Roksana Badruddoja

Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is a feminine and masculine woman, a “second-generation” Bangladeshi American, queer, a womanist, an interfaith cross-cultural Feminist, a critical race theorist and professor of sociology and women’s and gender studies, and a mother to a fierce 13-year-old girl who is negotiating her “brownness” at school. She/they received her/their terminal degree in sociology from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick). Before joining the faculty at Manhattan College, Dr. Badruddoja was the Vice President of Research for the Partnership for the Homeless in NYC, and up until then, she/they was a professor at California State University, Fresno. She/they teaches courses on feminist research methods, women of color in the U.S., feminist activism, race and resistance, codes of gender, social inequalities and representations of women. Dr. Badruddoja’s research in the areas of race and ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, and culture, and how these impact “South Asian” American women has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. These include the National Women’s Studies Association Journal, the International Journal of Sociology of the Family, and the Iinternational Review of Modern Sociology. She/they is the author of Eyes of the Storms: The Voices of South Asian-American Women and the editor of “New Maternalisms”: Tales of Mother (Dislodging the Unthinkable). Dr. Badruddoja is unapologetic about calling out white liberal colorblind racism. She/they does not tolerate any form of microagression from racism to sexism to ageism to ableism and the list continues. 


  • PHD, Rutgers, St U NJ: Livin
  • MBA, American University
  • MA, Rutgers, St U NJ: Livin
  • BS, University of Illinois

Courses Taught

  • Soc 150           Roots: Sociology
  • Soc 302           Race and Resistance
  • Soc 290           Codes of Gender
  • Soc 201           Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 153           Roots to Social Science: Sociology-FYS
  • Soc 315           Sex & Violence
  • Soc 416           Senior Seminar: Sociology/Peace Studies
  • Research
    • Women’s and Gender Studies and Feminist Theory
    • South Asian American Studies
    • Critical Race Theory and Ethnic Studies
    • Queer Studies
    • Post-Colonial Studies
    • Cultural Studies
    • Citizenship and Nationalism
    • Feminist Ethnography
    • Mother Studies
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    I. Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2014). “Third World Woman: Family, And Marriage: South Asian Diasporic Fiction As A Site For Consolidation Of The American Nation-State.” South Asian Review, 35:2, 81-104.  

    (2) Badruddoja, R. (2008, Summer). “Queer Spaces, Places, and Gender: The Tropologies of Rupa and Ronica.” Feminist Formations (formerly known as National Women’s Studies Association Journal or NWSAJ), 20:2,156-88. (Outstanding Faculty Publication of the Year, Spring 2009, Fresno State)

    (3) Badruddoja, R. (2008, Spring). The Yonic Myths of Motherhood: An Autoethnography. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative of Research and Community Involvement (JMIRCI) (formerly known as Association for Research on Mothering or JARM), Special Edition: Caregiving and Carework: Theory and Practice), 10.1,57-65. 

    II. Invited Referred/Peer-Reviewed Anthology Chapter

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2016). “Holidays in America for South Asian Women" (Tourism Essentials series). In Asian Genders and Tourism. Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn (ed.). Bristol, U.K.: Channel View Publications. 

    III. Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Anthology 

    (1) Badruddoja, R (1st ed.) and Motapanyane, Maki (2nd ed.). New Maternalisms”: Tales of Motherwork (Dislodging the Unthinkable). Toronto, Canada: Demeter Press.


    I. Invited Editor-Reviewed Anthology Chapter 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2016). “The Fantasy of Normative Motherhood.” In Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion. Bhattacharya, Piyali (ed.). San Francisco: CA: Aunt Lute Books. 

    II. Invited Editor-Reviewed Report 

    (1) Badruddoja. R (April 2014). “South Asian-American Women: “Marrying the Traditional with the Modern” (Gender, Work, and Relationships). In Unconventional Wisdom: News You Can Use, Volume 6: A Survey of Recent Family Research and Clinical, Joshua Coleman and Stephanie Coontz (eds.). Miami, FL: Council on Contemporary Families  (CCF).

    III. Editor-Reviewed Book 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2012). Eyes of the Storms: The Voices of South Asian-American Women (2nd Revised Edition). San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.



     I. Invited Editor-Reviewed Literary Book Review 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (Jan-Feb 2014). The World In My Hands by K. Aniz Ahmed. India: Random House, 2013. 376 pp. (paperback). Northeast Review, Issue 8 (see 

    II. Invited Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Book Review 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2010). Dowry, Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice, edited by Tamsin Bradley, Emma Tomalin, and Mangala Subramaniam (2009), London & New York: Zed Books Limited. Gender & Society, Vol. XX, No. X: 1-3.


    I. Invited Editor-Reviewed Book Prologue 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2014). Invisible Identities: Bringing the Voices of the Women of Katakhali to the Center” (translated in Bengali by Shamita Das Dasgupta). Pgs. 66-68 in Her Words: Storytelling with Saris. Bose, Monica J. (ed.). Dhaka, Bangladesh: Samhati.

    II. Editor-Reviewed Article in Literary & Art E-Magazine

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (June 1, 2015). “The Invisibility and Marginality of Motherwork.” In Mothers Are Making Art (MAMA). Rose, Martha Joy (ed.). New York, NY: Museum

     of Motherhood (M.O.M.) (In partnership with Procreate Project) (see 

    (2) Badruddoja, R. (2007, Winter). The Yonic Myths of Motherhood: Contesting Maternal Ideology. DesiLit Magazine, 3.

    III. Editor-Reviewed Creative Anthology 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (ed.). (2015). X Does Not Mark My Spot: Voices from the South Asian Diaspora. Mumbai, India: Zubaan (Kali for Women). (The WIP manuscript was selected by the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) for a book reading at the annual conference on February 29, 2012.)



    I. Invited Editor-Reviewed Local Newspaper Article 

    (1) Badruddoja, R. (2008, Oct-Nov). Brief History of South Asian Emigration to the U.S. Porshi, 8:7. [Annual Bangladeshi-American Community Magazine published by Bay Area Bangladeshi Association (B.A.B.A.)]

    (2) Badruddoja, R. (2008, April). ’Good’ Muslim, ‘Bad’ Muslim. The Undercurrent, 2,12,19. [Local Community Newspaper, Fresno, CA]

  • Professional Experience and Memberships


    Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is a member of the 2015-2017 inaugural cohort of the The New York Council for the Humanities Public Scholars program, a highly competitive selection process that results in a 30-member group. The program seeks to form a group of individuals who want to contribute to and benefit from a statewide community of public intellectuals.

    Dr. Badruddoja offers the following presentations:

    1. The Fantasy of Normative Motherhood: The Myths of Motherwork & Contesting Maternal Ideology

    2. South Asian Diasporic Fiction: Project of Empire and Consolidation of the American Nation-State

    3. South Asian American Women: Rupturing the “Third World Woman” and the Meanings of “Arranged Marriage”

    To request Dr. Badruddoja as a New York Council for the Humanities Public Scholar speaker for an event, please click here.


    The Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing the press and public with the latest research and best-practice findings about American families. A central purpose of CCF is to help the media find experts in various arenas of family research and practice (see “Find an Expert“).

    Dr. Badruddoja is a former member of the Board of Directors (2013-2015) and is available to the media as an expert in Asian American Families:

    Badruddoja. R (2014). “South Asian-American Women: “Marrying the Traditional with the Modern” (Gender, Work, and Relationships). In Unconventional Wisdom: News You Can Use, Volume 6: A Survey of Recent Family Research and Clinical, Joshua Coleman and Stephanie Coontz (eds.). 2014 Unconventional Wisdom V.6

    To request Dr. Badruddoja as a Council on Contemporary Families Expert speaker for an event, please click here.


    Invited Keynote Speaker

    “Worn Out! Motherwork in the Age of Austerity,” key note speaker at the annual Women’s History Conference, Sarah Lawrence College, March 6-7, 2015, Bronxville, NY.

    Invited Speaker

    “The Fantasy of Normative Motherhood,” a talk at the annual meeting of the Museum of Motherhood, April 30-May 2, 2015, Bronx, NY.

    “Gender-Queering the South Asian Diaspora: Challenging Normative Spatial Powers,” a lecture and workshop at the annual meeting of the Muslim GLBTQ Retreat, May 23-26, 2014, Philadelphia, PA.

    Maternal Ideology & State Control of Women’s Bodies,” a talk at the annual meeting of the Museum of Motherhood, March 6-8, 2014, New York, NY.

    “Queering South Asians,” a lecture at Trikone’s DesiQ 2013, University of California San Francisco Mission Bay, July 4-6, 2013, San Francisco, CA.

    “Immigrant Families as They Really Are: South Asian-American Women and the Tropes of Intimate Partnership,” a guest speaker at the 16th annual meeting of the Council on Contemporary Families, April 5-6, 2013, University of Miami, FL.

    “Eyes of the Storms: Voices of South Asian-American Women,” a book talk at the Women and Gender Studies Brown Bag Series, November 6, 2013, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY.

    “Eyes of the Storms: The Voices of South Asian-American Women,” a book reading at the annual South Asian Literary and Theatre Arts Festival, National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution, November 4-5, 2012 Washington DC (Event sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History & Embassy of India, Washington, D.C.; panelists included Nina Godiwalla, author of Suits, and Aatish Taseer, author of Noon).

    “Eyes of the Storms: Voices of South Asian-American Women,” a book reading at the 15th anniversary exhibit of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective, Queens Museum of Art, August 11, 2012, Queens, NY (Exhibit Dates: August 11, 2012–October 7, 2012).

    “From Backpack 2 Briefcase: A Professional How-To For Women,” a guest speaker at Fresno State, April 29, 2012, Fresno, CA.

    “Navigating the Professional Opportunities Maze: Women in the Workplace,” a guest speaker at the American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers & Architects, Stanford University, December 6, 2010, Palo Alto, CA.

    “South Asian Americans Negotiating Queer Identities,” a paper presentation at the Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute, Fresno State, April 28, 2009, Fresno, CA.

    “Racial and Ethnic Imaginary: Barack Obama and the Meanings of Blackness,” a guest lecture at the Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, January 10, 2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

    Paper Presentations  

    “South Asian Diasporic Fiction: Project of Empire and Consolidation of the American Nation-State,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association, November 12-15, 2015, Milwaukee, WI.

    “Rupturing the ‘Third-World-Woman’ and Arranged Marriage,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, February 27-29, 2015, Manhattan, NY. (Also Session Presider.)

    “Mothering, Love, and Labor: New Feminist Perspectives,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association, November 13-16, 2014, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    “The South Asian Diaspora & Queer Spaces: Challenging Normative Spatial Powers” & “Contesting Motherhood, Mothering, and Maternal Ideology,” paper presentations at the annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, February 20-23, 2014, Baltimore, MD.

    “Contesting Maternal Ideology: The Yonic Myths of Motherhood” & “Decolonizing the South Asian Diaspora,” paper presentations at the winter annual meeting of the Sociologist for Women in Society, February 6-9, 2014, Nashville, TN.

    “Diasporic Fiction: Project of Empire and Consolidation of the Nation-State,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the South Asian Literary Association, January 8-9, 2014, Chicago, IL.

    “Symbolic Pollution: Towards a Formal Sociological and Feminist Perspective on Menstruation,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association & “Bittersweet Voices: Decolonizing the South Asian Diaspora,” a paper presentation at the Sociologists for Women in Society at ASA, August 10-13, 2013, New York, NY.

    “Performing Motherhood and Maternal Ideologies,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Museum of Motherhood, May 2-4, 2013, New York, NY.

    “Shifting Intimacies: A Reading by South Asian Diasporic Writers,” a book reading at the annual meeting of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, February 29-March 3, 2012, Chicago, IL.

    “Queer Theory, Gender, and Race,” a panel moderator & “The Multicultural Beast,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the California Sociological Association, November 13-14, 2010, Riverside, CA.

    “The ABCD Conundrum: Women, Marriage, and Alternative Formations of Power,” a paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Central California Research Symposium, Fresno State, April 13, 2010, Fresno, CA.



    “Sociology Professor at Manhattan College Redefines What ‘Mom” Really Means” by Christine Loughran, Communications Coordinator, Manhattan College, May 2015.

    “What Does It Mean to Be a Woman in America” by Hayley Matthews, Editor-In-Chief,, February 2015. 

    “We Can Do It! Study Up on Motherwork this March in NYC” by Angela Tolosa, Co-founder,, March 2015.

    “Women & Lasallian Mission Month.” In Her Campus Manhattan by Lisa Angelis, Manhattan College, April 2015. 

    “Colleges Struggle To Stem The Tide Of Sexual Misconduct On Campus.” In The Riverdale Press by Tanisia Morris, October 2014.

    “Mother Studies Championed at Manhattan College.” In The Riverdale Press by Maya Rajamani, October 2014.

    “Saris, Journal, and a Video Triptych: Art To Inspire Social Change.” In Dhaka Courier (31:2) by Cultural Correspondent, July 2014.

    “An Impressive Installation of Saris, Journals, Sounds, and Videos.” In eindependentbd by Cultural Correspondent, July 2014.

    “Michelle Obama Dismissed ‘Angry Black Woman’ Image.” In Central Valley’s News Station KSEE24 by A. Asistio, January 2012.

    “South Asian Women in America Talk Sex, Break Myths.” IWomen’s FeatureService by V. Makkar, August 2010.

    “Campus May Cut Multicultural GE Requirements.” In The Collegian by T. Miller, December 2009.

    Expert interview for radio talk show, Common Ground (KFCF 88.1 FM), by A. Rezapour, June 2008.


    • Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering (ISSN 1488-0989) since September 2013
    • Gender & Society (ISSN 0891-2432) since September 2013
    • Feminist Formations (ISSN 1040-0656) since April 2008
    • Scientific Journals International (ISSN 1556-6757) since May 2007


    • Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) since 2013
    • Society for Mother Studies since 2015


    National Women Studies Association (NWSA) – Elected to be Co-Chair for Women of Color Leadership Project (WoCLP), 2015; Conflict Resolution Committee Chair, elected term 2014-2016; Elections Committee, elected term 2008-2010; and Conflict Resolution Committee, elected term 2005-2007


    • American Sociological Association since 2000
    • National Women’s Studies Association since 2003
    • South Asian Literary Association since 2005
    • Pacific Sociological Association from 2007-2012
    • Sociologists for Women in Society since 2012
    • Eastern Sociological Association since 2012
    • Pacific Ancient & Modern Language Association since 2013
    • Council on Contemporary Families since 2013



  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    Honors & Awards
    • Outstanding Faculty Publication of the Year, University of California-Fresno, Spring 2009
    • Women of Color Caucus Essay Award, National Women's Studies Association, June 2005

    Selected Grants

    • Executive Vice President & Provost Summer Grant: Awarded $3,000 from the Office of the Executive President and Provost in Summer 2014 to conduct data analysis of ethnographic data exploring the relationship between Bangladeshi women and eco-feminism.

    • Faculty Learning Community Award: One of ten Principal Investigators awarded $10,000 from the Scholarly Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CSALT) at Fresno State for in Spring 2009 for “Facilitation Student Group Learning 2.0,” a program to develop best practices in faculty pedagogical techniques in the social sciences.
    • The Initiative for Women’s and Gender Equity in the San Joaquin Valley AwardOne of four Principal Investigators awarded $8,000 by the College of Social Sciences at Fresno State in 2008 to conduct gender equity research in the Central Valley.
    • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): Received $4,500 in 1999 from the state of New Jersey to support the operating budget for a South Asian domestic violence advocacy group, Manavi.
    • Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant: Received $3,200 in 1999 from the state of New Jersey to maintain a shelter, Ashiana, for South Asian victims of domestic violence.
  • Other

    Fluency in everyday, spoken, colloquial Bengali; Basic knowledge of Hindi and Urdu; Domestic Violence Specialist (DVS) Certified