Martin Brown
Lauren and Peter Bruckmann
Sheila K. Buckley
Elaine and Theodore ’57 Burger ***
Deborah Burgess
Beverly and Robert ’57 Burns ***
Nancy and Don Burrer
Patricia and Daniel ’78 Cahillane ***
Julia and Carlo ’74 Calvi ***
John B. Cameron
Victoria B. Campbell
Teresa and Joseph ’78 Capitani **
Patricia and Carl Carinci
Karen and Charles ’66 Carletta
Bernice and Freeman Carlisle **
Diane and Vincent ’78 Cascio ***
Bernadette Casey
Jo Anne S. Casey
Kirsten Castaldo
Heather Catello
Lucia Ann and Paul Chiaramonte **
Joyce and Thomas
Choquette ***
Suzanne Choquette
Christine and Kevin ’68 Clancy
Ann and Carl ’86
Clemente ***
Timothy Clifford
Alan J. Cohen
Mary Colgan
Magda Coogan
Dorothy and Thomas ’66 Cooney
Cheryl Corning
Delfina Corona
Kathy and Gus Costas **
Kerianne Costello
Paula Crisler *
Claire and James ’66 Cuff **
Maureen and Dennis Cummins **
Kathleen and Gregory Cunningham *
Br. Jack Curran, FSC ’80
Richard P. Cypher
Colleen and David Dabbour
Shavonne Dargan
Julie De Collibus
Veronica and Richard De Sanctis *
Frances and Anthony DeLaurentis *
Corey Dockswell
Maureen and David Doern
Virginia M. Donohue ***
Charlotte and Thomas ’64 Downing
Gail and Verner Drohan
Winifred Duane
Rose Ellen Dunn **
Rabbi Thomas Dyer
Diane and George
Ann J. Edwards ***
Marilyn Eider and Joseph
Monteith ’61 ***
Marion Erickson
JoAnna and David
Stacey Fisk
Brenna Fitzgerald
Alexandra Fitzpatrick
Nancy and Richard
Fontaine **
Miriam Ford
Ruth Ford
Sarah Fowler
Father Thomas Franks,
Deborah Freedman ’81
and Steven Shapiro
Kathleen and Philip
Freeman **
Thomas French *
Teresa and Joseph ’70
Furnari ***
Joseph Gallagher
Kerri Gallagher
Mary Ellen and Manuel
Garcia **
Robert A. Germino ’74 ***
Danielle Gerstner
Lori Giachetti
Fraser and James Gilbane
Linda Gironda *
Keith Goehring
Eileen and Charles ’75
Goggins ***
John C. Golden
Meaghan Gorman
Marlene Gottlieb
Michael Grabowski **
Chris Graver
Matthew R. Graver
Angela R. Grotto
Mary Guiton *

Kathleen and James ’66 Gunn ***
Helen M. Gunning **
Cheryl Hagan
Lea Hakala
Rita Harding
Theresa and Thomas Harwood
Eileen and James ’70 Hayden *
Rosemary J. Hays
Karen and Herbert ’72 Heller ***
Matthew Henn
Barbara and Timothy Herlihy
Kathleen and Kevin Hodapp *
Anthony Ierubino ***
Stephen Jerome *
Ashly Johnson
Nora and Richard Johnson
Vadishia Johnson
William Kahaly **
Kay and John ’65 Kaiser ***
Teresa Kane **
Kathleen Kearney
Stu Keeler *
Agnes Kelly
Catherine and Russell Kennedy ***
Judith and Paul ’64 Kenny ***
Lois and Peter ’62 Kenny
Donald T. Kirby
Gary Kleinberg ***
Albert H. Kouba
Richard Krombel ***
Kathleen M. Kuhnel ’80 ***
Nancy and Alan Kulik
Laurene Lagonegro and
Arthur Snyder
Nicholas Lakoumentas
Madelyn Lando
Carole Leadbeater *
Dianne and Gary Lesnick
Greg Liautaud
Patricia and Roy Licklider **
Christine and Francis
Lombardi **
Jonathan Luca *
Sylvester Luca *
Nancy and Christopher Luke
Helen and Angus Macdonald **
Shona Mack-Pollock
Fiona Maclachlan and
Marcos Leibovic **
Margaret and George ’75 Magyar
Marie and James ’85 Maher ***
Antonietta and Louis ’68 Maiorino ***
Lucy and Thomas ’64 Mancuso
Christopher Marett
Anna and Thomas Maroselli
Julia Martin *
Donna and John Masterson *
Judith and John McArdle
Brian McCabe
Kathleen and Peter ’72 McCarthy **
Paula and Matthew McCue
Mary C. McGlinn
Mary K. McGrattan
Judith and John McGuire **
Melida P. McGuire
Siobhan and John McHugh
Peter McHugh *
Janet McShane
Phyllis V. Meader
Robert Meck
Rosemary and Lorenzo ’63 Messina **
Susan Mezo
Gerald A. Miele ***
Julie Miller
Charlene Miller Warley
Thomas Modeszto
Gladis Montero and Luis Gonzalez
Virginia and Stephen Mooney *
Suzanne and Richard Morgan
Elizabeth Murphy **
Angela and John Murphy ***
Mary Anne Nappi
James Nathaniel
Mary Ann and Michael Naughton ***
Rita Neilan
Kelli and Robert Nelson *
Margaret Nolan ***
Jane Nusseibeh
Hugh O’Connell
M. and Dennis O’Connor
Mary Ann ’68 and John ’61 O’Donnell
Brian Orf *
Litsa and Nikos Pandis
Monica and John Pandis
Leah Perkinson
Jane and William Petzold **
Iris and Emanuel Phillips *
Richard Pinto
Noreen ’06 and
Christopher ’78 Power
Cynthia and Edward Pristach *
Melissa Pritcher
Sheila I. Puglisi
Dorina and Michael Quivelli
Patricia and Brendan Radigan *
Loretta A. Ranalli
Joseph M. Reames *
Bernadette and Thomas ’62 Reilly ***
Don Richter
Alfredo Rivas **
Rachelle E. Robert
Faye Roberts-Paul
Carol and John Robinson **
Maria Rodino
Maureen Rodino
William Rodino
Nancy E. Rogers *
Sally J. Rogers
Kevin Ross
Gianluca Rottura *
Margaret and Stanley ’74 Rupnick ***
Antoinette and James Sarfaty
Maria and Richard ’63 Scarpelli ***
Maureen and Chris Schneider *
Frederick M. Schweitzer
Marc Scudillo
Cynthia and Brian Searls
George F. Sears
Shirley and James Shirron
Linda M. Shriner-Cahn
Jerome Smart
Kathleen W. Smith
Valerie Smith-Hobbs
Anna Solicito
Norma and Anton ’62 Spagnolo **
Nancy and Paul Springman
Stephen Steinthal
Eugene A. Sullivan
Hazel and A. P. Sullivan
Derrick Taitt
Marcia and Terry Taylor
Dorothea A. Tedaldi *
Annmarie Tromba
Philip J. Valentino ’66 ***
Susan and Mark Velten
Judy Vitrano
Suzanne A. Vlamis *
Kathleen Von Euw
Barbara and William Vrooman
Sue and Ante Vulin *
Qian Wang
Marian Watkins
A. Christine Watt
Louis G. Weisberg
Janine Werner
Beverly and Alan Weyland **
Bernard Whalen
Carol and Edward Winkler ***
Regina Witfield
Mary Ellen Wright
Fengyun Wu
Jeffrey H. Wyckoff
Patricia and Andrew Zajac **


Jayne Abramson
Onize Aiyede
Baha Albataineh
Samuel Almaras
Ian Alter
Arshia Anwer
David Appel
Nancy and Alan Atkinson
Carter Avery
Rosemary Babyak
Karen L. Bachert
John Baglio
Amy Bajus
Tonja Baker

Emily Barbe
Jennifer Barnum
Alexandra Bassetti
Donna and Anthony Bassetti *
Gabrielle Bassetti
Margaret and Jerome Billingsley
Amy Blandini
Beverly and David Blazejeski
Sheila Boyle
Patricia and Robert Brakman
Charles A. Brass
Alethea Brisco
Betsy Brown
Marilyn Brown
Lenore Burgess
Janet and William Burke ***
Christine Burns
Eileen Cain ***
Corri Calandra
Ellen Calandra *
Kylie Calandra
Kyra Camacho
Maya E. Camacho
Carol and Nicholas Candeloro ***
Lois Capobianco
Eileen Caracciolo
Theresa Cardin
Claudia Cardona **
Belinda Carey
Linda and Robert ’67 Carillo
Kathleen R. Carney
LouAnn Carretto
Alison and Michael Carter
Paula Casey
Rachel M. Casey
Margaret and James Casola
Carol and James ’73 Cassidy
Nicole and Craig Castellano
Anna and Vidal Centeno
Anabelle Chiaravalle
Donna and Joseph ’62 Clarke ***
Sean Cleary
Laura and Ismael Colon
Keith Cook
Chari Corpuz *
Alfred Cousins
Nora and Timothy Coyne
Elizabeth Crookston
Jeanne and John Curran *
Jad Dabbour
Caryl Dabenigno
Debra D’amico
Kevin Dardzinski
Aura Darpi *
Ruth P. Davis *
Dolores and David DeCintio **
Rosalie and Nicholas ’60 Delillo ***
Kristin Delpi
Sophia DeLustro
Sebahattin Demirkan
John Deriso
Marie and John DeVita
Gina Dichiara
Marie DiCostanzo *
Andy Didomenico
Phyllis and Joseph DiMaria
Nancy and Stephen DiPietro
Michele DiRuggiero *
Kimberly and Dennis DiSilvestro
Beth Dolis
Elizabeth Donnelly
Trina Dunn-Pendergast
Susan T. Dyer
Mary and Michael Eagan
Jane F. Englert
Meghan E. Englert *
Julia Ettere
Tasha Evans
Susan E. Fairty
Brendan Fay
Elia and Dominick ’79 Fickeria ***
Reenie Fieo
Amy L. Fiorello
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Erin Flaherty
Fabienne Fontenette
Danielle Freshour
Elaine Fried
Nicole Fuller
Susan Galvao *
Ashley Gambardella
Jennifer Garavente
Cole Gettis
Kenneth Gilchrist
Linda and John Gisonno
Lurana and Thomas Gitch *
Giulia and Michael Gordon
Ellen Gorman
Mary Gorman
Very Rev. Michelle Gormley
Elizabeth and Joseph Gorski
Johanna Gottlieb
Collin Grady
Julia Granberg
Marie Granberg
Robert N. Graver *
Karen and Charles Green **
Marci Greenberg
Maggie and Jeremy Greenfield
Addolorata and Vincenzo Grillo
Margaret M. Groarke
Nicole Grotto
Pamela Guerra
Belinda Hall
Brian Hamm
Jami Hartikainen
Matt Haskell
Barbara and Arthur ’59 Heller **
Catherine M. Herman
Angel Hernandez
Joyce Hernandez
Dorothy and Michael Hickey
Joanne Hirschmann
Ruth and John Hmelnicky *
Tracy and William Hollister
Peyman Honarmandi
Roger Huang *
Marilyn Jablonski **
Catherine and Thomas Jessop
Nidhi Jindal *
Caroline Johnson
Michael Johnson
Jane Johnston
Danielle and Colin Jones
Marie and Timothy Jones
Gregory Jost
Joan and Gerald ’69 Judge ***
Michael L. Judge **
Jacqueline Kaishian
Maryanne Kaishian *
Ulla Karlson
Sandra Karsten Usa
Irene Katris *
Kristen E. Kearns ’16 *
James Keeler
Holly Kennedy *
Julien H. Kern ’96 ***
Peggy Kilgallon *
Catherine and Thomas Kilroy ***
Min Jung Kim
Donna King
Jean and Joseph King **
Martha and John Kirby *
Kathleen and Timothy Kovarik
Matthew LaBanca *
Anna LaMagna ***
Elizabeth Lampersberger *
Maureen Lang
Mary and Laurence ’70 Langan **
Alison LaRosa Montez
Kathleen F. Latimer
Jennifer Latini
Thomas Lattarulo
M. and Scott Leadbeater *
Jesus Lebron
Hannah Lederman
Vivian and Godfrey Leidenfrost
Junior Leiva
Wendy Levine
Sherry Liautaud
Michael G. Lo Russo *
Jennifer Lortz
Barbara R. Loucks
Kathleen Y. Lowe
Giannina Lucchese
Nancy and Timothy Lyons
Heikki Maasalo
Nancy and Gennaro ’72 Maffia **
Mary Magnani
Frank Magolon
Lois and John Magolon
Virginia and Paul Mahoney ***
Lisa Malpelli
Lennox Mangaroo
Kelly Marin
Margaret Mark Murray
Adrienne J. Maroselli
Jacqueline Martin ’19
Valerie Martin
Amir Masoumi
Marilyn and Gregory Matzen *
Patricia McCarthy Tomassi
Carmela and Kevin McCabe *
Timothy McCarthy
Frank Mcconnell
Tim Mcconnell
Bill McGarvey
Antonietta McGoey
Rita and Thomas McGoldrick ***
Andrea McGrath
Mikayla McGrath
Margaret A. McKiernan ’04 ***
Jack McQuade
Virginia McWalters
Ernest Meder
Kevin Metcalf
Margaret and Sterling Millet
Kara Milone
Kathryn and James Mirance
Nicole Mirarchi
Jane and Mark Mittler
Deirdre Mooney
Siobhan Mooney
Patricia and Robert Morris *
Linda Morrissey
Nicole Mortensen
Diana Muenzen
Patricia A. Mullane
Beverly and Robert Mulligan ***
Stacey and Leslie Munson
Brendan T. Murphy
Sharon and Anthony ’70
Murtha ***
Kerry Nappi
Lorraine Neilan
Patricia Nidds
Mary and John Nolan
Darah Nusseibeh
Maureen and Edward Nusser
Sampson Oba
Judith and Richard O’Connor ***
James O’Grady
Christine and Burton O’Keefe *
Elizabeth M. O’Keeffe-Cleary ’92
Helaine Olen
Vicki Olszewski
Gilda Omage
Christina O’Malley
Nancy E. O’Neill
Rhonda and Michael O’Reilly **
Andrew Owens
Helena Papadelis
Joan Papas
Jane and Charles Parlato *
Noora Parttimaa
Kim Peifer *
Rosemary Pelletreau Mann
Daisy Pendergrass
Annalise Pepper
Fay Petrokonis ’70 ***
David M. Piccorelli ’84
Nicholas Pignone
John Pirie
Elizabeth Plaushin
Elizabeth and Donald Pluta *
Maria Polla
Janet and Kevin Pond
Barrett J. Price
Michele Principe
Matthew Pugh
Nicholas Quaranti *
Jeffrey Rappaport
John M. Redmond
Conor Reidy *
Mary E. Reilly *
Alexis Reisner
Robert N. Reitter
Jaclyn Rettig
Anna Reuter
Eleanor and Frank ’62 Rizzi ***
Marlene and John Roberts
Joseph Rocchietti *
Edward Rodino
Elise Rodino
Tracy Rosa
Jeannine Rosengrant
Liliana Rottura
Ellen and Andrew ’81 Ryan ***
Marc Saltzman
Meghan Salvon
Matt Samanoglu
Kristine Santoro
Ann and James Scanlon
Maria and Bruce Schieren
Andrew Schildknecht
Paula Schmidt
Diane and Richard Schulman
Timothy Schultz
Diane and Richard Schweitzer *
Ellyn B. Scully ***
Claudia Setzer
Emmeth Sewer
Nancy and Michael Shine
Adam J. Siemek
David Siemek *
Garrett Siemek
Olivia Simmons
Carole Skowronski
Daquan Smith
Walter A. Smith *
Lisa and Christopher Sokol
Catherine Soldo
Nicholas Solomon
Amy Soravilla
Ryan Soravilla
Robert Soudant
John R. Sowa *
Honor Steinthal
Martin B. Steinthal
Priscilla Stevens
Madalyn Stover
Ellen and Michael Stover *
Paige L. Stover
Hope Sunshine
Billy Surles
Cary Sussman
Catherine and Jon Swanson
Callan Taylor
Lorraine and Ramesh Tejpal **
Lisa Tiso
Barbara Toohey *
Cristian Torres
Lauren Trabold
Helen Travers *
Patricia and Carmen ’63 Tripo ***
Alexandra and David Tumarkin *
Charles Tuttolomondo
Michael Vernon
Kenneth Vialet
Erica Villalba and Miguel Vil-
lalba Linares
Bridget W. Villante
Denise Voloshin
Thomas Vulin
Monika and Werner ’66 Wagner
Meryle Waldron
William J. Whiteside
Ian Wichman
Barbara Wieser Harvey and
Wilbert Harvey
Father Tom Wilhelm
Bryan Wilkins
Robin Wilson
Sara Witherington
Gina Zalewski

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 years of giving
Chairman’s Circle = $25,000 and more
Founder’s Forum = $10,000 - $24,999
President’s Council = $5,000 - $9,999
Leadership Group = $1,500 - $4,999
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporters = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased