Perry Rizopoulos



Perry Rizopoulos is a modern day Aristotle with a longer name. Ethnic similarity aside, Rizopoulos majored in Philosophy and minored in Spanish at Manhattan College and graduated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and as the Valedictorian of the 2013 class. After Manhattan College, he attended Columbia University’s Teachers College, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Philosophy in the Comparative International Education program.

During his time at Teachers College, he studied under renowned Philosopher, Maxine Greene, focusing on constructing ethical education practices. Since completing his master’s degree, he has worked in higher education as an administrator and adjunct professor for undergraduate, graduate, and adult learners. He has returned to Manhattan College as an adjunct in both the Philosophy and Education Departments, teaching Ethics. He also teaches Ethics courses at the College of Mt. Saint Vincent.

Courses Taught

  • PHIL 201: Ethics