Thomas Smith



I am interested in incorporating appropriate techological tools into the teaching of undergraduate mathematics. This has involved the creation of multiple projects using the computer algeba system Maple to be included in the calculus sequence, as well as courses in partial differential equations and analysis.  These projects serve to supplement the traditional material in these courses and allow for the investigation of problems that woould be difficult to do without technology. 


  • PHD, New York University
  • MA, Columbia University
  • BA, St. John's University

Courses Taught

MATH 185 Calculus I
MATH 187 Calculus I (Honors)
MATH 186 Calculus II
MATH 188 Calculus II (Honors)
MATH 285 Calculus III
MATH 287 Honors Calculus III
MATH 388 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 387 Analysis I
MATH 488 Analysis II

  • Research

    Using the Computer Algebra System Maple to Enhance a First Course in Partial Differential Equations.

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    • “Computer Literacy at Manhattan College”,  with C. Stolze, Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, Vol. 3, No, 5, May 1988
    • “Networking Micros for Instructional Support”, Transitions, No. 10, 1987.
    • “The Development of Computer Resources at Manhattan College”, Manhattan Scientist, 1985.

    Conference Papers:

    • “Using Maple in the Calculus Sequence”, with P. Tiffany, C. Stolze, and K. Weld, Proceedings of the ASCUE Conference, June, 1994
    • “Comparison of Database Systems”, Proceedings of the ASCUE Conference, June, 1993.
    • “A Computer-Based First Course in Differential Equations”, with C. Stolze & K. Weld, Proceedings of the ASCUE Conference, June, 1993.
    • “A Laboratory Component for CS1”, with C. Stolze, Proceedings of the ASCUE Conference, June 1992.
    • “Corvus Omninet at Manhattan College”, Proceedings of the Third Annual Eastern Small Colleges Computing Conference”, 1987 


  • Other

    Teaching  LLRN 102 - Classical Origins of Western Culture (part of the core for Arts and Science students)