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Parents Fund Donors

Parents Class of 2018


Colleen Griffin Wagner **

Brendan J. ’85 and Deirdre Spillane *


Charles V. and Mary Callan *

Stephen S. ’89 and Alison Stone *


Daniel Grund

Cupola Club

Timothy and Denise Murphy

Ralph and Mary Beth Orlando

Michael E. Pagano ’88 and Mary R. Fogarty ’86 ***

Robert and Noreen Russell

Quad Club

William J. and Kathleen L. ’10 Bisset ***

Richard and Regina Jarosch *

Linda Roth

Michael J. ’90 and Deborah Samori ***

1853 Society

Scott and Patricia Cain

John and Mary O’Connor *

Jasper Oval

Robert Bazik and Edith Fusco *

Matthew and Joanne Bisset

Peter and Ann P. Bruchansky

Daniel and Diane Burns *

Richard and Cheryl Carey

Michael Haddican *

Steven and Alicia Iacono

Thomas and Coleen Kalina

Michael G. Lo Russo

Shawn and Tracy Matazinsky

John and Anna Phelan *

Kurt and Dorothy Puthe

Alfredo Rivas *

Michael Sammarro *

Lloyd Stephen

Joseph R. and Catherine Syslo

George and Mary Whitwell


David Addams

Anthony and Toni Battisti

Erika Dreier

Julian and Mary Elisabeth Flores

Kevin and Kathleen Hodapp

Denise Maruca

Jeffrey and Debra Pierson

Todd and Doreen Raymond

Mark and Kara Regal

Dominick Rendina

Edward and Kelly Shea

Enrico Trantino

Paul and Maryann Vogelgesang

Philip and Loretta Watts

Parents Class of 2019


Colleen Griffin Wagner **


Charles V. and Mary Callan *

William and Christine Clyde ***


Robert and Carol Prestiano

Cupola Club

Kenneth and Mary Crutchfield *

Paul and Karen Curran

Fawzieh Naessig

Quad Club

Arthur and Margaret Cerrati *

Robert and Eileen DiGregorio *

Stephen J. ’87 and Francine Fabrizi ***

Kevin and Marilyn Murphy

1853 Society

Richard ’81 and Anne Marie Alexander

Pratab Angira and Ashwini Mohan Angira *

Ronald and Janet Beckerle

Anthony and Ellen Calandra

Rich and Terri Campanaro *

Carl J. ’86 and Ann E. Clemente ***

Philip and Wendy Costello *

Jerry V. ’84 and Meredith DelBene *

Issam and Mona Habib *

Gandhi Ireifej and Judith Cordero Ireifej

Carl and Kelly Mattone *

Brian Mcgillicuddy and Kym McGillicuddy *

Timothy and Eileen Quinn

Stephen L. and Helen White ***

Jasper Oval

Robert and Cheryl Carroll *

Frank and Denise DeMuro *

Mario and Tracy DiCostanzo

Michael and Catherine Eager

Christopher W. Englert and Maureen A. O’Keefe Englert

Richard F. and Valerie F. Espinoza

Carole Fitzpatrick

Thomas and Angela Flarity *

Dale Froriep

Rosalia Garcia

William and Laurie Gross

Jules and Kathleen Imkamp *


Raymond Jennings *

Michael and Virginia A. Kristo *

Michael and Nina Matis

Fundador Padilla and Maria Castellanos *

Anthony and Tammy Palagruto

Juan Parra *

Giovanni and Theresa M. Portale

Robert A. Power ’89 ***

Michael and Patricia Quivelli

Michael E. Schneider ’76 ***


Michael and Karen Booth

Christopher Burgard and Cheryl Lopez Burgard

Herby and Marie Cajou

Charles and Silvana Carway

Kenneth and Joann Dinowitz

Sean and Maryanne Duffy

Kristin Fountain

William and Kristin Fountain

Richard and Christine Gress

Lori Harmon *

James and Regina Kaishian

Theodore E. and Maryann King *

Raymond and Karen Lee

Leonard and Giovanna Marcello *

Timothy Ryan and Noreen McManus Ryan

Kazem Oryani

Christopher and Andrea Paggi

Frederick Paige and Mayra Ortiz Paige

Carmen and Margaret Pitney

Daniel and Aletia Prevo *

Kady Price

Keir Price

Parents Class of 2020


Timothy Doran *


Frederick J. Barnes ’81 and Virginia A. Gortych Barnes ’81 ***

James and Laurie Gebhardt

Matthew and Mary Hanson

Tod Martin and Sherry Bemb

Brian and Michelle Reimer

Joseph A. and Joan M. Silvestri 

Leadership Group

Mary Ellen Freyre

Chad and Ann Grinnell

Jitendra and Sarita Hirani *

Cupola Club

Kelly Borisenko and Brenda Bicklmeier

Kevin and Shelley Courtney

Aileen ’95 and John Farrelly ***

Stephen and Kristine Gregory

Timothy and Denise Murphy

Mazen and Mara Nesheiwat

Robert and Noreen Russell

Joseph J. and Elizabeth Siemek

Shawn and Lori Thrall

Quad Club

Stephen and Kim Brownell

Stanley and Nicole Kissel

Elena Kozlova

Scott and Mary Lowe

Janusz and Henryka Makowski

Andrew and Janet McDermott

Ronald and Raquel Pelletier

Juan and Janira Quinones

Francis P. Toohey and Karen Graver Toohey

1853 Society

John ’88 and Lisa Costanzo *

Emilio and Alison DiScola

Matthew and Christine Galioto

Mary and John Glynn

Ronald and Joan LaRock

John and Dianne Lombardi

Martin and Kelly Pape

John F. Schmidt and Joan A. Freeburn

Stephen L. and Helen White ***

Jasper Oval

Matthew and Cheryl Anderson

Edwin and Debra Artz

Daniel and Tracy Bedeker

Matthew and Joanne Bisset

Jennifer Bressingham

Michael and Jacqueline Chionchio

John and Polyxeni Combs

Michael and Lori Dalton

Christopher and Antonella Emerson

Robert Freid and Alice Ormsby

Joseph M. ’89 and Loredana ’89 Gambino

Walter Ghirlando and Cheryl Bright Ghirlando

Christine Johnson

Mark and Christine Lampersberger

Diane McCorvey

Michael and Deirdre McDonald

David G. and Jennifer K. Morad

Paul and Claudia M. Musialowski

John and June O’Reilly

Ronald and Beth Owens

Edward and MaryAnne Peifer

John and Anna Phelan *


Christopher and Susan Pluta

James Cavanagh and Susan M. Rice Cavanagh ’84 ***

Stephen and Amy Sandford

Christopher and Rachelle Scharf

Lawrence Schober and Barbara Schill

Peter and Melanie Simmons

Edward and Eileen Sinnott

Joseph and Penni Taccetta

Karl and Lynda Williams

Darguin and Emerita Zea


Lawrence and Gelsomina Ahearn

John and Traci Balsamo

Miller and Patricia Bermeo

Angelo and Michele Calicchia

Thelma Collado

John and Caroline DeMuro

George and Joann Dugan

Karl and Mary Ellen Forty

John and Kristin Gorham

Rod Granger and Susan Obrecht

Michael and Jean Hennelly

Steven and Antonia Kocienda

Atonio Littleton

Keith and Patricia MacDonald

William and Joan Maloney

Christopher and Lisa McCormack

Paul and Marcy Pollastro

Salvador and Giuseppina Reyes

Janlyn Scauso

Stanley and Rosa Szaniawski

Alieu Touray and Seynabou Faye

Mark and Liljana Trashaj

Richard and Tracey Webb

Parents Class of 2021


Matthew and Lisa Siracuse 


Ronald S. and Laura Morgan

Leadership Group

Daniel R. ’80 and Kristine Amoruso ***

Sean J. ’90 and Linda M. Toomey **

Cupola Club

Kevin and Shelley Courtney

Erik M. and Anne Kindblom

Glenn Krebs and Therese O’Hara Krebs

Quad Club

Ivan Blas Sanchez and Conchi Perez

Louis and Doreen Guarneri

Pamela Jimenez

John Kmack

B.M. and Susan Thrope

William and Patrice Zachman

1853 Society

Suzanne Murphy Sullivan ’91 **

Frederick M. ’87 and Helene Pacher

Arturo Palomino

Michael and Debra Peragine

Patrick J. ’97 and Mary ’96 Reynolds *

Jeffrey and Catherine Shell

Jasper Oval


Charly and Jihan Ayoub

Deirdre Casey

John R. Dileo ’83 and Erminia DiLeo

Robert H. and Barbara Doud

Anthony J. and Una Giachinta

Sam R. and Anne E. Hoffman

Susan Hofstetter

Michael and Laura Jett

Steven and Dorina Leslie

Jude S. and Christine Liscio

Peter and Maggie McIntyre

Goran and Gordana Micovic

Elias and Jessica Nassif

Michael and Donna Nicolosi

Shawn Pressley

Gina M. Riga ’88

Silvestro and Margaret Ann Spagnuolo

Paul J. ’84 and Bobbi Lee Thomas ***

Joseph and Donna Volpe


Eva Ampadu

George P. ’89 and Kerry Bader

Andrea Baldwin

Alfonse and Gerilynn Calato

Raymond and Jane Chan

Rodney and Joan Gonzalez

Timothy and Barbara Herlihy

Gala Kmack

Charles and Theresa Ledda

Robert and Kim McKeon

Edgard and Nilsa Nieves

Todd and Doreen Raymond

Harry and Margaret Roney

Tessie Snyder

Carlin Warley

Cherie Warley

* = 3 or more years of consecutive giving
** = 5 or more years of consecutive giving
*** = 10 or more years of consecutive giving
Dignitary = $100,000 and more
Patron = $50,000-$99,999
Chairman = $25,000-49,999
Founder = $10,000 - $24,999
Member = $5,000 - $9,999
Lasallian = $2,500 - $4,999

Leadership Group = $1,500 - $2,499
Cupola Club = $1,000 - $1,499
Quad Club = $500 - $999
1853 Society = $250 - $499
Jasper Oval = $100 - $249
Supporter = $1 - $99
FT = Former Trustee
T = Trustee
TE = Trustee Emeritus
+ = Deceased