Gwendolyn Tedeschi

Gwendolyn Tedeschi

Associate Professor

Department : Economics - Finance

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7458

Office : DLS 402


PHD, University of Maryland: Colleg
MS, University of Maryland: Colleg
BA, Illinois Wesleyan University

Publications & Professional Activities

  •  “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:  Can Dynamic Incentives Make Microfinance More Flexible?”  Journal of Development Economics  80 (2006),  84 – 105.
  • “Drug Markets: A Classroom Experiment”  American Economist, LI:1 (2007), 75 – 83.
  •  “Overcoming Selection Bias in Microcredit Impact Assessments:  A case study from Peru.” Journal of Development Studies.  44: 4 (2008), 504 – 518.
  • “Cross Sectional Impact:  Bias from Dropouts” with Dean Karlan, Yale University.  Forthcoming (Spring 2009) in Perspectives on Global Development and Technology.

Other Intellectual Contributions:

  • “Beyond the Subsidy:  Coyotes, Credit and Fair Trade Coffee.”  with Julie Carlson DeCourcy, Federal Trade Commission.

Courses Taught/Teaching

ECON 150      Roots: Economics
ECON 201      Principles and Policies I: Macroeconomics
ECON 202      Principles and Policies II: Microeconomics
ECON 301      Intermediate Price Analysis
ECON 412      Economic Growth and Development
ECON 470      Economics Tutorial/Independent Study
ECON 471      Economics Thesis Project I
ECON 472      Economics Thesis Project II
MBAC 632      Industrial Organization