2016-2017 Honor Roll of Donors

Each gift to Manhattan College represents a commitment to the excellence and legacy of this institution. The power of philanthropy is embodied in our Honor Roll of Donors, which recognizes all who contributed to Manhattan during our last fiscal year (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).

The support of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and extended community not only enriches the lives of our young men and women, but also transforms campus. Through their generosity, our loyal donors provide invaluable resources for the College to help students grow intellectually, spiritually, and morally while embracing the Manhattan experience to better the world around them.

For any questions regarding giving history, or making a gift to the College, please call the Development Office at (718) 862-7275.

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  • Message from the President

    President O'Donnell

    To the Manhattan College community,

    Greetings at the start of the 165th academic year in Manhattan College’s illustrious history. Thanks to your generosity and support in so many ways, 2016-2017 was an extraordinarily successful year both academically and fiscally. I am looking forward to sending you a much more detailed account of our accomplishments in my annual President’s Report, scheduled for publication near the close of the calendar year. So, for now, let me just mention a couple of particularly exciting projects and developments.

    We continue to make good progress on our ambitious Campus Master Plan. The Quadrangle buildings, Memorial, De La Salle, and Miguel — now 93 years old — are getting some much needed attention as we work to preserve and modernize our historic buildings. New turf at Gaelic Park and a new center court in Draddy Gymnasium are ready for the return of our student-athletes this fall.

    At the same time, we are moving forward with our vision for a transformed south campus. With a new state-of-the-art Engineering and Science Center at its heart, south campus will bring together all of our science and engineering disciplines, providing facilities — both new and renovated — that will support and sustain interdisciplinary interaction and innovation. The south campus will also include additional student housing, and the two blocks south of Gaelic Park will be developed into a true campus, as functional and attractive in its own way as north campus, with the two campuses linked by the centrally located Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons.

    Also of note is our continuing growth and diversification on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as we strive to provide the programs our students need to thrive in an ever-changing environment. We are uncompromising in our dedication to academic excellence, and your support is making a tremendous difference. Our endowment, while still modest, continues to grow, providing the stability we need in these volatile economic times and supporting us in our pursuit of continuous improvement. In supporting academic programs and faculty chairs, you allow us to attract and retain the best scholar-teachers and to give them the means to support and challenge their students. Through support for student research, you help to give our students the kind of hands-on learning experiences that we know is vital for creating lifelong learners. And your generosity in support of scholarship assistance helps assure that a Manhattan College education will continue to be accessible — as it has been for 164 years — to students from families across the economic spectrum. In all of these ways and more, you contribute directly to our ability to provide the kind of education that has long made the Lasallian tradition so valuable to our city, our country, and our world: an education dedicated to cutting-edge academic excellence, steeped in timeless ideals, and aiming to produce men and women with the intelligence, integrity, and passion to serve God by serving their fellow human beings.

    Year in and year out, our benefactors make a profound difference in our work and in the lives of our students. The College depends heavily on the kind of generous commitment that you so faithfully exemplify, and I thank you on behalf of the countless students you have helped. It is a blessing and an honor to be working with you as we build Manhattan’s future on the strong foundations of its past.

    Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D.

  • Message from the Vice President

    To the Manhattan College family,

    The profound dedication of our alumni and friends inspires me each and every day. I am delighted that the Honor Roll of Donors presents the opportunity to recognize those who faithfully support Manhattan College.

    Your generosity of time, talent, and treasure not only strengthens Manhattan as an institution, but also plants the seeds of success for the next generation of Jaspers. Because of your commitment, the College continues to deliver on our promise to give young men and women the very best educational experience possible. Furthermore, your efforts in mentoring our students and assisting them in securing internships and launching careers have kept us atop of national rankings.

    Among our many achievements, we are pleased to share that the 2017 De La Salle Medal Dinner reached yet another record. Honoree Stephen J. Squeri ’81, vice chairman of American Express Company, helped to herald in $2 million for our deserving students, programs, and initiatives. We are truly grateful for his leadership and vision, which provided the momentum for our most important and largest fundraising event. In addition, we remain sincerely thankful to John M. Kirrane, Sr. ’78 for his tireless service as chair of the Fund for Manhattan. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him for the past three years.

    On behalf of the entire College community, we deeply appreciate your support of our mission. Your steadfast loyalty is a testament of what we do here at Manhattan College, and ensures that our students are able to thrive and grow in a nurturing environment. I am humbled by your unwavering generosity, and extend my heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

    Thomas Mauriello
    Vice President for College Advancement

  • Message from the Fund for Manhattan Chair

    Dear Jaspers and Friends,

    It has been an honor to serve the College community as the chair of the Fund for Manhattan. As my three-year term comes to a close, I am extremely proud of Manhattan’s numerous accomplishments. The College has and always will be very dear to my heart. As the chair, the parent of a Manhattan graduate, and an alumnus, I have been fortunate to witness firsthand how the College continues to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students.

    The success of current and future Jaspers would not be possible without the generosity of our faithful donors. Gifts to the Fund for Manhattan supply financial aid for our deserving young men and women, improve student services and activities, enhance academic programs and facilities, and help the development of new and promising resources and initiatives. Your dedication secures the foundation for our students to reach their true potential while embracing the richness and diversity of a Manhattan College education.

    My sincere thanks go out to all of those who contributed this fiscal year. Your commitment ensures that the College will achieve its mission of encouraging our hard-working and talented students to think, wonder, imagine, and build a good life full of meaning and purpose. Thank you again for your ongoing support.

    John M. Kirrane, Sr. ’78
    Chair, Fund for Manhattan