Scott Lowe


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Lowe began his more than 20-year career with Manhattan College in 1994 with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

In addition to academic activities, Dr Lowe also works as a practicing engineer and he regularly acts as a consultant to engineering firms. He has worked on projects in more than 20 different states in the U.S., and numerous international projects. Dr. Lowe has served on peer review panels for the EPA and NSF. He is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in New York,  and he has taught professional courses for ASCE, including a new course for 2016 on the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). 



  • B.E. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the the University of Wollongong, Australia

Courses Taught

  • CIVL201: Green Building Design
  • CEEN303: Fluid Mechanics
  • CEEN307: Hydraulic Design
  • ENVG702: Air Quality Models
  • ENVG740: Coastal Engineering

  • Research

    Current research activities include: a green roof project at New York Hospital, Queens. This project involves the installation of 14,000 square feet of modular green roofing. The performance of the roof is being monitored for several years. In a separate installation at the hospital, the performance of green roofs under shade conditions is being monitored. This is part of a grant from NYCDEP and NYSDEC.

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
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