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Telecommuting Information

Dear Manhattan College Community,

Decisions and policies are being made daily, resulting in changes in expectations and daily routines. It is a stressful time and is compounded for many by the challenges in our personal lives, including relatives, family and friends miles away, and potential worries and individual health concerns. We share your concerns—the unknowns around COVID-19 can be frightening. With the announcement on Tuesday, March 10th  to move to an online educational format, efforts are underway across our campus to respond quickly and decisively to the coronavirus pandemic. The faculty is deeply engaged in the work of transitioning courses to remote teaching. Our entire community is working to assist students as they transition. We are taking additional steps forward in our efforts to prepare for telecommuting.  

Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, administrators, managers, and supervisors will lead efforts over the next several days to manage short and long term departmental operational plans for telecommuting options. Employees, who have been authorized to do so, pursuant to the temporary telecommuting policy, can begin to work remotely. 

At this time, any authorized work from home is temporary and will expire on Sunday, March 29, 2020, unless extended by the College. This pilot is an opportunity to learn what remote work would mean for many different activities; to identify issues and questions, gaps in resources, and other barriers to working remotely, should that be adopted. Department administrators will receive additional guidance from HR and ITS. Please recognize that not all members of our community will be able to participate in this pilot. It will be a decision that is made by the Vice President and Department Head of each Division. A departmental plan must be submitted to Human Resources by Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  

Remember that we are a strong caring campus community. In addition to all the steps we are taking to safeguard our collective health and well-being, we must all support one another. In a time when we don’t have all the answers, let’s continue to work together, as we move ahead during this uncertain time.   Thank you again for everything you do every day to keep our community viable and strong.  

Read the full temporary telecommuting policy in response to COVID-19 below:


We also ask that you update your employee contact information when possible.


Barbara Fabé