Robert Altomare


Chemical Engineering

Robert Altomare has taught at Manhattan College as an adjunct instructor since 2014, and most recently retired from Kraft Foods (formerly General Foods) as a Research Principal Engineer. During his 35-year career with Kraft, Altomare worked on a wide range of technologies used in the food industry in research, development or commercialization roles. Prior to Altomare’s retirement, he managed the Nabisco Development Center, a 100,000 square foot research facility and a team of engineers and technicians charged with developing and optimizing products for the biscuit and snacks sector.

Currently, Altomare operates a consulting practice, Alto Services. One key highlight to Altomare’s career was serving in a leadership role on the redesign and optimization of Kraft’s assets for manufacturing of cheese powder that resulted in sustainable annual savings in excess of $10 million. He also co-developed a company-wide oven and dryer optimization program, which generated large productivity savings, and as a result was awarded the Kraft Foods Superior Achievement Award. Altomare has a strong background in training and education in the workplace, and he spearheaded an internal training initiative that resulted in the creation of training courses in Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Spray Drying Technology and Food Process Design and served as an instructor in portions of each course.


  • B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Massachusetts

Courses Taught

  • CHML 751: Quality and Regulations
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
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    List of Patents:

    • 4657770 Accelerated staling of starch based products 
    • 4609558 Bread crumb-like product has its manufacture 
    • 4609557 Manufacture of bread crumb-like product
    • 4526794 Citrus albedo bulking agent and process therefor
    • 4431677 Process for producing a pineapple core bulking agent 
    • 8110231 Methods for making improved texture cereal bars
  • Professional Experience and Memberships

    While at Kraft, Altomare was active in professional societies and delivered papers at AICHE, ASME, IFT (Institute of Food Technology), International Cereal Chemists, the World Congress of Food Engineering and ASQ meetings. He also served as an instructor in an AACC (American Association of Cereal Chemists) short course on Food Extrusion. Bob currently serves on the Manhattan College Engineering Board of Advisors. 

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    • Kraft Foods Technical Leadership Award - Charter Member Kraft Foods Superior Achievement Award (3)
      1. Oven and Dryer technology/Optimization
      2. Yeast Technology in Baked Goods
      3. Bagel Shop Bagels Commercializatiom
    • General Foods Eagle Award - Engineering Leadership 
    • Kraft General Foods Quality Leadership Award

  • Other

    Altomare is a serious bicyclist and a recreational skier. He is a volunteer with CYO NY where he helped introduce FAT (Fully Automated Timing) to the CYO Track program. Bob also developed and manages the website for his parish, St. Theresa in Briarcliff Manor.