Ruth Zealand

Professor, Education

Ruth Zealand is a Professor of Education in the Education Department. Before working in higher education, she had been a general and special education teacher of students PreK-12, a special education supervisor, a principal and a family advocate. Her research interests are in teaching methodology, conflict resolution and building positive communities, and aesthetic education. She was the first recipient of the Art of Accessible Teaching Award From Teachers College, Columbia University for outstanding contributions to the educational equity for students with disabilities. She co-authored, with Emily Stern, Start Your Career in Art Education by Allworth press.


Ph.D., Columbia University
M.Phil., Columbia University
Ed.M., Columbia University
M.A., Columbia University
B.S., University of Michigan Ann Arbor 

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 201: Principles and Practices of Education
  • EDUC 301: Nature and Needs of Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 418/438: Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Elementary School Grades 1-3/4-6
  • EDUC 444/446: Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Education Grades 1-3/4-6
  • EDUC 453/454: Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 7-9/10-12
  • EDUC 455/456: Sem: Observation & Practice Tchg. Adol/Sp. Ed.Grades 7-9/10-12
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    Zealand, R. Editor in Chief: I-4 Journal. Edit and publish proceedings of First and Second Imagination, Inquiry and Innovation Institutes (I-4) from 2013 and 2014. Acampora, S. and Fairbank, H. co-editors

    Stern, E. & Zealand, R. (2013). Pathways to becoming an art educator, NY: Allsworth Press

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    Zealand, R. (2015). Peer Mediation and Mediation Can Work With Special Populations. St. Johns University, NY

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    Zealand, R. (2014). Part II: Conflict resolution, peer mediation and restorative justice activities for students, with 3-prong anti-bullying approach, 2-part presentation (Part I: by Ervine, J. & Darling, M.) to Ministry of Education Officer, Judith Bartley, Bermuda


    Zealand, R. (2013). RTI to Education Evaluation, Student Leadership Symposium, Council for Exceptional Children, Dominican College, NY

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    Zealand, R. (2001). Realities of Educating Students with Complex Medical Problems, Teachers’ Perspectives, Opportunities and Outcomes International Conference: When Worlds  Collide 2001: Promises & Realities, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants

    Art of Accessible Teaching Award given by Teachers College, Columbia University for outstanding contribution to the educational equity for students with disabilities

    Irwin J. Rhodes Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Robert Louis Stevenson School, New York, NY

    Special Education Department Award, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

    William C. & Joyce C. O'Neill Charitable Trust Grant for Anti-bullying research