Chiara Indiani

Chiara Indiani

Department : Chemistry & Biochemistry

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7274

Office : LEO 416


PHD, University of Florence
MS, University of Florence


The goal of my research is to investigate the mechanism of DNA replication and repair in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems. I have been mainly involved in studying the interactions of different proteins with the ring shaped sliding clamps whose main function is to tether the DNA polymerases to DNA for highly processive synthesis. My interest has been to further the understanding of the regulation of the traffic flow of different polymerases on the clamps in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor-Manhattan College                          2011-Present

Visiting Assistant Professor –Manhattan College           2008-2011

Adjunct Professor- Rockefeller University                       2012-Present

Research/Postdoctoral Associate                                 2001-2008
Rockefeller University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, New York, NY

Postdoctoral Fellow                                                       2001
University of Florence, Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy

Development Specialist/Validation Officer                    1996-1997 
Boehringer Ingelheim Inc., Florence, Italy.

Publications & Professional Activities

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Honors & Awards

Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2002-Present;  
Borsellino Prize for best oral presentation, XIV National Congress of Italian Biophysical Society, 1998

Courses Taught/Teaching

CHEM 009      Abroad: Chemistry and Biochemistry of wine making-Florence Italy
CHEM 090      Chemistry Elective
CHEM 101      General Chemistry I

CHEM 102      General Chemistry II
CHEM 433      Biochemistry I
CHEM 434      Biochemistry II
CHEM 457      Biochemistry III

CHEM 436      Biochemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 459      Biochemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 460      Chemical Research
SCI 204         Topics in Science II