Visiting Assistant Professor

Visiting Assistant Professor, Management & Marketing

Dr. Syed Ahmad Raza Kazmi (DMGT) is highly esteemed for his
exceptional achievements and contributions in both commercial and
academic spheres. Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) is a visiting assistant professor at
Manhattan College, where he is admired by students and colleagues for
his engaging instruction and creative teaching strategies. His areas
of expertise include marketing, strategic leadership, and innovation, all
of which he actively influences to create their respective futures.
Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) has established himself as a leading corporate
management and leadership expert and a dedicated explorer of
innovative topics. He received his Doctor of Management degree from
Thomas Jefferson University with a specialization in strategic
At Manhattan College, Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) fosters an engaging learning
atmosphere and earns respect for his dedication by imparting insightful
knowledge to students across a spectrum of marketing courses. Notable
for his achievements both in academia and professional competitions,
such as ranking highly in the CFA Research Challenge in 2016 and the
Business Simulation Games in 2017, Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) demonstrates
his expertise and competitive spirit.
He represented Thomas Jefferson University at international forums,
including the European Union and the United Nations, further
showcasing his global perspective and commitment to addressing
pressing issues on an international platform. These experiences
contribute to his well-rounded approach to education and leadership.
Dr. Kazmi's (DMGT) global vision and dedication to tackling urgent
issues are not just admirable but impressive. His noteworthy articles in
prestigious journals, which highlight his dedication to expanding
knowledge across various subjects, further attest to his academic
prowess and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Moreover, Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) has showcased his academic prowess
through notable publications in esteemed journals, covering topics such
as sector mutual funds, Asian airlines: operating performance,
economies of scale in the airline industry and corporate financial
distress prediction. These publications highlight his dedication to
advancing knowledge across diverse fields.
Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) is making an indelible contribution to academics
and business by inspiring and educating the next generation of business
leaders. His influence is far-reaching. As a co-founder of 5Ksg Smart
Glass and 14 K Business Solutions, his innovative leadership has
revolutionized sectors, advancing innovation and establishing new
benchmarks for excellence.
Through 14 K Business Solutions, Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) has led
innovative projects, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to tackle
challenging business problems and establishing a standard for excellence
and innovation. Similarly, with the 5Ksg Smart Glass, he has
transformed the wearable technology market, creating ground-breaking
products that improve user experience and stimulate technological
progress. Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) has not only reshaped industries but also
set a precedent for forward-thinking leadership and strategic vision. His
commitment to driving positive change extends beyond mere innovation,
inspiring the next generation of business leaders and shaping a future
where innovation thrives.
Dr. Kazmi (DMGT) emerges as a prominent figure in the international
business arena not only through his entrepreneurial prowess but also
through his ability to bridge the gap between academia and business. His
indelible contributions and far-reaching influence underscore his status
as a trailblazer in both spheres, leaving an enduring legacy for
generations to come.

Courses Taught

  • MBA 637: Marketing Strategy & the Consumer Experience
  • MBA 645: Spec Top In Bus:Digital Mktg
  • MGMT 309: Management of International Business
  • MKTG 201: Essentials of Marketing
  • MKTG 412: International Marketing
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
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    Keywords: Mutual Funds, Liquidity, performance consistency, portfolio managers
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    2. Malhotra , D. ., R. . Malhotra, R. . Nydick, and S. Kazmi. “Benchmarking the
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    Keywords: management, Asian Airlines, benchmarking, data envelopment
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    3. Kazmi, Syed & Malhotra, D.K.. (2020). AN EMPIRICAL EXAMINATION OF ECONOMIES
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