Shawna Bu Shell

Assistant Professor, Graduate Counseling, Leadership & Education

Dr. Shawna Bu Shell directs the Instructional Design & Delivery Program at Manhattan College. Her career spans business, K-12 education and higher education. She spent a decade working for Pacific Bell in digital technologies and ten years teaching in a magnet science and technology elementary school in an urban school district in Northern California. For the past 15 years, she has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as, designing technology-rich programs in schools in New Jersey and New York City. Her research focuses on how technology can be the vital bridge between school and home for urban communities by empowering the educational community.


Online Learning

Technology Integration into K-12 education

Courses Taught

EDUG 735 Leadership for Learning, Decision Making and Change.
EDUG 804 Multimedia in Educational Settings
EDUG 831 Principles of Instructional Design
EDUG 845 Computer and Technology Utilization for Instructional Delivery
EDUG 848 Using Technology in the Management and Assessment Process
EDUG 875 Foundations in Learning and Teaching with Technology
EDUG 876 Integrating Technology in Adult Learning and Collaboration
EDUG 877 Instructional Design, Technology and Information Processing
EDUG 879 Integrative Project and Seminar in Instructional Design and Delivery
EDUG 900 Current Issues in Instructional Design: Global and Ethical Perspectives
  • Research
    • Presumptions in Online Learning
    • Effective Group Development in Online Learning
    • Effective Design of Interactivity in Online Programs
    • Bridging the NEW Digital Divide
    • Technology Rich Faculty Development