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Impact of Your Gift

Manhattan College Baseball players in dugout.By making a generous contribution towards Coppo Field, you will have a lasting impact on Jasper Baseball and also on youth baseball programs throughout the New York area who are able to utilize Coppo Field. The field will provide Jasper Baseball with a much-needed facility that supports the program’s current and future needs. Funding for this $1.8 million project includes the development of the complex, as well as environmental support for the surrounding field area including drainage and erosion controls.

The Field

Highlights of the Coppo Field project include:

Donations and sponsorships may be directed to support one of the many areas within Coppo Field.


   Synthetic Turf Field









   Batters Boxes (2)



   Field Positions (9)


  Dugouts (2)






  Outfield Walls (3)



  Foul Poles (2)



  Water Fountains (2)


  Entrance Plaza



  Entrance Gate



  Bullpens (2)



  Fence Perimeters (2)



  Bleacher Seats (100)