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About Joe Coppo

Hall of Fame Player '75

Black and white photograph of Joe Coppo wearing Manhattan College baseball uniform number 5.Joe Coppo was known for his leadership abilities, his slugging power at the plate along with his pitching prowess as a Jasper starting pitcher. After college, Joe began a successful career in the world of finance. He and his wife, Pat, raised a beautiful family, having four children. Fittingly, Joe forged a new bond with baseball giving back to the game he loved and becoming a respected youth baseball coach. He was living the rewarding life of which he had always dreamed.

On 9/11, Joe was working as vice president for municipal bonds at Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center and was taken from us far too soon. Manhattan baseball now returns to Van Cortlandt Park where Joe Coppo, and many like him, have given us the most magical moments of our lives. It is a fitting tribute that we are now raising support to develop Joseph Coppo Field - the place where legends are honored and new legends are born. 

You don’t know Joe Coppo — and you do. Every town, if it is lucky, has someone like him, the guy who doesn’t just want to coach his own kids, but all the kids.

Mike Lupica, journalist and author