I can not thank Dr. Flynn and the department enough for providing me with such a great educational opportunity. The attributes the Chemical Engineering department has instilled in me have proven to be some of my most valuable assets. The technical understanding of organic chemistry, typical plant processes and designs have helped me relate both to our pilot department and our marketing teams effectively. My fear of public speaking has diminished, primarily thanks to the presentation exercises in Dr. Flynn’s classes. I can now be relied upon to articulate my opinions and ideals in front of management as well as in large meetings. It is this unique coupling of problem-solving techniques and confidence gained from the extraordinary experience at Manhattan College that has made me a success here at Avon. I truly thank you for all your care and nurturing over the past four years.
- Jake Blumert ’10

The Manhattan College Chemical Engineering department has challenged me with ‘out of box’ thinking exercises and assignments that have developed the troubleshooting skills required of my job at Avon Products, Inc. Additionally, small class sizes and group projects have instilled values of teamwork and communication that have given me the foundation to lead and excel in the highly matrixed environment of businesses today.
- Nicole Collins ’03, Avon

My time spent at Manhattan College was four of the best years of my life. Not only did I get an excellent education and meet great people, but my experience there has taught me so much more. The support and guidance of my teachers has helped me to gain confidence in myself. I have learned to apply my problem-solving skills to use logic in my day to day thought process and decision making. If I feel strongly about a certain topic, I should “Go for it!” and ask for any help I need along the way. Manhattan College has also helped me with my people skills. The faculty in the Chemical Engineering department encouraged us to develop a sense of decorum and to have a life outside of the classroom and engineering. These characteristics help me to ‘know my audience’ and engage in everyday conversation with people in the workforce. These lessons are more valuable than anything found in a textbook, and I hope to carry them with me as I begin my new career at L’Oreal USA!
- Janine Crivelli ’11, L’Oreal USA

Manhattan College showed me that even when presented with enormous challenges, most of us can do a lot more than we think. But more important, I think, are the challenges that are so great that we need outside assistance. Manhattan College offers the perfect amount of guidance because too much creates a dependent student, while too little leaves some students lost. Learning how to find help respectfully and effectively I believe is the best lesson I learned at Manhattan College.
- Matthew Lubrino ’11, L’Oreal USA

Manhattan College truly prepared me for success in the working field, more specifically, a cosmetic company. When I entered Manhattan College, I had no idea where I would be after graduation. It was the past four years that I learned how to apply my knowledge to real-life situations and constantly engage good communication skills. Not only did Manhattan College teach me about math and science, it also taught me life lessons such as responsibility, perseverance and dedication.
- Mary Minnucci ’11, L’Oreal USA

“The Chemical Engineering program at Manhattan College has the best professors anyone could ask for. They care for their students on a level that you cannot even comprehend unless you experience it firsthand. But it's not necessarily everything you learn from their curriculum. Instead, it is how these professors 'wire' you to think. There will always be new problems that arise and data that doesn't make sense, however it's all about your ability to problem solve and come up with solutions. No other department will prepare you better for finding answers to what seem to be the unanswerable questions.”
- Kim Valentine ’10, Revlon and Avon

“Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College gave me the confidence I needed at Estee Lauder. I found myself continually going back to the basics that were stressed at Manhattan — problem solving, team work and dedication. These basics and the support that I received from Manhattan followed me from research and development to production and then ultimately to quality assurance.”
- Rose Ventimiglia ’02, Estee-Lauder

“Before attending Manhattan College, I was unsure of what I would do once school was over. Many opportunities were presented to me during those four years at Manhattan, one of which was a position at L’Oreal USA. Attending Manhattan allowed me to develop communication skills, as well as the ability to work well in teams. These two skills have proven to be the most useful and the most important thus far. This is because success in manufacturing requires great coordination within and between the different groups (e.g., financing, logistics, processing, packaging). I spent the past four years learning how to deal with both expected and unexpected problems, but not just in an analytical method. Manhattan has taught me how to “think outside the box” and consider alternative options when faced with a problem. This skill will definitely allow me to grow within L’Oreal because innovation is a main part of L’Oreal’s culture.”
-Teresa Hachmeyer ’11, L’Oreal USA