Br.Augustine Nicoletti, FSC

Br.Augustine Nicoletti, FSC

Associate Professor

Department : Education

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7807

Office : MEM 409


DMIN, San Francisco Theological
EDD, St. Mary's University
MA, Duquesne University
MS, West Chester University
BA, Syracuse University

Courses Taught/Teaching

EDUC 201      Principles and Practices of Education
EDUC 202      Psychology of Education
EDUC 349      Supervised Research
EDUC 376      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English Grades 7-12
EDUC 377      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Social Studies Grades 7-12
EDUC 378      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Mathematics Grades 7-12
EDUC 379      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Foreign Language Grades 7-12
EDUC 400      Special Topics
EDUC 406      Human Relations in the Educational Process
EDUC 408      Management of Behavior and Learning for At-Risk and Disabled
EDUC 444      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Education
EDUC 446      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Education, Grades 4-6
EDUC 453      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 7-9
EDUC 454      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 10-12