Jennifer Gullesserian

Jennifer Gullesserian


Department : Graduate Education

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Phone : 718-862-7478

Office : MEM 427


Dr. Gullesserian is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York and Connecticut. In addition, she is a certified school psychologist in New York. She has taught in the Graduate Counseling Program since 2009. Dr. Gullesserian is currently the school counseling student advisor for 2012.


July 2006- March 2008

Title: The Associations Between Child Characteristics and Family Functioning and Academic Achievement and Social Competence in Inner-city Gifted Children

Sept. 2001-August 2004

INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament Project, New York University

Data Manager, Graduate Student Assistantship

  • Managed the data collection for a longitudinal child temperament study.
  • Hired, trained and supervised undergraduate and graduate student research assistants.
  • Supervised and organized data entry using SPSS and Access.
  • Performed multiple data analyses using SPSS.
  • Designed and monitored a computer-based questionnaire using the Questionnaire Development System (ACASI).
  • Assisted in the preparation of articles for publication.
  • Contributed to the data analyses, writing and submission of a federal grant.

May 2001-August 2001

New York Housing Study, Harlem, NY

Data Specialist

  • Coded, recoded, entered and cleaned data using SPSS and SPSS Data Entry builder.
  • Organized archival data tracking.

January 2001

New York University, Department of Community Psychology, Adolescent Diary Study, New York, NY

Research Assistant

  • Recruited subjects.
  • Collected data through interviews with Asian immigrant high school students.
  • Coded, recoded, and entered data and performed analysis using SPSS.

Sept. 2000-Feb. 2011

New York University, Department of Social Work, Adoption and After Study, New York,NY

Research Assistant

  • Coded, organized and entered data using SPSS.

April 1999- July 2000

San Fernando Child and Family Guidance Center,North Hills,CA

Assistant Research Coordinator

  • Entered data and scored Achenbach forms: Child Behavior Checklist, Teacher Report Form and Youth Self Report.
  • Entered data and scored Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (Briere).
  • Maintained research data base.
  • Tracked measures (Achenbach, Briere, CSBI, Demographic sheets) on a monthly basis.
  • Monitored the administration and scoring of six month, annual and closing assessment batteries.
  • Created a new clinic demographic intake form.
  • Documented clinic’s research procedures.
  • Organized and prepared materials for monthly research meetings.
  • Created clinic wide policy as part of the Technology Information Ethics Committee.

Professional Experience


Jan. 2012-Current

Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

School Counseling Student Advisor, Graduate School of Education-Counseling

  • Provide individual program advisement to graduate school counseling students.

Jan. 2009-Current

 Manhattan College, Riverdale,NY

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education-Counseling

  • Courses taught: School Internship I, Mental Health Internship II, Methods in Educational and Psychological Research, Data Analysis, Report Writing and Psychological Research and Theories of Counseling.


June 2010-Current

Private Practice, JAG Psychology PC, Bridgeport, CT & White Plains, NY

Clinical Psychologist

  • Short and long-term individual and family therapy with children, adolescents, young adults, adults, parents and families.

Aug. 2008-Aug.2010

The Astor Home for Children, Tilden Day Treatment Program,Bronx,NY


  • Individual long-term clinical work with latency age children with emotional-behavioral difficulties. (Modalities employed: milieu treatment, group therapy, individual/play/evidence-based therapy, parent/teacher-child interactive therapy (PCIT/TCIT), family therapy, and crisis intervention (TCI)).
  • Supervised American Psychological Association (APA) psychology intern, provided weekly supervision, participated in APA match interview and selection process.

Aug. 2007-August 2008

The Astor Home for Children, Byron Day Treatment Program, Bronx, NY

Pre-doctoral Clinical Internship, APA Accredited

  • Individual long-term clinical work with latency age children with emotional-behavioral difficulties. (Modalities employed: milieu treatment, group therapy, individual/play therapy, family therapy, and crisis intervention (TCI)).
  • Co-led classroom-based therapy groups focused on improving affective functioning and building social skills, anger management skills, adaptive problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Participated on a multidisciplinary team model, which included participation in regular psychiatric consultations, weekly clinical treatment team meetings per week, weekly mental health treatment team meetings, and weekly day treatment program staff meetings.
  • Individual and family therapy utilizing cognitive-behavioral, systemic, and psychodynamic therapy modalities with school aged children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties.
  • Case management, maintenance of managed-care and insurance status, collaboration with psychiatrist, consultation with parents, teachers and other collaterals and crisis intervention.
  • Psychological testing: Cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, and projective.

Sept. 2005-May 2006

New York University Counseling Center, New York, NY


  • Individual short-term supportive psychotherapy and outreach programming with young adults and adults.
  • Attended monthly clinical case conferences.

Sept. 2004-June 2005

Episcopal Social Services, New York, NY

Psychology Consultant

  • Individual psychotherapy with preschool and latency age foster children in home and at agency and with adolescent/young adult group home residents. Collateral work with foster families and case workers.
  • Evaluations of infants/toddlers and preschool age foster children (Bailey and SB-IV).
  • Ran bi-weekly parenting skills group for early head start classroom parents.
  • Attended and presented at weekly clinical case conferences.

August 2003-June 2005

Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY

Psychology Child

  • Conducted intake evaluations of children and adolescents (age 4-17).
  • Conducted psychotherapy including dynamic, systemic, cognitive-behavioral therapy and integrative orientations with individual children and adolescents.
  • Conducted systemic orientated family therapy. Attended and participated in group supervised family seminar with one-way mirror and videotape.
  • Administered psychological testing batteries, including cognitive, neuropsychological, achievement and personality assessment.
  • Participated in didactic seminars in DSM IV in child psychiatry and multicultural issues in treatment such as race, gender, intergenerational patterns, dynamics of ethnically different (or similar) therapeutic dyad, and the role of the therapist.

August 2002- June 2003

The Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY


  • Designed and implemented a 4th grade bullying program.
  • Facilitated friendship lunch groups for 3rd and 4th grade students.
  • Consulted with parents, teachers, clinicians, and administrators.
  • Conducted classroom observations, behavioral assessments and intervened with children in times of crisis.

Sept. 2001-June 2002

Dalton High School, New York, NY


  • Facilitated social skills groups, health and stress workshops and parent trainings.
  • Worked with the school psychologist in the performance of daily tasks, including classroom observations, assessment of classroom behavior, participation in School Support team weekly meetings and parent meetings.

Publications & Professional Activities

McClowry, S., & Gullesserian, J. October, 2006. INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament. Presented Workshop at the New York City Association for Education of Young Children Development Conference, New York, NY.

Godder, G., & Gullesserian, J. October, 2005. Etiology, assessment, and treatment of ADHD, and classroom management techniques for teachers. Paper presented at the Holy Trinity Elementary School Professional Day, Whitestone,N.Y.

Gullesserian, J., & Godder, G. October, 2005. Covert school bullying and classroom interventions. Paper presented at the Holy Trinity Elementary School Professional Day,Whitestone,N.Y.

McClowry, S., Snow, D., Carlson, A., Tamis-LeMonda, C., & Gullesserian, J. (2005). Child temperament and teacher feedback: Relationships to student engagement and disruption in the classroom. Poster presented at the Temperament and Personality Development Preconference at the Society for Research and Child Development, Atlanta,GA.

Gullesserian, J., McClowry, S., Tamis-Lemonda, C., Snow, D., & Carlson, A. May, 2004. Teacher Feedback as a Mediator Between Child Temperament and Student Classroom Behavior, Fourth Annual Cross-University Collaborative Mentoring Conference: A Multidimensional Perspective on Readiness, New York, NY.

Briggs, R., Carlson, A. & Gullesserian, J., April, 2003. Education Attainment and Parent-Child Interactions in African American Families, Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting,Tampa,FL.

Carlson, A., McClowry, S., Briggs, R., & Gullesserian, J. April, 2003. The Relationships Among Child Temperament, Student Behavior, and Teacher Feedback, Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting,Tampa,FL.

March, R., Hooker, K., Dale, K., Godder, G., Gullesserian, J., Marron, E., & Sattin, J., February, 2002. Perspectives from New York Cityon the September 11th Tragedy and Its Aftermath-Lessons learned from 9/11: Practical Applications for School Psychologists, National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention,Chicago,IL. 

March, R., Hooker, K., Arnold, J., Dale, K., Deteso, J., Godder, G., Groossman, S., Gullesserian, J., Marron, E., Sattin, J., & Shrem, M. (2001, December). September 11: Perspectives fromNew York CitySchoolPsychologists. Communiqué, 30(4), 16.

Gullesserian, J.A., Weisman, A.M., Sharma, K.K., & Tobias, P., February, 2001. Typology and Triggers that lead to Juvenile Parricide, American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Convention,Seattle,WA.

Weisman, A.M., Sharma, K.K., Tobias, P., Ehrenclou, M., Gullesserian, J.A., & Peterson, S. February, 1999. Adolescents Who Kill Their Parents, American Academy of Forensic Science Annual Convention,Orlando,FL.



2010   Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (recertification)

2010   Invisibility Syndrome: A Clinical Model of the Effects of Racism on African-American Males

2009   Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Advanced Training (EBT)

2008   Coping Power Individual Child Program (EBT- NYSOMH)

2008   Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior Disorder (EBT-NYSOMH)

2008   How to Make an Aggressive and Violent Youth: Implications for Prevention and Treatment

2008   Play-Based Interventions for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

2007   Engaging Families of Young Children

2007   Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (EBT)

2007   Play Therapy 101

2007   Addressing the Unique Socioemotional Needs of the Gifted Student

2007   Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

Professional Memberships

2006- Current   NYS Psychological Association, Member

2000- Current   American Psychological Association, Member

2000- Current   National Association of School Psychologists, Member